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And here comes Mars........

Mars is a red fiery planet. Actually, every planet can be taken in both senses, positive or negative. It depends on us how we want to treat them and Astrology is all about how positive we feel about these planets. So, lets see what Mars represents in our horoscope and life -

1. Mars represents our will power, courage and ability to take actions.

2. Mars represents aggressive nature, anger and our fighting ability.

3. Mars' position in horoscope also shows how a person would like to fight against his enemies? Means, through the legal process or illegal.

4. Mars represents male friends or a boy friend for a girl.

5. Mars is actually a soldier in astrology who loves to fight out against all his enemies.

6. Mars represents land (real estate) as soldier's main job is either to protect his land or win enemies' land.

Nature - As Mars is naturally a planet of aggression, anger, fights, struggles etc, it is considered as Malefic planet. Mars position is still important to assess our will power and courage to fight through our life.

Maturity Age - Mars' maturity age is 31 years. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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