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Introduction of Medical Astrology.

So here was another request to write on illness and diseases which can be seen through astrology and planetary placements. Of course, I can't cover every bit of information here in this 1 article regarding health issues as Medical Astrology in itself is a huge stream of study. So, I will try to cover as much as possible in this article. So, let's break it in following points. 

1st house and 1st house lord. 
6th house and 6th house lord.
8th house and 8th house lord. 
12th house and 12th house lord. 
11th house and 11th house lord. 
Vipreet Raaj Yoga.
Ghatni Karaka. 
Trimshamsha Chart (D-30)
Body Parts represented by different houses. 
Diseases represented by different planets. 
Important Signs. 
Malefic Planets Vs Benefic Planets. 
Mahadasha/Antardasha and Transits. 

Let's cover all points one after the other - 

1st house and 1st house lord - As 1st house represents Self or Physique, it is very important to see the strength of 1st house and 1st house lord to know how strong will be physique of person to counter with any illness or diseases attacking the physique. If ascendant or ascendant lord is strong, person will have strength to counter with illness or else he will have some tough times dealing with them. So, this becomes the most basic criteria to look for someone's overall health. 

6th house and 6th house lord - 6th house is main house related with diseases and illness in chart. So, 6th house condition or its lord dignity/position is very important to know how much he would have to deal with illnesses in life. If someone has many planets in 6th house then person should take great care of his health whole life. At the same time, this person can become Doctor/Healer too. Here, it is important to know that for Scorpio ascendant and Taurus ascendant people, the planet (Mars & Venus respectively) that rules 1st house of self also rules 6th house of illness. So, either they can face lifelong diseases or obstacles/conflicts. With Taurus ascendant person, this result can be mild as planet involved is benefic Venus but for Scorpio ascendants, it can bring serious issues as malefic Mars is involved. 

8th house and 8th house lord - 8th house is house of sudden events, accidents and surgeries. Its condition and its lord's dignity/position will have a great indication towards accidents or surgery like situations coming to person or not. If someone has many planets in 8th house then person should take great care against accidents and surgeries.

12th house and 12th house lord - 12th house is house of expenses and it is also house of hospitals. 12th house condition and dignity/position of its lord will have a great indication towards the expenses or losses someone is going to incur in hospitals. Again, if someone has many planets in 12th house then person should take great care towards his health. 

11th house and 11th house lord - 11th house is 6th from the 6th house and 12th from 12th house. So, it becomes Bhavat Bhavam (http://astrosaxena.com/bbhavam) of 6th house and 12th house. Hence, we need to check 11th house and its lord too. 

Vipreet Raaj Yoga (http://astrosaxena.com/vipreetraj) - Now, there is a yoga called Vipreet Raaj Yoga which says that if lords of 6th house, 8th house and 12th house exchange each other houses or gets conjunct/aspect then it cancels the negative effects of these houses. Again, nothing cancels anything, everything is in addition. 1st of all dignity of planets concerned is most important. Then this yoga actually means that person will have some obstacles/conflicts/diseases/accidents coming to him but he will be able to safely negotiate it and in the end that incident may result in any benefit like gains from insurance, compensation or inheritance. So, this yoga doesn't mean that no obstacles/conflicts/diseases/accidents will ever happen to a person. One more thing to remember is that 8th house is house of Longevity and if 8th house lord is in anyway connected with 6th house or 6th house lord, then their dashas can bring some very long term diseases. So, there is no point in having this illusion that no wrong can ever happen to me. 

Ghatni Karaka - Ghatni Karaka is concept of Jaimini Astrology and it is planet with 6th highest degree, except Rahu & Ketu. So, whichever is this planet in your chart, it will be important in seeing health issues a person can have or how much those issues will impact the person. 

Trimshamsha Chart (D-30) - Among Divisional Charts, we can look at D-30 chart which is chart of misfortunes to know health of person. Again, we need to see all the things stated above in D-30 to interpret the chart, i.e. 1st house, 6th house, 8th house, 12th house, 11th house and their lords, Ghatni Karaka and all the yogas. 

Body Parts represented by different houses - Now, following is a very summarized list of body parts represented by a house in chart. If malefic planets sit in these houses, relevant body parts can be impacted negatively. 

1st house - Head, Brain and Skull. 
2nd house - Face, Mouth, Teeth, Tongue Jaw and Neck. 
3rd house - Shoulders, Arms, Chest. 
4th house - Heart, Stomach. 
5th house - Liver, Ovaries, Intestine. 
6th house - Kidneys, Intestine. 
7th house - Pelvic Region. 
8th house - Tail Bone, Groin, Private Parts. Hips.
9th house - Thighs. 
10th house - Knees. 
11th house - Shin. 
12th house - Ankle and Feet. 

As I said, it is a very summarized list, not exhaustive one. 

Diseases represented by different planets - Likewise, all planets represent a different type of diseases. If these planets are not in good dignity then we may suffer from relevant diseases. Again, list is not exhaustive. 

Sun - Heart and Chest related diseases. 
Moon - Blood, Mind and Heart related diseases. 
Mars - Accidents and Surgeries. 
Mercury - Speech, Skin, Nervous System and Autism related diseases. 
Jupiter - Liver, Gall Bladder, Fat and Arteries related diseases.
Venus - Sugar, Sex, or Kidney related diseases. 
Saturn - Bones, Joints, Teeth, Chronic diseases. 
Rahu/Ketu - Unusual or rare diseases. 

If Neptune or Rahu/Ketu is in 6th house, never believe in 1st diagnosis and always take the 2nd opinion. 

Important Signs - In health matters, I feel the most important signs to be careful of are Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. Planets in Cancer & Virgo can give health issues but it can also make someone a good healer whereas planets in Scorpio sign can bring accidents and surgeries. 

