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Timing of Loss of Work or Business

There was a request to write about the Timing of Loss of Work or Business. It means that which planetary positions or dasha/transits lead someone to lose his business or work. Let’s cover this topic under following points –

12th house – 12th house is main house of any type of loss in life. It represents all those things which bring certain feeling or sense of loss to us. Like, 12th house represents expenses which bring sense of loss of money, 12th house represents any type of addiction which is nothing but escapism and result of feeling of loss in overall life, 12th house represents Meditation and Spirituality which can be possible only when you are ready to lose yourself and 12th house also represents Sex where also, you are supposed to lose yourself and merge in another person. It again depends on the person’s evolution level as to which activity of 12th house, he will be getting involved with but this is clear that 12th house is main house of losses.

12th house from any house – Likewise, general rule is that 12th house from any house represents the loss of that particular house. Like, 4th house is house of home. As 3rd house is 12th from 4th house, 3rd house would represent loss of home. Likewise, 5th house is house of love/romance. As 4th house is 12th from 5th house, 4th house would represent loss of love/romance or break-ups. Likewise, we can see for every house.

Exceptions – But there are always some exceptions to any general rule. Like, 10th house is 12th from 11th house of gains. As 10th house is of work and 11th house is of income, there can never be any work which doesn’t pay you some money in return, so we can’t say that 10th house brings loss of 11th house of income. They are complimentary houses. Likewise, 4th house is house of Vehicles and 3rd house is house of travelling. So again, these two are complementary houses. Hence, 3rd house won’t represent loss of all things related with 4th house.

Now, to our main question – “Timing of Loss of Work or Business”

10th house – 10th house is main house of work.

9th house – 9th house is 12th from 10th house. So, it represents loss of work and events like resignations, lay-offs and firing etc.

6th house – Likewise, 6th house represents our daily work life. It is normally linked with Office Job but it is actually your daily work life, whatever it is. A sportsman’s daily work life will be playing his sport, a musician’s daily work life will be making new music and an astrologer’s daily work life will be looking at people’s chart etc. So, 6th house represents Job Setup work but inclusively rather than exclusively.

5th house – Now, 5th house is 12th from 6th house. So, it represents loss of daily work life and events like some change happening in your daily routine work life.

In case, a person has 9th house and 5th house active together in dasha and transit both, it can lead to a change in work or career where he can leave one place of work and join another.

Now, Timing of Loss of Business.

I personally feel that there can’t be a sudden complete and total loss of business unless you just close down your business. I want to convey that like, I am in this astrology consultancy business for 7 years now. My income can reduce to an extent in some month for various reasons but it can never happen that all of sudden income goes down to Nill. This is what I feel. Anyways,

7th house and 8th house – Again, they are complimentary houses as 7th house represents business and 8th house represents business benefits. 7th house basically represents other people and masses. You may be in any business but you will always be dependent of Other People and Masses to take your services or buy your goods/products etc. So, business and business benefits are largely dependent on 7th house of other people and masses.

6th house – Hence, 6th house becomes the house of losses in business as it is 12th from 7th house. 6th house can represent loss of people’s association. Like, people are not willing to positively connect with you when 6th house is active as per dasha and transits both.

Dasha and Transits – As always, the final event can happen only when dashas and transits both activate these houses of loss of work or business.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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