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Mahadasha Results

Lets see today, what all result one Mahadasha planet can bring in life. So, all of us run through different time periods, i.e. Mahadashas, during our lifetime, right from the birth. So, if someone has born under Moon Mahadasha, then he will have some 10 years of Moon time period, followed by Mars Mahadasha for 7 years, then Rahu Mahadasha for 18 years, then Guru Mahadasha for 16 years and likewise different duration Mahadasha for all the planets.

Now, it is said that during a particular planet's mahadasha that planet remains active and gives its results. Now, the question is whether it will give only that planet's result or only the house where it was placed? Lets see what all things would be affected -

Lets take an example from the attached horoscope that what will happen if this person goes through Jupiter's Mahadasha?

  • 1st of all, the planet will be activated in chart. That means in this chart, Jupiter in 6th house in the sign of Cancer (4) would be activated. 
  • Then those houses will be activated which has Jupiter ruled signs. So, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. So, whichever houses have these two signs, those two houses will be actice. Like in this horoscope, Sagittarius (9) is there in 11house and Pisces (12) is there in 2nd house. So, this person will get results of the 11th house and 2nd house too.
  • Jupiter Mahadasha will activate all those houses where Jupiter aspects. So from 6th house, Jupiter aspects 10th house (work environment), 12th house (Spirituality) and 2nd house (Wealth and Family). So, along with Jupiter Mahadasha, these 3 houses will also be activated.
  • Every planet is lord of 3 Nakshatras. Jupiter's Nakshatras are Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapada. So, with Jupiter Mahadasha, these three Nakshatra will be activated and wherever these 3 Nakshatra are placed, those house will be active. Now, if a planet is sitting in these Nakshatra, that planet will also be activated.
  • Last but not the least, whichever Nakshatra the Mahadasha planet is placed, the house where Nakshatra lord is sitting will be activated. Like say, Jupiter is in Pushya Nakshatra here. Pushya's lord is Saturn. Now, wherever Saturn is placed (4th house in this example), Jupiter Mahadasha will activate that house.
Likewise, follow the same rules for every Mahadasha planet.

Hope it helps.

Tomorrow, lets see the impact of various antardashas under a Mahadashas.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • P - your whole chart is always active thats why you are active. It is only that mahadasha and antardasha results are more apparently felt by person.

  • During Mahadasha of the planet, Lord of that particular house will also activate? Thanks!

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  • Sir i am unable to search,please guide. "Tomorrow, lets see the impact of various antardashas under a Mahadashas."

  • Thanks Aleksandra

  • Hi! Thank you for such detailed explanations and deep insights, your articles on this subject are ones of the best I ever read. Have a nice day!

  • Alpesh - please watch my video on YT on antardasha analysis.

  • Hello sir. what about antardasha? How antardasha works under Mahadasha? thank you

  • @ Tanya - please apply under specific consultation. Thanks,

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  • @ RK - which question?

  • Good morning sir. Can you please clear my doubt about previous question?

  • @ Shiva - it should be fine.

  • Jupiter aspect is good when Jupiter rétrograde? For me Jupiter rétrograde in 11th house in libra for sagitarius ascendant. Regards

  • @ vamshi - it will be good.

  • Sir, what about retrogade planet dasha? I have retrogade jupiter and jupiter dasha going to be starts on 2026 it is a hardship or i can expect a good results?

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