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Mars Transit in Virgo, Sep-2021

Mars is ready to switch in to Virgo sign on 6th Sep where it will remain till 21st Oct. Let's see, what we can expect during this transit of Mars -

1. Mars will be in Virgo sign for next 45 days. It is ruled by Mercury. As Mars and Mercury are great enemies, Mars is not in good dignity in Virgo. Hence, this transit is one where lots of care and awareness is needed. Now, important thing is that Mars represents quick actions, so it becomes more necessary that we should remain aware of this transit and its results else later we may not get enough time to handle or manage things as events may unfold so quickly.

2. Mars represents our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. When it is in wrong dignity, it means that our actions, efforts, aggression and courage can go into wrong directions. We can be misguided or misdirected in our efforts during next 45 days.

3. As Virgo is sign of conflicts and Mars also represents fighting, it is necessary that we must remain aware to mitigate any such circumstances where we may end-up in having an unnecessary conflict.

4. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury which represents communications, there can be malefic impact of Mars on our communications which can bring conflicts and disputes for us. Conflicts can be with people related with the house where Virgo is falling in your chart. Like, an Aquarius ascendant person can have these conflicts or arguments with in-laws as Virgo falls in 8th house of in-laws.

5. Then Mars in bad dignity can also bring circumstances of accidents, surgeries or bloodshed especially if Virgo is one of Dushthana house or 4th house where Mars loses its directional strength too.

6. Mars has 3 aspects –

a. Its 4th aspect is going to Sagittarius and we can see people getting into conflicts over belief system. At the same time, this transit can be helpful for someone in their higher educational pursuits.

b. 7th aspect is going to Pisces sign. This confirms rigid views on matters of religion and spirituality of people. Other people can utilize same transit in religious pursuits and educational matters.

c. 8th aspect will go to Aries sign. Mars aspecting own sign is going to protect the house where Aries falls into chart. It also shows that we are going to be very active and initiative. Only thing to take care is to remain only active and not aggressive.

This transit of Mars is also creating few joint impacts with other planets as follows –

i. Virgo sign will take some importance in coming couple of months as too much energy will be accumulated there. Mars is about to transit there. Mercury is going to retrograde in Virgo and will stay there for about couple of months. Sun will also be in Virgo from 16th Sep. This creates huge energy in the house where Virgo falls into your chart.

ii. Then Jupiter will also go back in Capricorn and Jupiter-Rahu both will aspect Virgo sign. This means that for next couple of months, we will be engaged with Virgo related things or things/events related with house where Virgo falls in your chart.

iii. We will again get back into situation where Jupiter-Rahu will aspect each other and can expand the results of the houses where Taurus and Virgo signs fall in your chart. Their joint impact on Capricorn can expand the results of Capricorn too; i.e. hard work, perseverance and authority. So, end-results are only coming to those who are ready to put best of efforts over longest period of time.

As always, transits give results only after overall chart and dashas also show same result. So, we need to look at chart and dashas too. Mars’ good position in birth chart can also help us navigating tough transits. Still, needless to say that we need to be careful and aware during this transit to avoid conflicts, arguments and any sudden event. Take care of the house where Virgo falls in your chart.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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