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Transit of Jupiter in Virgo in 2016-17.

So, this is the time of year again when we are waiting for Jupiter’s next transit. As I did little bit of study of Astrology in last few years, I realized why earlier people used to say that during a particular time of year their life used to take a shift and it used to happen every year. They were ignorantly referring to Jupiter’s Annual Transits.

So, Jupiter is now ready to leave Leo and move into next sign of Virgo on 11th Aug 2016 and will stay there till 12th Sep 2017. So, a stay of about 13 months. In between this period, Jupiter will be retrograde within Virgo from 6th Feb 2017 to 9th June 2017. So, let’s find out what all we can expect in this transit of Jupiter.

1st let’s look what Jupiter, Virgo and Jupiter in Virgo means and other things to be looked after along with this Jupiter’s transit – 

a. Jupiter - Jupiter is the most benefic planet and it represents all the auspicious things like Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Guru, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Expansion of Things and Elderly People. For a girl, Jupiter also represents Husband.

b. Virgo - Virgo is the 6th sign of zodiac belt, hence it represents almost all the things which are represented by the 6th house of horoscope like Debts, Diseases, Obstacles, Serving the under-privileged, Service Life, etc. Besides this, Virgo represents analytical or critical skills of people, being perfectionist and healing abilities. Virgo's basic representation is the lady coming in boat with wheat and herbs in her hands. So, Virgo is basically a sign of healing. Virgo consists of 2 and half nakshatra. i.e. Uttara-Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra. Virgo's lord is Mercury.

c. Jupiter in Virgo – Jupiter and Mercury are not natural friends. Hence, Jupiter doesn’t really enjoys in Mercury ruled signs, i.e. Gemini and Virgo. But that doesn’t prevent Jupiter from providing things to us as it is most benefic planet. It is just that it takes the role of safe-guarding us against unpleasant events. At the same time, Jupiter is karaka of knowledge and wisdom, so wherever it will go, it will provide knowledge related to that sign. Jupiter is also expansion and in sign of Virgo, it expands our analytical skills and tendency of being perfect. Now, whichever house Jupiter is transiting as per your Ascendant, you will be highly analytical and perfectionist related to things of that house. You will go into every possible details related to matters of that house and try to fix it. And here is the main thing related to Virgo. It is a sign of taking actions. It is not about preaching and leaving matters as is. Now, we have to walk the talk as long as Jupiter is in Virgo. Jupiter will expand our abilities to take actions related to the house where it is transiting. So, there is a huge chance that next 1 year is going to be highly rewarding for people as we will be action oriented. We will analyse the issue in detail, find the way of perfecting it and then we will take the action. So actions wise, this is going to be highly productive period. 

d. Jupiter’s Aspects – We will only cover the house Jupiter will transit as per the Ascendant as the biggest impact will be there. But we need to be careful about Jupiter’s Aspect during this transit. Jupiter will aspect 5th house, 7th house and 9th house from its house of transit and impact those houses. As I said, Jupiter’s aspect is always benefic, even if Jupiter is debilitated at exact degree. So, we need to keep an eye on where it is aspecting from Virgo in your chart. We won’t be able to cover it here as this article would never end then but I can tell you in brief that Jupiter’s 5th house aspect is aspect of Education. Means wherever Jupiter aspects 5th from its place in your chart, you treat that house as where you want to learn more about things related to that house. 7th house aspect is about relations. Here, Jupiter finds the people with whom it can share the knowledge of the house it is transiting. 9th house aspect is of higher education. So, wherever Jupiter aspects at 9th house from its transit, you want to gain higher education related to that house or want to follow things related to that house as your religion. 

e. Dashas – As always, this transit of Jupiter will be more influential on those people who are going through Jupiter or Mercury (Lord of Virgo) MD/AD. 

f. Retrograde Period - Jupiter will be retrograde within Virgo from 6th Feb 2017 to 9th June 2017. This means that Jupiter will be closer to Earth during this time. So, the results stated herein will be felt with greater intensity during this time. 

