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Now, its turn of Ketu, the body portion of the Demon. With this, we come to end of the describing the planets and their characteristics. Although Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are also there in Solar System but they are not considered in Vedic Astrology, for reasons already given in my earlier posts. As such, I haven't studied much about these three planets. So, lets see what is Ketu in our life and horoscope.

1. Ketu represents isolation, separation and disinterest towards those things where Ketu is placed in our horoscope.

2. Ketu is also our past life deeds, but Ketu is our accomplished past life deeds, things which we have achieved successfully in past life, whereas Rahu are those tasks which we have undertaken in past life but we could not complete. As Ketu represents things already done in past life, we feel isolated, disinterested and finally get separated from those things in this life, because of the simple reason that God doesn't want us to spend time on same things which we have mastered in past life. He wants us to achieve those things which we haven't yet tried, so that we can become perfect like Him and attain Moksha.

3. Ketu represents Salvation, Liberation or Moksha.

4. Ketu represents Spirituality.  

5. Ketu is a planet which can give us the most important achievement i.e. Moksha. Ketu's position in horoscope shows if a person will achieve Moksha after this life or not. A separate post is made related to Moksha positions of Ketu in horoscope.

6. Ketu represents mystic, occult and hidden world. If a person will be inclined in things like Astrology, Numerology, Tarrot, Tantrik Vidya and other occult knowledge is heavily dependent on Ketu's position.

7. Ketu represents transparency. Wherever it is placed in horoscope, person wants to bring transparency related to things of that house. That's why Ketu in 8th house makes a person a great researchoholic about the occult things as he not only himself wants to know all the occult things of the world but he also wants people to know the truth about occult world.

8. In our daily life, Dog is representation of Ketu.

Nature - As it is a Demon planet, it remains a malefic planet.

Maturity Age - Maturity age of Ketu is 42 years, just like Rahu.

From tomorrow we will see the relationship (friendship, enmity and neutralness) between planets and many other facts related with planets which are important in reading chart.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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