Malefic Planets Vs Benefic Planets - Now, the crux is again about the planets involved. If they are benefic or malefic and what is their dignity? A benefic planet in good dignity can safeguard person from serious damage in illness, best ex. Amitabh Bachchan (http://astrosaxena.com/bigb) having exalted Jupiter in 6th house and he came back from almost death-bed after Coolie accident. Here again, we can see that Jupiter didn't prevent the accident, it only safeguarded from serious damage as it was in good dignity. If planets are in bad dignity then person needs to take very good care of health. Also, if lord of a house is sitting 6th house, 8th house or 12th house away from own house and in wrong dignity, then it indicates issues related with body parts of houses involved. For ex - If Mars rules 3rd house and sits in 10th house in weak dignity then it is going 8 places from its own house. 8th house is of accidents. It shows that during Mars dasha person can have accident related with shoulders or arms (3rd house) or knees (10th house). So, like this, we can have an idea and take precautions. 

Mahadasha/Antardasha and Transits - As always, results will be seen in dashas and transits of the planets involved. Dignity holds the key. Be extremely careful during dashas or important transits of planets in 6th house, 8th house, 12th house and their lords transits, especially if planets involved are malefic. 

Remedies - As always, I have no idea which remedy/gemstones will strengthen which planet. I will accept illness also as God's gift but if you think that some remedy is going to help you then please feel free to use it. 

Conclusion - Awareness is key. That's the whole purpose of astrology. If you are aware that something wrong may happen then you will be cautious and will be able to mitigate the losses. That's all we can do as humans. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • Thanks for sharing

  • I have Mars Rahu conjunction in 3rd house Aquarius. Moreover Mars n Rahu both are aspecting my Moon in Libra. There’s no beneficiary aspecting this kemdrum Moon. I hv some prolonged blood diseases like heavy menstruation, urticaria, anaemia. I lost all hopes coz not a single treatment was working. That time astrology came to my help. I hv Jupiter, mercury, Venus conjunction in my 6th house. So I started strengthening their Sattvikta. Now I eat sattvik food, work in balanced manner, I enjoy, I meditate, do yoga..... Diseases are slowly disappearing. But they’ll return if I’ll loss the balance with prakriti again. Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga these are blessings from our ancestors, our gurus.

  • P - please check http://www.astrosaxena.com/remexp to know my views on remedies. Thanks,

  • Thanks for clarification, Mars mahadasha is about to begin suggest if any remedy required .

  • P - Yes please,

  • In Aries Lagan, if 6 th, 8 th, and 12 th Lord sit together in 8 th house will that be vipreet raj yog for Mercury, Mars and Jupiter ( in ♏Scorpio sign) mahadasha?

  • @ pranav - as i said, dignity is everything. may it be any yoga whatsoever, if planets are in goo dignity then some positive results are bound to come. keep simple approach, deeper u go, more u will be confused. Thanks,

  • @ pranav - I dont look much in D-9. For me, dignity is everything, if planets are in good dignity then sooner or later they are bound to give good results, malfic or benefic. malefic with some hard work or delay. Thanks,

  • In context to my previous query,this is what most articles say on Vipareet Raja Yoga : Pisces (Meena) A combination between Sun and Venus who are the 6th and 8th Lords respectively, will give vipareeta raja yoga. Saturn too is evil for Pisces because of its ownership of 12th house. Its association with Venus, however may not be beneficial from our current point of view since they are friends by default. Saturn’s association with Sun would definitely help though. A parivartana yoga between 6th and 12th lords will end up planets fortifying their own house through full drishti. In case of 8th and 12th, they are 5th/9th to each other and such a location is considered to be advantageous to the planet. That is precisely the reason why Harsha Yoga, Sarala Yoga and Vimala Yoga defined earlier in this article do not fructify and function as expected. Please clarify this in detail,it is really necessary to clear certain doubts we may have.

  • Vishal Ji,I have read in quite a lot articles that natural benefics such as Mercury,Venus,Jupiter spoil the fruits of Vipareet Raja Yoga if they own 6th/8th/12th house and occupy 6th/8th/12th house.Is it true that natural malefics give better Vipreet Raja Yoga results than the natural benefics. Also Should they be strong in Navamsa to deliver good results or they should be weak in Navamsa to become powerless?

  • @ mani - head, chest, shin and tail bone areas mainly.

  • Dear Vivekji, Suppose Mars is lord of 4th house & 11th house and sits in 11th house in scorpio sign. What kind of accidents/injuries should one be wary of in this position as the house lord is sitting in a house 8 places from its rulership thus activating effects of 8th house. REgards

  • @ pravav - it depends on planet involved, basic nature and dignity of planet in 12th house. Thanks,

  • Noted that,Thank You. Also please let us know if Ascendant Lord occupies a kendra like the 4th house but its dispositor goes into the 6th/8th/12th house then whether the Lagnesha loses its strength or only the house owned by the dispositor suffers the loss? For ex. ASC Jupiter in 4th house and its dispositor in the 12th house,whether Jupiter as the ASC Lord lose its strength and dignity a bit or only the 4th house matters will suffer the loss?

  • @ pranav - everything is in addition, such planetary positions only mean that in the end diseases or accidents will prove beneficial. For ex we are well aware of cases of B Chandrashekhar & Muralidharan as to how their physical disabilities and diseases actually proved to be blessing in disguise, So, in the end VRY may give benefits but initially it may hurt. Thanks,

  • In the above case,please consider 8th and 12th house planets in good dignity

  • Excellent analysis. I had one query that if 8th lord is going into the 12th house then it is getting weak by placement and hence 8th house properties such as chronic illnesses,accidents,sudden changes,inheritance etc will be at a loss (vipreet). So 8th lord in 12th house should actually be a good placement for health issues.

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