g. Nakshatra – As Jupiter crosses over Virgo, it will be transiting over Uttara Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra Nakshatra. We will receive additional results of this transit through position of Lord of each of these Nakshatras in Chart, i.e. Sun for Uttara Phalguni, Moon for Hasta and Mars for Chitra.  

h. Planets in Virgo in Birth Chart - Also, if you have any planet in Virgo sign in your birth chart then Jupiter will be transiting over that planet and will give results as per the signification and ruler-ship of the planet. Like, if someone is Aquarius Ascendant and Mars is in Virgo in birth chart. Mars rules 3rd and 10th house for Aquarians. So, Jupiter transiting over Mars will give results of 3rd &10th houses  and also of things Mars signify like Actions, Will Power, Brother, Boy Friend etc. 

i. Saturn’s Transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius – Last but not the least, we need to keep an eye on Saturn’s transit. During the next one year, Saturn will transit 3 times. Currently it is in Scorpio. In January 2017, it will move to Sagittarius. In June 2017, it will be retrograde in Scorpio. Finally in Oct 2017, it will re-enter Sagittarius where it will stay till Jan 2020. So during Jupiter’s transit into Virgo, Saturn will be hopping around in Scorpio/Sagittarius. We need to be aware of the houses where Saturn and Jupiter both are impacting during this transit as things related to those houses will most certainly happen. As Saturn is in Scorpio and Jupiter is in Virgo, they both will impact Taurus and Capricorn sign through aspects. So, wherever these 2 signs fall from your ascendant, events related to those houses will happen. Likewise, when Saturn is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is in Virgo, they both will be impacting Virgo. So, events related to house where Virgo falls from your Ascendant will happen. 

Now, the main course. 

This article won’t only tell how Jupiter will impact for all Ascendant and Moon Sign people, but it will also show how Jupiter’s role is switching for each ascendant sign and therefore why making a generalise opinion on a planet or sign may not be a prudent thing to do? As I said, this transit is going to be more fruitful for those people going through Jupiter/Mercury Mahadasha but it doesn’t mean that it will have no impact on others. We all go through Antardashas and Pratyantardashas of all the planets throughout year, so this transit will show its impact in those time periods. Also, for slow moving planets like Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, we don’t have to depend on Dashas. Because of their slow movement, they always impact our life in given time. 

Please see results of this transit from Ascendant and Moon Sign both. Predictions from Ascendant Sign will show what will actually happen and predictions from Moon Sign will show what our mind desires and how mind will react to such events. Another thing is that when Ascendant and Moon sign both point towards one event that event is bound to happen. 

So, let’s begin – 

1. Aries Ascendant or Aries Moon Sign – For Aries people, Jupiter rules over 9th house (Sagittarius) of religion, higher learnings and 12th house (Pisces) of Spirituality, Charity and Hidden Secrets. So for Aries people, Jupiter is more a knowledge and travel based planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 6th house (Virgo) of Daily Routine Works, Diseases, Debts and Obstacles etc. So for Aries people, this transit is all about work as double impact of Saturn and Jupiter will take place in 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house. All Artha Houses, means houses related to money and status. If you are looking for a job or aiming for a promotion, then this is the time to put your best foot forward. Gains are certain and you will be a winner in any obstacle coming your way. Hard work is must for any result as Saturn is involved which doesn’t give anything without hard work. Here, person will be analytical and perfectionist at work place or with his colleagues. 

2. Taurus Ascendant or Taurus Moon Sign – For Taurus people, Jupiter rules over 8th house (Sagittarius) of Occult, Mysteries & Other People Money and 11th house (Pisces) of Gains and Income. So, for Taurus people, Jupiter takes shape of a research and money related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 5th house (Virgo) of Children, Education, Romance etc. Double impact of Saturn and Jupiter will be on 1st, 5th and 9th houses. Great time for higher studies, change of job. Good time to focus on your life path. People desirous of children can plan for a child birth or adopt one. If you were planning to take a Pilgrimage, then go for it. If you were thinking about any higher education or simply religious learning and reading of ancient texts, this will be the time to manifest it. Here, person will be analytical and perfectionist with his education or children. 

