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Mars-Mercury-Venus Conjunction

Today, Mars-Mercury-Venus Conjunction.

Let's 1st understand what these planets represent on their own?

Mars - Mars represents our will power, courage, ability to take actions, aggressive nature, anger, our fighting ability, brother, male friends, a boy friend for a girl, a soldier, an athlete and real estate etc.

Mercury - Mercury represents communication skills, marketing, calculative ability, younger siblings, hobbies, skills with hands, intelligence, quick decision making, logical thinking, youthfulness etc.

Venus - Venus is Beauty, Desire and Love, Liquid Money. Venus is the main significator of marriage. Venus represents girlfriend or wife for a man. Venus is the significator of all relations, may it be husband-wife or mother-daughter. Philosophically speaking, Venus is also the cause of all the sufferings in our life. How? Because Venus represents our desires and we get pain and suffering in our life only when our desires are not fulfilled.

3 planetary conjunction - Whenever 3 or more planets are conjunct with each other in a house/sign then things related to that house/sign become a kind of life focus for person. It is because of huge accumulation of energy within 30 degrees of sky. It means not only these 3 planets' energy is going into this house/sign but the energy of at least 4 to 6 house/sign is going into this house/sign as these planets will be ruling some houses too. So, this house/sign with conjunction becomes almost the most important house in chart. During Career Consultation, I give a huge importance to any such house which has 3 or more planets in it.

House Ruler - Besides these karaka things, Mars, Mercury & Venus will also rule some houses in your chart and will represent things related to that house. Of course we can't cover conjunctions Ascendant and house wise else it will never be over. So, you have to include things related to the houses at the time of interpreting this conjunction. Also, we need to keep in mind all Yogas and Raj-Yogas which their conjunction would be making to completely understand the conjunction. Here, we can only cover meaning as per karakas.

Meaning of Mars-Mercury-Venus Conjunction - This shows a person who puts his best actions in creative or financial fields. Mars is basically our actions and the planets it get conjunct with gives the idea that which field or area of life we will be putting our efforts and actions. Mercury-Venus together either creates a very creative and skillful person or it creates someone who is too good at financial business like investments, share market, trading. This can also create someone who is into any business related with Venusian things, like wealth, finance, beauty, luxury, convenience, clothing, food, designing, arts or media. There are so many works related with Mercury & Venus that it is difficult to pin-point at one thing without looking at a particular chart. But we can largely split into either creative field or financial field. So, as Mars is with Mercury-Venus, person can be putting efforts and actions in these fields. Mars-Mercury as always give blunt speech and problem with siblings. At the same time, person will be very ambitious or innovative in his business. Mars-Venus can create a passionate lover but for that to happen both planets should be direct and in good dignity. Else it can even create a case of physical abuse in relationship. Again, good placement for business but not so good for relations. There can be clear case of dominance struggle due to Mars presence with Mercury-Venus

Who will win the Conjunction? - Mars is impacting both gentle planets Mercury & Venus through its dominance streak, so Mars is ruling the conjunction.

Dignity & Strength - In any sign, either one of them will lose its dignity. So, it depends on the dignities of planets in a particular sign and dashas to decide the result in each specific case.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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