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Mercury-Jupiter-Ketu Conjunction.

Today, Mercury-Jupiter-Ketu Conjunction.

Let's 1st understand what these planets represent on their own?

Mercury - Mercury represents communication skills, marketing, calculative ability, younger siblings, hobbies, skills with hands, intelligence, quick decision making, logical thinking, youthfulness etc.

Jupiter - It is the most benefic planet and it represents all the auspicious things like Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Guru, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Elderly People and Children etc. For a girl, Jupiter also represents Husband.

Ketu - Just like Rahu, Ketu also represents Illusion as both are ilusionary planets but the difference is that Ketu is also the one who removes the illusion and brings enlightenment. Besides this, Ketu represents Isolation, Separation, Spirituality, Mystical World, Other Dimension means things related to Alien World, also represents Son, Dog, Intuition, Research Ability, Curious Nature, things which we have already achieved in past life and not much concerned to perform in this life.

3 planetary conjunction - Whenever 3 or more planets are conjunct with each other in a house/sign then things related to that house/sign become a kind of life focus for person. It is because of huge accumulation of energy within 30 degrees of sky. It means not only these 3 planets' energy is going into this house/sign but the energy of at least 4 to 6 house/sign is going into this house/sign as these planets will be ruling some houses too. So, this house/sign with conjunction becomes almost the most important house in chart. During Career Consultation, I give a huge importance to any such house which has 3 or more planets in it.

House Ruler - Besides these karaka things, Mercury, Jupiter & Ketu will also rule some houses in your chart and will represent things related to that house. Of course we can't cover conjunctions Ascendant and house wise else it will never be over. So, you have to include things related to the houses at the time of interpreting this conjunction. Also, we need to keep in mind all Yogas and Raj-Yogas which their conjunction would be making to completely understand the conjunction. Here, we can only cover meaning as per karakas.

Meaning of Mercury-Jupiter-Ketu Conjunction - This conjunction very much looks like the earlier one of Mercury-Jupiter-Rahu with a little difference that this person may be more introvert and may not like to exhibit his knowledge and information. This is always the main difference between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is always more outward and Ketu is always more inward. So, this person will also like to get all the information and knowledge of the world. They will be very much research oriented as Mercury & Ketu both represent research ability and curiosity. So, they can be very curious by nature and to quench that curiosity they will deep dive into research of any subject of their interest. Communication part may develop later in life when they start sharing their knowledge with others from their 30s. Jupiter gives best results to person if he shares his knowledge. So, sooner or later, he has to share his knowledge with others. Jupiter's presence in the conjunction can make person interested in religious or spiritual studies. Jupiter-Ketu together always creates a spiritual person who is more a seeker rather than believer as both these planets are related with spirituality. So, these people can be looking for practical experiences in life rather than just believing in some borrowed philosophy. This conjunction can be really beneficial in religious/spiritual field. If someone is interested in Biology related education then also this conjunction can be a help. Mercury-Ketu together can take away person's ability of comprehend, grasp or communicate things early in life but Jupiter's presence should help the person. In later life, they can be seen as author, teacher, professor or Guru. With any position of Jupiter, the more a person shares his knowledge with other, better results he gets from Jupiter.

Who will win the Conjunction? - As Ketu is impacting Jupiter-Mercury both, Ketu has the upper hand in this conjunction.

Dignity & Strength - In every sign/house, person will get knowledge in things related to that sign/house and will remain research oriented there.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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