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Transit of Jupiter in Libra in 2017-18

As we are all set to visit the next transit of Jupiter in the sign of Libra on 12th Sep, 2017, there is an obvious curiosity to know how this transit is going to impact human life on Earth. So, here is my take or understanding of this transit. At the outset, I may repeat that events in our life happen as per collective impact of all planets. One planet transiting in any sign neither going to make you King nor Beggar, but this one planet’s transit will certainly contribute its little into the collective impact. Hence, it is important to know what Jupiter’s contribution in the total. 

Also, Jupiter is the biggest and most expansive planet among all. Its transits last for about 13 months. This is a considerably long time in comparison to other transits we have of Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus. So, if a big planet like Jupiter is transiting in Libra for 13 months, it is going to make some impact to Human Life. This article is little effort to get an ideal of impact. 

Also, now we are in the phase of year where 4 major transits will take place very close to each other. Jupiter will be going into Libra, Rahu in Cancer, Ketu in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius. All these are big transits which last for more than an year at least. So, we can say that, right now, there is much shuffling going on in the sky. Things will come to stability by year end. And as they say, “As above, so below”. We will see some major changes coming in World and in Human Life in general. So, we need to be aware of these upcoming changes, s that we can change accordingly. There is no point in resisting against planets. 
So, let’s 1st look at all the important factors to understand this transit – 

Jupiter’s last transit – Somehow my approach in Astrology is about experience. So, if a book says something about a planetary position but person having that planetary position didn’t experience what book says then after doing in-depth analysis and seeing all possible reasons, I will prefer to be on the side of Person rather than Book as what he is saying is about live experience. We can’t deny that. So, before looking into what Jupiter in Libra will do, it is important to see if Jupiter in Virgo transit passed the test? Because if our lives were not impacted by Jupiter in Virgo then there is very less chances that Jupiter in Libra is going to do much. So, as Jupiter was in Virgo, a sign of analysis, details, managing things and conflicts, we have seen that Conflicts and Disagreements have risen up in the world. From Indo-Pak to Indo-China and from US-North Korea to conflicts in personal lives have expanded and they are seen expanding day-by-day. Also, Virgo is sign of managing details & analysis, and I can say from my own experiences that I have learnt to manage the growing clientele and manage all other relevant things during last 1 year so that no hiccups can come in the way. Even while I was going through buying/shifting home in personal life, I was able to manage my consultations and articles. So, Jupiter taught me a lot about managing things in details. We have also analysed things in detail before believing in anything blindly. So, we can say that Jupiter’s transit in Virgo worked. Hence, there are more chances that Jupiter’s transit in Libra will work. Now, let’s see what all this transit is made of. 

Jupiter - Jupiter is the most benefic planet and it represents all the auspicious things like Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Guru, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Expansion of Things and Elderly People. For a girl, Jupiter also represents Husband.

Libra - Libra is the 7th sign of Zodiac Belt, hence it represents the energy and things related with 7th house of horoscope, i.e. Market Place, Business, Partnerships, Relations etc. Libra is sign of Balance, i.e. striking the Balance between 2 parties/ideologies or even at personal level between our own dilemmas. It is sign of Peace and Diplomacy. And this is what we are seriously looking for after the conflicts and disagreements of Virgo, i.e. Peace to prevail. At personal level, Libra is seen as sign of Relationships. Libra is consisted of another 2 and half Nakshatra named Chitra, Swati and Vishakha. Libra's lord is Venus.

