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Karakas of Astrology - 2

So, today roles of each Karaka.

  • Atma Karaka (Soul Significator) - It is THE MOST IMPORTANT KARAKA in Astrology. As I told in earlier post about Karakas, that planet with the highest degrees becomes our Atma Karaka. Atma Karaka defines us the destination of the soul. It means the purpose of life for which the soul has come into present life. It shows where you need to reach by the end of this life, the final destination or the responsibility given to you by God for this life. 
  • Amatya Karaka (Pathway Significator- Planet with the 2nd highest degree) - Actually, I am not aware what it is called in English, but I named it as per its function of showing us the path. So, Atma Karaka tells us the final goal or destination of our soul for this life, but Amatya Karaka shows the path to reach that goal. So, in a way Amatya Karaka's role becomes more important, because after knowing your destination, it is more important to know how you will reach there and that path is shown by Amatya Karaka. It is actually your vehicle to reach destination. In matters of career, it is always a good idea to follow the path shown by Amatya Karaka, as not only it will make your career and give you money, but by the end of life, you will also achieve the soul's purpose. 
  • Bhatru Karaka (Sibling Significator - Planet with the 3rd highest degree) - This Karaka basically shows your relations with your siblings. Right from the fact that whether you will have siblings or not to how good/bad your relations will be with your siblings. It can also tell the timing of having siblings, during its Mahadasha/Antardasha.
  • Matru Karaka (Mother Significator - Planet with the 4th highest degree) - Likewise, this Karaka shows your relations with your mother. As Mother is represented by 4th house and 4th house also represents things like home, convenience and vehicles, so Mahadasha/Antardasha of Matru Karaka can also bring new home and new vehicle in life.
  • Putra Karaka (Child Significator - Planet with the 5th highest degree) - This Karaka shows details of your children. Timing of having children and your relations with them.
  • Ghatni Karaka (Obstacles Significator - Planet with the 6th highest degree) - This karaka shows the timing within which diseases, debts and litigation may come into your life, so that you can take precautionary measures. Again, its not to scare anyone, but these things happen in life and we can prepare for it by taking preventive steps.
  • Dara Karaka (Spouse Significator - Planet with the 7th highest degree) - This karaka shows the kind of spouse you will get, his/her personality, nature and your relationship with your spouse. It can also show the timing of your marriage during its Mahadasha/Antardasha.

So, this is some information about 7 Karakas of Astrology.

Next - Unique Concept of Bhavat-Bhavam and House to House Concept.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • @ KD - it can be a possibility

  • My darakaraka is jupiter. My jupiter mahadasha will start in the year 2025. Does this mean I will meet my spouse during the Jupiter mahadasha

  • @ HP - there can be delays or any problems related with child birth.

  • @ RR - conflicts in relations

  • Hi, my putra karaka is saturn in aries. Does this I wont have children or will there be delays

  • Sir my ghatni karaka conjunct my 7th lord venus. Sir what does this mean.

  • Thanks for your quick response as always..My humble request is to write article on the same ...if possible..

  • @ abhijit - it is a big topic. cant be covered in a comment. Thanks,

  • Could you please explain on dignity of Atma & Amatya Karaka in brief..e.g. if they are not in to good sign ...their effects...if possible please..

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