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Planetary Placement for Legal Troubles.

There was one final request about the planetary placements that can send a person to prison before I start writing about Nakshatras. Rather than writing about being imprisoned, let's see in which situations person can land into legal troubles. Now, same planetary positions can easily make someone a Lawyer too as dealing with legal matters is his daily job. So in the end, the distinction between a Lawyer and a Criminal would be career related houses & planets and their condition/dignities which would decide if a person is going to serve the law or break the law. Let's break this article in following points -

Houses related with Legal Issues.
Signs related with Legal Issues.
Planets related with Legal Issues.
Key Factors.
Individual Chart.

Houses related with Legal Issues - Following are the houses which can lead a person into legal issues -
  • 6th house - 6th house is the main house of disputes, conflicts and litigation. If a person has 2 or more planets there, especially malefic planets, then it shows that person's majority of life can be spent in dealing with legal issues and conflicts. It is similarly relevant for health issues as 6th house is also house of healing and health care. Person going through 6th house dasha can bring conflicts in life and he may end up in dealing with law. Again, the planets' dignity in 6th house and 6th house lord dignity shows whether person will come out as winner in litigation or not.
  • 10th house - 10th house is the house of Govt and People in Authority. So, on its own it doesn't show litigation but it shows people like Judges or Public Prosecutors as they are authority figures. Also, when 6th house and 10th house are simultaneously active during dashas, it is almost certain that person will be ending up in some sort of litigation.
  • Moksha Trikona Houses - Then Moksha Trikona houses, i.e. houses # 4, 8 and 12, represent private or secluded places or chaotic environment (8th house), hence it represents places like Jails. So, if someone is going through dashas of malefic planets in these houses, it may show that his freedom may be curtailed. Again, other factors should be supportive of this position. This fact on its own may not be enough to send someone to jail.
Signs related with Legal Issues - Now, let's see the signs which represent similar energy -
  • Virgo - Virgo is the 6th sign, so it represents 6th house energy of conflicts and disputes. So again, if someone has 2 or more planets in Virgo, especially malefic planets, then it can give habit to someone to get into conflicts with others.
  • Scorpio - Again, Scorpio being the 8th sign has the energy of 8th house of Chaotic Events and Chaotic Places. It is interesting to note that when Mrs Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in 1975, curtailed the fundamental right of Citizens to approach the court and in a way turned whole country into a Prison then Independent India was going through Mercury-Rahu dasha. Rahu is lord of 10th house/Aquarius of Govt and it was transiting Scorpio at that time. So, Govt took a chaotic decision and the whole country was turned into Prison.
Planets related with Legal Issues - Now, the crucial part is the planets sitting in these houses or signs. If malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn & Rahu) are placed in wrong dignity in these houses or signs, then it can give situations to person where he can land into legal issues and thereby be sent to jail. Especially, if 2 or more malefic planets are there in these houses or signs then he may have some serious issues with Law.

If Ketu is involved in such houses or signs and person gets into legal issues then it actually shows that he is innocent and being framed in such legal matter.

Key Factors - Recently, I wrote about some reasons behind sexual offences and most of the reasons I gave there were of social nature. People asked what are astrological reasons? So, here are the key factors which decide that person can become a Law Protector or Law Breaker -
  • Moon - As always, Moon needs to be strong in chart. Moon represents Mind and finally every decision of life is taken by mind. So, if Moon is weak or impacted by malefics then it shows that person carries a weak mind and can get involved in committing crimes. Again, by meditation, one can balance such a Moon/Mind. The best example in this case is Mark David Chapman (https://www.astrosaxena.com/chapman) who was born with 4 exalted planets but he had got a trashed Moon as it was sitting at the axis of Rahu/Ketu and aspected by Mars & Saturn. It completely trashed the Moon and made him crazy enough to kill John Lennon.
  • Mars - Mars represents our actions. So, if Mars is well placed in chart then it shows person will take dignified actions. Person with Mars in good position also fights but he knows legal ways to fight. Mars debilitated or in enemy sign person won't know or take the legal course to fight. This also causes a person to get into trouble with Law.
  • Jupiter - Last but by no means least , a Crime is nothing but an immoral act. So if person has weak Jupiter in chart then he may not mind doing something immoral which usually is crime.
As I see, these 3 are common factors in making the distinction if a person is becoming a law protector or law breaker. Positions and Dignity of these 3 planets will decide whether he will be a Lawyer/Police Person or Criminal.

Individual Chart - But then it is all about individual chart. We can't generalize predictions based on one of the above planetary placements. Like, I have seen at least 3-4 charts where people with Saturn in Scorpio landed in jail but it doesn't mean that all people with Saturn in Scorpio will be in jail. Also, confinement is final result. We have to 1st see if there is any chance of any major dispute or conflict is there in chart. If it is there, then be aware of it and try to avoid it as much as possible or at least separate yourself from any such situation. If a person is able to do that then he has reduced the situations to minimum which can take him to jail. Again, awareness is the key. Also, Meditation is the key to balance out the situation at mind level.

Conclusion - So, this is what I feel about different combinations where person can land into legal trouble but again, the final event is always the collective result of chart + dasha + transit. One planet on its own may not be able to hurt anyone so badly.

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