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Magha Nakshatra


So here we start the 2nd set of 9 Nakshatras.

The 10th Nakshatra, i.e. Magha Nakshatra.

Let’s cover Magha Nakshatra based on following points –

Sign and Degree
Name and its meaning
Activation Age
Deity, Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord
Mythological Story
Prominence of a Nakshatra
Various interpretations of Magha Nakshatra

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Sign and Degree – Magha Nakshatra falls within 0 degree of Leo to 13.20 degree of Leo. So, Magha Nakshatra falls completely within Leo sign.

Name and its meaning – Magha looks like the root word for word "Mega" and literal meanings of Magha are like Mega only like Mighty, Great, Biggest or Highest.

Representation – A Royal Throne is always the main symbol of Magha. In some cases, a Lion sitting besides the Royal Throne is also seen as its symbol.

Activation Age - Besides dashas and planetary maturity ages, another way of activating a planet is activation age of nakshatra it is sitting in. Magha Nakshatra activates itself at the ages of 18th, 31st, 46th, 49th, 51st, 52nd, 60th, 61st, 70th and 89th year of age.

Deity, Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord – Main deity of Magha Nakshatra is Pitri or The Ancestors. Nakshatra Lord is Ketu. Leo's lord is Sun.

Mythological Story – The only mythological connection with Magha Nakshatra is found with story of Lord Krishna taking control and dancing over the head of Serpent Kalia. Serpent Head had become his throne.

Prominence of a Nakshatra – Now, throughout this series, whenever we say about a nakshatra being prominent in a chart, it means it is either ascendant nakshatra, Sun nakshatra, Moon nakshatra or 2 or more planets are placed in 1 nakshatra, Understand that a nakshatra is only 13 degree 20 minutes long and if even 2 planets are there within that range then it is huge energy accumulation. It will make that nakshatra related things important in person’s life.

Various interpretations of Magha Nakshatra – Now, here are some of the interpretations of Magha Nakshatra we can take as per the things discussed above –
  • Now, Magha is all about Royal Nature and Royal Attitude and it is part of sign of Leo which represents the same things. So, Magha gets the best environment in Leo or we can say that Leo gets expressed in best way by Magha.
  • So, they are the people who always want to be in authoritative position. Whichever planet is there, person will try to be authoritative with things related to that planet.
  • They would love to be in center of attraction or love to have focus on them. The easiest way to make them happy is to praise them.
  • And here starts Magha's negative significance. They can be power-driven or power-hungry. They can be easily utilized by others for purpose through flattery.
  • They can also be seen to have this desire to work with Govt. or people in higher authority.
  • Here, it is important for them to understand the difference between a good King or bad King, as it is all about having Kingly Powers. A bad King becomes authoritative towards his people and shows-off his authority. A good King shares his authority with others and helps his people to stand on themselves. Like, Gautam Buddha used to push his monks to start their own Sangha once they have attained the knowledge from Buddha.
  • So, this is the whole test for Magha. If they are looking to grab power, authority, attention and focus for their own ego satisfaction or happiness then they are misusing the energy of Magha & Leo but if they are looking to empower others then it is a good use of Magha/Leo energy.
  • Ketu, a planet of spirituality & letting go, being lord of Magha again indicates that no matter what you gain in life, nothing is going to stay with you permanently. Another way of reading it is that look to achieve Spiritual Kingdom.
  • As Pitri or Ancestors are deity of Magha, it shows that person can have some past life connection with people related to the planet sitting in Magha.
  • On other note, these people can be very creative and can try to achieve the celebrity status through their creativity.
  • The story of Krishna dancing over Serpent Kalia has its own representation of Magha. Actually, Serpent represents our base desires of life and Krishna dancing over Serpent shows someone winning over his base desires. It shows that a person gets a real King like status when he is able to win over his base materialistic desires.
  • So, the basic issue with Magha Nakshatra is Ego-Handling. If they can humble themselves and let go of their egoistic desires/pursuits then this nakshatra can give them the Royal Throne through their creativity or Govt. favors.
Conclusion – So, this is some basic information and interpretation of Magha Nakshatra.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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15 Comments on this post

  • I have Mars 1.45,Mercury 8.37,Venus 13.4 in 10th house/Magha and ketu in Bharani 3rd pada 22.15

  • D - D9 has nothing to do with marriage.

  • Thank you for your fast reply Sir. I forgot to mention one thing here that in d9 this Venus is in mrigasira and conjunct with Mars in rohini. What does it indicate after this? Thank you, Regards.

  • D - your partner may like to get a royal treatment, can be high on ego.

  • I have Venus in magha in 10th house of pada2, aspected by Jupiter from 6th house in d1, So it is in mrigasira nakshatra in d9 chart. What it indicates about spouse. Venus is darakaraka too.

  • M - desire of authority and fame can be there but as it is birth of solar eclipse, you will remain confused. Please meditate for awareness.

  • my sun, moon and rahu in magha in 8th house.

  • I ve Jupiter in magha nakshatra pada 4 in 11house

  • @ Usha - relationship may suffer due to ego conflicts

  • Mercury in Magha nakshatra pada 3 in 9th house aspected by retro Saturn from 3rd.. Does it indicate that marriage life will not be good. Thanks !!

  • Mercury in Magha nakshatra pada 3 in 9th house aspected by retro Saturn from 3rd.. Does it indicate that marriage life will not be good. Thanks !!

  • @DR - It is about 2 weeks away. :)

  • I waiting for Anuradha Nakshatra

  • @ Mohit - shows a creative mind and u need to research on that creativity. shows a past life connection with mother.

  • I have Ketu in Magha in 11th house with Moon In PPhalgnui. Does it signify that I need to let go desires for its fulfillment?

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