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Kem-Drum Yoga and its interpretation

There was another request to write about Kem-Drum Yoga and the remedies to deal with it.

Kem Drum Yoga -

Whenever Moon is sitting alone in any house and there is no planet in the house before Moon and there is no planet in the house after Moon, then it is called Kem-Drum Yoga. For example – if Moon is sitting alone in 7th house of any chart and then there is no planet in 6th house and again no planet in 8th house, then it is called Kem-Drum Yoga.

Then there are some other definitions also where if Rahu or Ketu is with Moon but no planet before and after Moon then also it is considered as Kem-Drum Yoga. It means to say that Moon’s conjunction with Rahu or Ketu doesn’t cancel Kem-Drum Yoga.

There is another concept that if Moon is in Kem-Drum Yoga as stated above but gets aspect of any visible planet then Kem-Drum Yoga is cancelled.

In my opinion, nothing cancels anything. If Moon is in Kem-Drum Yoga as per the definition given above in 1st point then it will show its results anyhow. Other planets aspecting Moon would bring their results but we can’t say that they would cancel Kem-Drum Yoga.

Now, what are the results?

Moon represents our mind and mind needs some support to rely upon. Understand it like this, for 24 hours in a day, there is one or the other thing which is going on in mind. So, if Moon is surrounded by some planets, it shows that person’s mind thinks about the things represented by those planets surrounding Moon.

When Moon is in such type of situation where there is no planet around it, person's mind doesn't get any support to rely upon. It basically creates a Loner. It is someone who doesn’t find any connection with people around him. He likes to be alone.

Now, it depends on overall chart + person’s evolution level as to how he is going to utilize this loner mind. A creative person can also be a loner because he is busy with his creative pursuits. On the other hand, a person like Ted Kaczynski - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Ted is also a loner who is busy with preparing next mail bomb.

So, we can’t say if this yoga or any other yoga is good or bad. It depends on person who utilizes the energy of yoga in positive or negative pursuits. I can say from my experience that I have this yoga in my chart and it has worked well for me. In my personal life, I am loner but when it came to professional life, it helped me in my creative and research related activities.

Needless to say that dignity is always important. Moon in good dignity in own, exaltation or friendly signs may not give that much trouble and can help person in utilizing the yoga positively. The problem can come up if Moon is in enemy sign or debilitated sign as Moon gets weaker there and person may have to work harder to utilize it positively.

Any issue with Moon in chart can be compensated through Meditation only, if people are ready to accept Meditation as remedy. Meditation will bring calmness & balance to mind and person will be able to utilize the yoga in positive pursuits. Otherwise, I don't follow or recommend any remedy. You can read my views on remedies here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/remexp.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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