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Big Leap by a Few Friends.

Hi All, 

I am happy to let you know all that in last couple of weeks a few of my clients/friends have decided to take this big and courageous leap from Job Setup to their own Creative Work as full time profession. They have started their Facebook Pages & YouTube Channels and I am so happy to share this with you all. I request you all to have a look at the following links and contact them in case of any need for their services/products. Following are their details - 
  • Palmistry and Astrological Services - If ever you wanted to meet a perfect mystic, here is one - Maushami Sabat. Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist and what not. She knows all. The most complete mystic I ever met. I had a privilege of taking consultations from her and I am her happy client. Please have a look at her Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/Maushmi1121/ and please contact her in case of any need. 
  • Mycontemporaryindia -  One of my friends, Sonica Srivastava, started her own clothing business and all set to spread her reach through this Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/mycontemporaryindia/ and Upcoming Website with same name. Please have a look to get some of the best Indian clothes. 
  • Lilly Bennett - One of my friends Lilly has started her YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWkzrQo_G7sKDYH7RKtMzIw. She is a professional singer and performs with her group. Her Channel can be the ideal place for any western music lover. 
  • Canvas your Imagination - One of my friends, Akanksha Gupta, has decided to take her passion of Painting as her full time profession and spreading her reach through her Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/akizart06/. She has been providing same services from quite a some time and her page & reviews by client speak a lot about her work. So, contact her if you want to have some of the most beautiful paintings ever. 
I am sure that we will have many more of such stories. Here is one thing I like to share that till date I didn't spend a single coin on advertisement or sponsorship. I always felt that a satisfied or happy customer is the most effective advertisement. I hope, wish and pray that they all have many happy clients. 

Please support their work as every good idea deserves good luck. 


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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