Jupiter in Libra - Wherever Jupiter goes, it brings the knowledge and wisdom to that sign/house. It makes us learn things related to that sign/house. As it taught us about conflicts, details and managing things in Virgo, now it will teach us about relationships, being diplomatic, about peace. People will learn a lot about letting go of their past conflicts and making peace with their life. There will be lesser conflicts in relationship this year as Jupiter will make us learn how to keep a relationship. Jupiter is karaka of Marriage and Libra is sign of Relationship, so we can see many people getting into relationship and marriage within this time. We will learn the art of diplomacy. We will learn how to create a balanced deal between 2 parties. We will learn to strike the balance in all spheres of life. Libra is sign ruled by Venus, which is enemy to Jupiter. So, they “say” that Jupiter doesn’t give full results in Libra. Well, again look back at last 1 year when Jupiter was in Virgo, another enemy sign to Jupiter. Didn’t we see results of Jupiter in Virgo in last 1 year? If yes, then we will get results of Jupiter in Libra too. Another point is that Jupiter & Venus both are naturally benefic planets. So, I don’t see a problem in a benefic planet sitting in sign of another benefic planet, though its enemy. They both are benefics and known to provide, not to take away anything. Also, Jupiter & Venus are both Teachers and Jupiter is Teacher of Gods. So, all it knows to give us knowledge and wisdom related to house/sign it is going on. There is not going to be any dearth of Jupiter’s knowledge when it is in Libra. It depends upon us how much we are going to gain it? Also, see the knowledge Jupiter is going to give? It is about Relationship. Relationship is about letting go of Ego or Individualistic Approach. That means Jupiter is going to teach us that we need to let go of our ego and work for relationship and peace. Now, it is hard for everyone to make such a compromise. So, people may feel that Jupiter is not doing good in Libra but it is doing what it should do? It is giving all the knowledge and wisdom to maintain relationship & make peace, which, as I said, we seriously need. So, there will be knowledge around Libra related things. On other levels, we can see people dealing with contracts and agreements more often, Lawyers are going to have a good transit professionally as Jupiter is Law and Libra is sign of Justice. Merchants and Businessmen will benefit. People like me will learn new ways of running and expanding Business. Interaction with other people will expand. All this, at the cost of Ego and Individualism. Also, whichever house Libra falls, people will be additionally learning about keeping relation regarding things related to that house. Like, if Jupiter is in Libra in 4th house, person will learn how to keep a balanced relation or peace with Mother or at Home. If it is in 8th house, then people will learn how to keep a balanced approach amidst all the changes and transformations. One thing we must remember. Jupiter is in Libra now, exactly opposite to Aries, Aries is the sign of Ego. Hence, next 13 months is time to Let Go of Ego, doesn’t matter who you are? If you are able to do that then it is going to be a great transit for you. We can see the same in last transit also. Pisces is sign of Imagination and Virgo is sign of Practicality, those who remained practical in last 1 year or so, gained from Jupiter in Virgo Transit. I am not saying that being imaginative or individualistic is a bad thing. I am just saying that now is the time to focus on relation rather than ego. We will focus on Ego when Jupiter is in Aries again. 

Jupiter’s Aspects – We will only cover the house Jupiter will transit as per the Ascendant as the biggest impact will be there. But we need to be careful about Jupiter’s Aspect during this transit. Jupiter will aspect 5th house, 7th house and 9th house from its house of transit and impact those houses. As I said, Jupiter’s aspect is always benefic, even if Jupiter is debilitated at exact degree. So, we need to keep an eye on where it is aspecting from Libra in your chart. We won’t be able to cover it here as this article would never end then but I can tell you in brief that Jupiter’s 5th house aspect is aspect of Education. Means wherever Jupiter aspects 5th from its place in your chart, you treat that house as where you want to learn more about things related to that house. 7th house aspect is about relations. Here, Jupiter finds the people with whom it can share the knowledge of the house it is transiting. 9th house aspect is of higher education. So, wherever Jupiter aspects at 9th house from its transit, you want to gain higher education related to that house or want to follow things related to that house as your religion. 

Dashas – As always, this transit of Jupiter will be more influential on those people who are going through Jupiter or Venus (Lord of Libra) Dashas. It doesn’t mean that for others it won’t do anything. 13 months is long enough time to give some results. 

Jupiter Return – This transit will also be important for those who are born with Jupiter in Libra, regardless of running Dasha. This will be a Jupiter Return for them which happens once in 12 years. All the karaka things of Jupiter, as discussed above, will come to the fore during this transit of Jupiter Return. 

Jupiter in Birth Chart - Jupiter's position and dignity in Birth Chart will have as important role as Dasha of Jupiter in giving the results of Jupiter. So, also keep that position and dignity in mind. 

Transit Period – Jupiter will transit into Libra sign between 12th Sep, 2017 to 11th Oct, 2018. 

Retrograde Period - Jupiter will be retrograde within Libra from 9th Mar 2018 to 10th July 2018. This means that Jupiter will be closer to Earth during this time. So, the results stated herein will be felt with greater intensity during this time. 

Nakshatra – As Jupiter crosses over Libra, it will be transiting over Chitra, Swati & Vishakha Nakshatra. We will receive additional results of this transit through position of Lord of each of these Nakshatras in Chart, i.e. Mars for Chitra Nakshatra, Rahu for Swati Nakshatra & Jupiter itself for Vishakha Nakshatra. Also, the basic trait of all these nakshatras will be expanded as Jupiter transits into these nakshatra. Like, Jupiter transit into Chitra (which is about to begin in few days) can make person hard working and creative, Jupiter transit into Swati can make person independent or at least look for independence or person can become Business Oriented, Jupiter transit into Vishakha can make person a Counselor or Adviser for others. So, this is the way Jupiter is going to expand the traits of nakshatra ver which it is transiting. 