3. Gemini Ascendant or Gemini Moon Sign – For Gemini people, Jupiter rules over 7th house (Sagittarius) of Business, Other People and Marriage and 10th house (Pisces) of Career, Work Environment. So, for Gemini people, Jupiter takes shape of a Career Oriented planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 4th house (Virgo) of Home, Land, Mother etc. Double aspect of Saturn and Jupiter will impact 4th, 8th and 12th houses. So, this time is bringing activation of all the moksha houses. You will find yourself very intuitive. Some Psychic experiences are possibilities. Your time will be spent either at home or at private offices in any work related with research. A good time for investment in real estate, life path may change or you may find yourself in foreign location or working in MNC. Here, person will be analytical and perfectionist at home, mother or about the conveniences he has.

4. Cancer Ascendant or Cancer Moon Sign – For Cancer people, Jupiter rules over 6th house (Sagittarius) of Daily Routine Life, Jobs etc. and 9th house (Pisces) of Religion and Long Distance Travels. So, for Cancer people, Jupiter takes shape of a job and religion related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 3rd house (Virgo) of Communications, Counselling and Self Efforts. Double aspect of Saturn and Jupiter are impacting 3rd, 7th and 11th houses. Guess what? All are Kama Houses. Wedding Bells ringing. Time for Marriage or a New Relation. Time for better R&R at work place, Promotion or Foreign Travels also. For any event like marriage, primarily MD/AD must support it. Transits are secondary. Here, person will be analytical and perfectionist about his communication and efforts. 

5. Leo Ascendant or Leo Moon Sign – For Leo people, Jupiter rules over 5th house (Sagittarius) of Educaton & Ancient Texts and 8th house (Pisces) of Occult and Mysticism. So, for Leo people, Jupiter takes shape of planet which can give great knowledge of Mystic Subjects. Now, Jupiter will transit through 2nd house (Virgo) of Family, Wealth and Speech. Double aspect of Saturn and Jupiter will impact 2nd, 6th and 10th house. Time to gain some recognition at work place. Gain of Money is on the cards. Leos will get the Centre Stage and Spot Light at work which they so much desire. A family event and fame in society is on the cards. Here, person will be analytical and perfectionist about the money and wealth aspect of his life. 

6. Virgo Ascendant or Virgo Moon Sign – For Virgo people, Jupiter rules over 4th house (Sagittarius) of Home, Mother and 7th house (Pisces) of Marriage. So, for Virgo people, Jupiter takes shape of a Family Oriented planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through Ascendant (Virgo) of Self, Life Purpose, Life Path etc. Saturn and Jupiter mutual aspect will impact 1st, 5th and 9th house. This is time to focus on yourself. A long distance travel or pilgrimage is on the cards. It is time to plan or adopt a child for desirous people. Person will be perfectionist for himself. They will be self critical and attempt to improve themselves. Higher Education may be on the mind, either academic or religious. 

7. Libra Ascendant or Libra Moon Sign – For Libra people, Jupiter rules over 3rd house (Sagittarius) of efforts and actions and 6th house (Pisces) of daily routine jobs and obstacles. So, for Libra people, Jupiter takes shape of an action oriented planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 12th house (Virgo) of Foreign Lands, Spiritual Places, Losses & Isolation etc. Saturn and Jupiter mutual aspect will impact 4th house, 8th house and 12th house. A foreign travel away from home land is on the cards. Great interest in occult and spirituality can be seen here. Life path may get changed this year. You will be critical towards your expenses, spiritual beliefs, intuition and the foreign land where you may be. 

