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Life-Long Health Issues.

There was a request to write about why some people have ailment from birth? What makes some people to suffer in health throughout life?

Let’s understand the astrological reasons –

a. I think Helen Keller’s Chart would be best example to understand this topic as she lived her whole life in extreme physical sufferings - https://www.astrosaxena.com/keller. Her chart is also the best counter-argument for the theory which is going around that if malefic planets or Dushthana Lords are weak then it is good. She had Saturn debilitated in 6th house/Aries and 6th lord Mars was also debilitated. By this theory, she should be living the healthiest life because Saturn, 6th house and 6th house lord all were weak. But as we know that her physical health remained miserable throughout life. So, this theory is not giving results in reality. It means that ideally, planets and houses should be strong.

b. 1st house – It represents physical body, immune system and overall health. It also represents date/time/place of birth as we get ascendant only after knowing these 3 information.

c. 6th house – 6th house is the main house of illness and health issues. We can also consider 11th house as it is 6th from 6th house. But as I see, the main focus should be on 6th house, planets in 6th house and 6th house lord.

d. Ghatni Karaka – It is the planet with 6th highest degree in chart. It represents all the things related to 6th house including health issues.
Saturn – Saturn itself represents illnesses and misery.

Now, combinations which can give lifelong illnesses –

i. Ascendant lord in weak dignity, especially when it is debilitated. If the ascendant lord is malefic and then debilitated, then it can be really troublesome for health.

ii. Ascendant lord in 6th house or 6th house lord in Ascendant and in weak dignity. This can also cause health issues from very beginning of life as ascendant represents beginning of life.

iii. 1st house to 4th house represent our very initial life, of up to 5-6 years of age. If there are lots of malefic planets in these houses including 6th house lord/Ghatni Karaka or Saturn, then it shows that person will have lots of difficulties in initial life.

iv. If someone has many planets in 6th house and he goes through their dashas then also it shows that person can have long term health issues.

v. In the end, it all depends on dashas. As our lives move as per dashas, if someone is going through 6th house/planets in 6th house/6th house lord/Ghatni Karaka or Saturn dasha from very beginning of life then it can be seen that person is going through one or the other health issues from very early life and those will remain as long as dashas are keeping 6th house/6th house lord/Ghatni Karaka or Saturn active.

vi. Like, I normally kept a good health throughout but I was regularly falling sick in my childhood till 12-13 years of age. It was when I was under 6th house/Aries lord Mars MD. Once that dasha is over, health improved gradually.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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