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Karna & Saturn

In many ways Karn was the greatest warrior of Mahabharat, even greater than Bhishma and Arjun. Why do I say that? Because Karn lived his life in impoverished conditions. He never got any huge support from his Gurus, Parents and any other relative, yet he managed to find his place in history of Mahabharat through his own efforts. Even when he was killed in the war by Arjun, it was the combined result of many curses he got throughout life and was not because he was over-powered by Arjun.
In a way, this character gains great sympathy from all of us and I have found many people whose favourite character of Mahabharat was Karn. It is because of the kind of unfortunate life he lived, he gets all the sympathies. But there is a flip side of coin always.
Karn was actually incarnation of Saturn (Shani) in Mahabharat. Saturn is one of the planets of our solar system and has great roles in Indian Mythology and Astrology as the "Lord of Justice".
So, story goes like this. Sun had a wife named Sandhya. They had 3 children, Shani (Saturn), Yam and Yamuna. Sandhya could not bear the Sun's heat for a long time and she created her mirror image named "Chhaya" and left. Sandhya left her children in custody of Chhaya. Now, Shani was notorious and kind of bullish from childhood and Chhaya always tries to discipline him. In one such instant, when Chhaya was scolding Shani, Shani tried to hit Chhaya with his leg. This made Chhaya furious and she cursed Shani to take birth in human form to suffer the consequences of his actions. She further cursed Shani that in human birth, his mother would abandon him, he will never be recognized by his father's name, his brothers will insult him and he will never live a life which he deserves.
If we see, Karn's character of Mahabharat, lived all these curses. Karn was discarded by Kunti, his younger brothers never respected him, he never knew who was his real parents till Lord Krishna himself told him and he never attained the honour in his life, which he deserved.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • S - not sure about it.

  • Guruji If saturn is in 11th house the person leads a life.similiar to.Karna. He does.not Is it true Likewise.shani in 9th house is the life of duryodhana. I read this somewhere. Is this true

  • @ apples - Thanks. there r many different versions of mythological stories. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sir, But i read Shani was son of chaaya. And as when Sandhya came back after her tapa(to bear the heat of Sun), she discard chaaya from her service further and Sandhya was not accepting shani as her son as well. On a query of shani to sandhya as "where her real mother gone" sandhya replied that she is no more but show him her shadow. After that shani kicked sandhya with her leg and due to which sandhya cursed shani. Please pardon me if i am wrong.

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