8. Scorpio Ascendant or Scorpio Moon Sign – For Scorpio people, Jupiter rules over 2nd house (Sagittarius) of Family, Values and Speech and 5th house (Pisces) of Education, Children and Ancient Texts. So, for Scorpio people, Jupiter takes shape of knowledge and beliefs related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 11th house (Virgo) of Desires, Hopes and Wishes & Earning. Saturn and Jupiter mutual aspect will impact Kama houses again, i.e. 1st, 5th and 9th houses. So, marriage is a possibility if MD/AD are favourable. Rewards and Gains are on the way. Business and Self Effort may prosper and grow. Person will be critical about his gains as to how much he is earning and how much he should earn. 

9. Sagittarius Ascendant or Sagittarius Moon Sign – For Sagittarius people, Jupiter rules over 1st house (Sagittarius) of Life Path, Self and Life Purpose and 4th house (Pisces) of Home and Mother. So, for Sagittarius people, Jupiter takes shape of a home and responsibility related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 10th house (Virgo) of Career, Rank, Status etc. Saturn and Jupiter mutual aspect will impact 2nd, 6th and 10th houses. Focus will be on Work and getting recognition for their work. They will strive for fame and recognition. Time is perfect for gunning for next promotion. Wealth will certainly be increasing. People will be analytical about their work place and colleagues and how they should increase their recognition, status and fame at workplace and society at large. 

10. Capricorn Ascendant or Capricorn Moon Sign – For Capricorn people, Jupiter rules over 12th house (Sagittarius) of Occult, Mysticism and 3rd house (Pisces) of Efforts, Actions and Will. So, for Capricorn people, Jupiter takes shape of an action and spirituality related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 9th house (Virgo) of Religion, Philosophy, Far distant Travels, Higher Education etc. Saturn and Jupiter mutual aspect will impact 1st, 5th and 9th house. Person will be gravitated towards reading about different religions and ethnicity. He will be analytical and Critical about Religions and Philosophy. This will impact his Self – 1st house and his Education – 5th house too. Time to change the job. A pilgrimage is on the cards. It is time to look at all philosophies with a critical eye. 

11. Aquarius Ascendant or Aquarius Moon Sign - For Aquarius people, Jupiter rules over 11th house (Sagittarius) of Gains, Income & Desires and 2nd house (Pisces) of Family, Wealth and Speech. So, for Aquarius people, Jupiter takes shape of a desires oriented planet. Jupiter will transit through 8th house (Virgo) of Occult, Mysteries and Transfrmation etc. For many, this will be a path breaking transit as 4th, 8th and 12th houses will be active as per double aspect of Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter in 8th house will give a lot of Occult and Secret information. You will be highly interested in reading about Astrology and all. A foreign travel is possible or travels to a spiritual place. Lots of occult experiences will be there. You will be analytical towards occult side of life and transformation coming in life.
12. Pisces Ascendant or Pisces Moon Sign - For Pisces people, Jupiter rules over 10th house (Sagittarius) of Career, Fame and Reputation and 1st house (Pisces) of Self, Life Path and Life Purpose. So, for Pisces people, Jupiter takes shape of a path and purpose oriented planet. Jupiter will transit through 7th house (Virgo) of Marriage, Partnerships and Business etc. Saturn and Jupiter mutual aspect will impact kama houses again, i.e. 3rd, 7th and 11th houses. As I said, if Dashas are permitting then marriage is a possibility. Here, person will gravitate towards marriage and partnership. At the same time, they will be very critical towards their partners, either marriage or business. They will analyse their partner behaviour and seek perfection, which can be futile exercise. Gains are on the cards but efforts needs to be there. 

Now, many must be thinking that everyone is getting good results only. So is it so that this world will turn into heaven for next one year? Well, that’s where Saturn is impacting Jupiter. So, all these results will be felt by those people who are ready to work their heart-out as Saturn doesn’t give anything by way of smaller means or efforts. Saturn wants to see the hard-work, perseverance and discipline in our work. And when it sees that it blesses us more than we ever expect. So from fore-front, it can be seen that Jupiter is giving us all these awesome results but in background Saturn is working and making all of us work for success. 

Hope this transit will be fruitful for all of us. 

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer.

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