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Ketu Mahadasha

Now is the turn of Ketu Mahadasha of 7 years.

After working hard under Saturn Mahadasha and then after accumulating lots of wealth under Mercury Mahadasha, we enter Ketu Mahadasha, which is to teach you how to let go of all your desires. It doesn't mean you should throw all your wealth away, it just means that you should not focus on material gains.

So, under Ketu Mahadasha we are supposed to go through the results of house where Ketu is sitting and aspecting. Ketu although doesn't rule any sign, but it co-rules Scorpio with Mars, so it might give results of the house where Scorpio is sitting but for that it is necessary to look at Mars position too as Mars is main ruler of Scorpio. Besides that Ketu Mahadasha will bring results of the houses where planets are placed in Ketu ruled Nakshatras (Aswini, Magha, Moola) and also that house where lord of Nakshatra is placed in which Ketu is placed.

So, under Ketu Mahadasha, unless Jupiter is aspecting Ketu, Ketu will make us let go of things related with the house where Ketu is sitting. Ketu represents isolation, separation and Spirituality, and under Ketu's Mahadasha it isolates/separates us from things related with the house where Ketu is sitting and this separation leads us to Spirituality. That's where we get to learn that real wealth is spiritual wealth and whatever we have earned and now lost was nothing but Rahu (illusion).

Best thing to do in Ketu Mahadasha is to let go of material desires. Its not that it always separates you and never gives you. If Ketu is in 2nd house (Wealth) or 11th house (Income), it provides immense wealth, because this person is not even looking for wealth and earning, he is too much involved in letting go of it, so he eventually gets more than others.

Another Spiritual planet with a Spiritual lesson for life.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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