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Big leap for a few friends - 3

Hi All, 

I am happy to let you know all that in last few days a few of my students/clients/friends have decided to take this big and courageous leap to start their own Creative Work as full time profession. They have started their Websites, Facebook Pages & YouTube Channels and I am so happy to share this with you all. I request you all to have a look at the following links and contact them in case of any need for their services/products. Following are their details -
  • Madhu Khurana - I am happy to share that my student Madhu Khurana has started her own facebook page on Astrology - https://www.facebook.com/madhukhurana11/ and decided to share & serve people with her in-depth knowledge of Astrology. If you need to know someone who is a quick learner than Madhu is best example. It is hardly 2 years since she has started following astrology seriously and today she is at stage of guiding others. Besides her in-depth knowledge on subject, it is needless to say that she is equally detailed oriented with her analysis. Moreover, she is also a professional Yoga Teacher. So, she can serve people through her different streams of knowledge and ability.
  • Maa Prem Karuna - She is a certified Reiki Healer and as I have taken her Reiki services many times in recent past, I can vouch for her expertise. Along with being a Reiki Healer, she is good at Counselling of Chakra Balancing, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counselling. I always feel that if someone has some knowledge or expertise then it should be shared with others, so that everyone should be benefited and person should also improve himself with more and more experience. I am happy to share that Maa Prem Karuna is now actively helping people and providing services on above mentioned fields. This is her facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Karuna-Holistic-Healing-Centre-109677933731140/.
  • Nikita ShetwalI am happy to let you know that one of my students Nikita has started her own page on Astrology - https://www.facebook.com/Nikis-Star-Guide-100431604677212/ . In my interactions with her over last 1 year, I have found that she can literally stay in Astrological World for 24 hours a day. Her analysis is very detailed and she is always available and kind to help people. I request you all to please check her page and please follow her page if you find it helpful. Please take astrological services from her in case of any need. You won't be disappointed.
  • Thais GVI am happy to introduce another of my student (of Astrology & Hindi both :) ) Thais GV from Brazil who is already a practicing Vedic Astrologer at Brazil and helping people through her website www.thetruth.com.br and Instagram Channel @thetruth.br . I have been following her site and instagram channel from some time and I am amazed by her in-depth knowledge on Nakshatras. Although, her articles and posts are originally in Portugese Language but we can easily read them in translated version. She is also planning to make more posts in future in English Language so that she can help more people across the world. Needless to say that as she is a quick learner in Hindi, we may see her post in Hindi also some day soon :) . 
One of the reason why I make these introductory posts of new astrologers is to just see if I am feeling any reluctance in introducing new people? The day I feel reluctance, I would consider that I have become insecured about myself and my growth. That insecurity would also mean that I have lost faith in Universe/God.

Please support their work as every good idea deserves good luck. 


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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