Other Planets in Libra – Likewise, if a person has planet/planets in Libra in birth chart then Jupiter transiting over that planet/planets will expand the traits and characteristics of planet/planets. Now, the exact result depends on the planet, its dignity and conjunction/aspects on it. So, we can’t cover everything here. Also, during the year, other planets like Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars will transit through Libra and will conjunct transiting Jupiter. So, that will also have its impact on Jupiter’s results here. You see, how Jupiter in Virgo made us detail oriented?
Venus' Position – As Libra is ruled by Venus, its position in birth chart plus transit will impact the results of Jupiter in Libra transit.

Saturn’s Transit in Sagittarius – Last but certainly not the least, we need to keep an eye on Saturn’s transit. As Jupiter transits in Libra, Saturn will come back in Sagittarius in Oct, 2017 and will transit there till Jan, 2020. So during Jupiter’s transit into Libra, we need to be aware of the houses where Saturn and Jupiter both are impacting during this transit as things related to those houses will most certainly happen. As Saturn is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is in Libra, they both will impact Gemini and Aquarius sign through joint aspects. So, wherever these 2 signs fall from your ascendant, events related to those houses will happen. I will make a separate article on joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn in coming one year for all ascendants. 

Now, the main course. 

This article won’t only tell how Jupiter will impact for all Ascendant and Moon Sign people, but it will also show how Jupiter’s role is switching for each ascendant sign and therefore why making a generalise opinion on a planet or sign may not be a prudent thing to do? As I said, this transit is going to be more fruitful for those people going through Jupiter/Venus Mahadasha but it doesn’t mean that it will have no impact on others. We all go through Antar dashas and Pratyantar dashas of all the planets throughout year, so this transit will show its impact in those time periods. Also, for slow moving planets like Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, we don’t have to depend on Dashas. Because of their slow movement, they always impact our life in given time. 

Please see results of this transit from Ascendant and Moon Sign both. Predictions from Ascendant Sign will show what will actually happen and predictions from Moon Sign will show what our mind desires and how mind will react to such events. Another thing is that when Ascendant and Moon sign both point towards one event that event is bound to happen. 

So, let’s begin – 

Aries Ascendant or Aries Moon Sign – For Aries people, Jupiter rules over 9th house (Sagittarius) of religion, higher learnings and 12th house (Pisces) of Spirituality, Charity and Hidden Secrets. So for Aries people, Jupiter is more a knowledge and travel based planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 7th house (Libra) of Marriage, Relationship, Partner, Spouse and Business etc. So for Aries people, those who are aspiring for Marriage, this is a good time to tie the knot. There will be alliances or relationship, which you need to convert in marriage by taking final decision. There will be travels, long distance or foreign lands. You will travel for long distance to either meet your spouse or a Guru. It can even be a Pilgrimage. Your partner can be of different culture, so keep your options and mind open for marriage. If you are in Business, you can expand it in Foreign Lands or faraway lands in same country. There will be good benefits from Business and Other People. You will learn a lot about relationship as 7th house and Libra represent same things. 

Taurus Ascendant or Taurus Moon Sign – For Taurus people, Jupiter rules over 8th house (Sagittarius) of Occult, Mysteries & Other People Money and 11th house (Pisces) of Higher Cause, Gains and Income. So, for Taurus people, Jupiter takes shape of a planet of serving other people and serving higher cause. Now, Jupiter will transit through 6th house (Libra) of Daily Work Life, Service, Debts, Diseases and Disputes etc. It shows that Taurus people will be involved in providing service to other people through their research and knowledge. They will gain by resolving conflicts of others. They will learn how to remain balanced among all the conflicts and obstacles of life. They will learn in detail about serving people, dealing with conflicts and obstacles. A sudden event or accident can bring them illness, so they need to be careful. More they serve and heal others, better they will be themselves. So, they should focus on serving others. Those in jobs, can gain from their service. Income will increase by serving others. Health issues can come up (specially related with Fat), so they need to be careful regarding health matters. 

Gemini Ascendant or Gemini Moon Sign – For Gemini people, Jupiter rules over 7th house (Sagittarius) of Business, Other People and Marriage and 10th house (Pisces) of Career, Work Environment. So, for Gemini people, Jupiter takes shape of a Career Oriented planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 5th house (Libra) of Children, Happiness, Creativity, Romance and Education etc. It shows that Gemini People can have a Love Relationship during this time. They will be education oriented plus learn about how to be in a good balanced relationship. People aspiring for Children can plan their Child if dasha and other transits are permitting. There can be a change in work environment or career. Their love partner can be from different culture or from their work environment. They can get into a business related with knowledge, education and counselling. This transit can also make them gain from Stocks and Shares. Their creative pursuits will expand. 

