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Ketu in 5th House/Ketu in Fifth House.

Today, Ketu in 5th house.

So, lets see what Ketu can do in 5th house without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent -

Just like Rahu, Ketu also represents illusion as both are illusionary planets but the difference is that Ketu is also the one who removes the illusion and brings enlightenment. Besides this, Ketu represents isolation, separation, spirituality,mystical world, other dimension means things related to alien world, also represents Son, Dog, Intuition, research ability, curious nature, things which we have already achieved in past life and not much concerned to perform in this life.

5th house represents Creativity, Romance, Happiness, Hobbies, Children, Innovation, Sports, Movies, Stock Trading, Gambling and Betting, Risk Taking Ability, Education, Ancient Texts etc.

Aspect-wise, in Vedic Astrology, Ketu has 5th and 9th house aspect. He is unable to impact 7th house from its place as Rahu is sitting there, which is the other axis of Ketu and represents all those things which are non-Ketu. Although Ketu represents isolation and separation, but interestingly its aspects never isolate and separate a person from the things represented by house it is aspecting. Ketu only makes a person curious and research oriented and motivates a person to research about it.

So, now Ketu has come into 5th house where it separates person from creativity, education, sports and fun activities etc. They are not too keen to follow the sports and other similar activities. For normal education curriculum also, they will feel isolated. As Ketu represents research ability, they want to follow a subject in education which gives them enough scope of research. Hence, they can get into research of stock market or other financial businesses here. Ketu in 5th house can get inclination that person may not be inclined towards having children or they are separated from children due to various reasons. Education-wise, it gives interest in any research oriented studies.

From 5th house, Ketu aspects the 9th house of higher education, religion and spirituality etc. and 1st house/ascendant and it shows that more and more person educates himself and researches, the better idea he will get about himself. A totally research oriented placement. 

Tomorrow, Ketu in 6th house.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer 

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