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Mercury in 2nd house

Today, Mercury in 2nd house.

So, lets see what Mercury can do in 2nd house without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent --

Mercury represents communication skills, marketing, calculative ability, younger siblings, hobbies, skills with hands, intelligence, quick decision making, logical thinking, youthfulness etc.

2nd house represents Family, Wealth, Speech, Family Lineage, Values, Mouth, Throat, food you like to eat, Assets etc.

So, first and foremost indication it gives is that this person may come from a business family, as Mercury is Businessman and 2nd house is Family Lineage.

Mercury is communication skills and 2nd house is family, so family environment will be very communicative, at least this person would want to communicate to everyone in family. Mercury is logical thinking and 2nd house is wealth, so these people are very smart and logical when it comes to handling their wealth. They can be in financial business or wealth management. 2nd house is throat and speech and Mercury itself is communication skills, so these people make very good speakers and singers but whatever they do, they will do to make a business. Like, a good singer here will sing only if he is assured of money he is going to get after performance. So, basically this person is very much business oriented.

From 2nd house, Mercury aspects the 8th house of Sudden Events, Hidden Secrets like Astrology or other Occult Science. So, this person is interested in Occult Knowledge. 

Hope this helps.

Tomorrow - Mercury in 3rd house. 

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • K - better results of Mercury will come from 30s.

  • What does it mean when mercury is in the second house and retrograde and combust but aspected by Jupiter?

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