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Meaning of Mars’s Transit

Today, we will try to understand Mars’s transit and its impact on Human Life. Let’s see the things important for understanding this –

Mars - Mars represents our Will Power, Courage, Ability to take Actions, Aggressive Nature, Anger, Our Fighting Ability, Brother, Male Friends, a Boy Friend for a girl, a Soldier, an Athlete and Real Estate etc.

Transit Time – Mars transits through a sign in about 45 days, which is considerably big time in comparison to planets like Moon, Mercury and Venus.

Mahadasha/Antardasha – Person will be most impacted by Mars’s transit if he is also under Mars’s Mahadasha or Antardasha.

Mars’s Dignity – First important thing to see is Mars’s dignity in Birth Chart. If it is well placed in Own/Exalted/Friendly Sign then it shows a strong foundation for Mars and Mars related things.

Transiting Sign – Likewise, we have to be sure of Mars’s dignity during transit. If Mars is transiting through Own/Exalted/Friendly sign then good results are expected.

House Ruler – One of the most important things is to keep in mind as to which house Mars rules with its signs Aries & Scorpio signs in your chart. For Aries Ascendant, it will rule 1st house and 8th house but for Virgo Ascendant, it will rule 3rd house and 8th house. Now, wherever it goes into transits, Mars will bring the energy of the house it rules in your chart. Like, if you are an Aquarius Ascendant then Mars rules 3rd house with Aries sign and 10th house with Scorpio sign. 3rd house is Efforts, Will Power, and Courage etc and 10th house is Career, Work and Responsibility etc. So, wherever it goes in transit, person will be feeling the energy of 3rd house and 10th house in transiting house. Like, Mars going into 2nd house, person can have wealth coming into family through self-efforts and career. If Mars is not positively placed in chart, then it will bring issues of expenses of Wealth in Family.

Impact of Mars's Transit – Here, we need to keep in mind few things –
  • Mars’s transit lasts for about 45 days. This is a considerably long period and hence we can use Mars in making predictions because 45 days can bring a potential event, especially if it is transiting through its best or worst sign placement or important houses in chart. Moreover, Mars retrograde happens once in 2 years and lasts for about 6 months. This is good enough time duration for predicting things.
  • Now, Mars is a naturally malefic and heavy planet. It means it can over-power some of the gentle planets like Moon, Venus and Mercury during transit. At the same time, when it transits over or with other malefic planets or big heavy planets like Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter and Sun, it creates kind of friction between these planets and that leads to an event. Now, if Mars is transiting over or with friends like Sun or Jupiter, then good events but if it is transiting over or with Saturn or Rahu/Ketu then stressful events may occur in life. 
  • Last but not the least, understand Mars as Action, whichever house it goes, we become active towards things related to that house. If Mars is well placed in chart and during transit then understand Mars also as defender or protector, whichever house it goes, it protects things related to that house. 
So, here we go – 
  • In 1st house – Time to go for Gym and look after Physique. This time will make you to exercise and try to be fit. Even the person who was never conscious for these things will at least start going for a jog or walk. Person will be highly active and action oriented. At times, person can cross the limit and may hurt himself with hard work. 
  • In 2nd house – Time to look after family and wealth issues. Person will behave like a protector towards family. Although, it can also make expenses happening if Mars is in wrong dignity. This can give a fiery speech and sometimes it creates stress in family environment. 
  • In 3rd house – Now, person will feel highly courageous and brave. Again, person will be all about making efforts and actions. His communications will be very direct and sometimes harsh too. This time can bring some short distance travels. 
  • In 4th house – This can create some stress in home or with Mother, if in wrong dignity, but it can also bring situations which can bring opportunities in real estate. Person will behave likedefender and protector of home or home land. This is a good time to initiate any deal related with real estate, if Mars is well placed. 
  • In 5th house – This is time for Sports. Person will be inclined to do any physical activity which includes sports. At the same time, this time can also bring instances where person is dominating towards children and love partners. Person may seriously put efforts in educational matters.
  • In 6th house – This is time when we can get into some disputes or fights. This can also lead to litigations. So, we should be careful during this time. If Mars is powerful then disputes and litigations can end up in favourable result. Person may get into health related issues and will have strength to fight against those issues. 
  • In 7th house – Now, action is being taken in marriage. If Mars is well placed, then person will defend the marriage and spouse. If it is not, then he may try to dominate the relation, which may not be a great idea. Same trend will follow towards other people as we treat other people and spouse the same way. 
  • In 8th house – This is time when one needs to take care against accidents and all, no matter what dignity is. This is also the time to dig deep into details of occult and hidden matters. This time can make us think about knowing Death and Re-birth itself. This time can make a person very determined and courageous. 
  • In 9th house – This is time to follow religious path and higher education with utmost courage. This shows someone very determined or almost fundamentalist with his approach on religion. This can bring some long distance journey and also some disputes and dominance struggle with teachers. 
  • In 10th house – This is a career oriented time. Person can get a new job when Mars transits 10th house. It also shows either good image as leader in team or person can have dominance struggle with Bosses and Colleagues, depending the dignity. Person will be charged up to achieve big in work or society.
  • In 11th house – Person will be actively pursuing his highest desires. It can show dominance with elder sibling or networking circle. Gains will come but it will go out with same speed. Person will be inclined towards making a change in world.
  • In 12th house – Mars in 12th house means actions are going into spiritual world or foreign lands. Person may get a foreign travel. At the same time, this transit can make him a spendthrift. If in wrong dignity, person should be careful regarding health or law as 12th house also represents hospitals and jails. This time period can actually make him a escapist as 12th house is escapism. 
So, this is how Mars’s transits through all the houses may work but lots will depend upon dasha, dignity of Mars’s in birth chart & transit and planet it is transiting over.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and queries, if any.


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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