Cancer Ascendant or Cancer Moon Sign – For Cancer people, Jupiter rules over 6th house (Sagittarius) of Daily Routine Life, Jobs etc. and 9th house (Pisces) of Religion and Long Distance Travels. So, for Cancer people, Jupiter takes shape of a Service and Education related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 4th house (Libra) of Home, Mother and Peace of Mind. This time will teach Cancer people about having a balanced relationship with Mother or at Home. Home Environment can be very peaceful. There can be plan of either buying a real estate property or expanding an already existing one. They may take loan for the same purpose. There can be illness to Mother or at home, about which they need to be careful. They will travel from faraway place to be at home or with mother. There can be a certain change in belief system. Overall, it is time to focus on Home, Home Land and Mother. 

Leo Ascendant or Leo Moon Sign – For Leo people, Jupiter rules over 5th house (Sagittarius) of Education, Creativity & Children and 8th house (Pisces) of Marriage Benefits, Occult and Mysticism. So, for Leo people, Jupiter takes shape of planet which can give Marriage Benefits and great knowledge of Mystic Subjects. Now, Jupiter will transit through 3rd house (Libra) of Efforts, Hard Work, Travelling, Communications, Interests and Younger Siblings etc. It shows that Leo people will learn during this transit to strike a balanced relation with their siblings, specially younger ones. They will learn how to be balanced in their communications. Their interests and hobbies will expand. They will travel for their education and research work. Finding marriage benefits may require serious hard work and efforts. Overall, this is a time to collect lots of information and your knowledge bank will expand like anything. You can nourish your hobbies and interests which can become useful in future as a money generating option. 

Virgo Ascendant or Virgo Moon Sign – For Virgo people, Jupiter rules over 4th house (Sagittarius) of Home, Mother and 7th house (Pisces) of Marriage, Relationship and Partner. So, for Virgo people, Jupiter takes shape of a Family Oriented planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 2nd house (Libra) of Family, Wealth and Speech etc. This looks like to be a full-on family time as 4th house and 7th house lord is going in 2nd house. All houses related with Family Benefits. So, focus will be on family. There will be gains from Mother and Real Estate. Relationship or Business may go through changes or ups/downs. Here, Jupiter will teach you how to strike a balanced family environment? There will be wealth coming in family and there may be expansion of Family. A Business Person will gain wealth from Other People. 

Libra Ascendant or Libra Moon Sign – For Libra people, Jupiter rules over 3rd house (Sagittarius) of efforts and actions and 6th house (Pisces) of daily routine jobs and obstacles. So, for Libra people, Jupiter takes shape of an action oriented planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 1st house (Libra) of Self, Life Path and Life Purpose etc. This shows relationship is coming to person, especially a girl as Jupiter represents Husband. It also shows that you will be travelling and you may think of starting your own work. Your daily work routine will go through a change like change of job etc. It also shows that you can gain weight in this time. Your own work as your daily routine can become your life path. There will be long distance travels. You will learn that most important relation is one which a person can have with himself. You may become aware of yourself, life path and life purpose. A Guru can enter in life. 

Scorpio Ascendant or Scorpio Moon Sign – For Scorpio people, Jupiter rules over 2nd house (Sagittarius) of Family, Values and Speech and 5th house (Pisces) of Education, Children and Ancient Texts. So, for Scorpio people, Jupiter takes shape of knowledge and beliefs related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 12th house (Libra) of Spirituality, Foreign Lands & Isolation. They will learn how to strike balance with their Spiritual Views and Spiritual Gurus? They themselves or someone in Family can go to Foreign Lands. Their Wealth will come from Foreign Lands or Spirituality. Their love life, spiritual beliefs or life of their 1st child can go through a change. They can be interested in Spiritual Journeys and in Donations/Charity. A Spiritual Guru can enter in life. They say that Jupiter transiting 12th house gives a peaceful sleep but I am not sure of that as I know few Libra Ascendants, who went through sleepless nights when Jupiter was in Virgo in last 1 year. So, not very sure about it. 

Sagittarius Ascendant or Sagittarius Moon Sign – For Sagittarius people, Jupiter rules over 1st house (Sagittarius) of Life Path, Self and Life Purpose and 4th house (Pisces) of Home and Mother. So, for Sagittarius people, Jupiter takes shape of a home and life path related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 11th house (Libra) of Gains, R&R and Higher Causes etc. It shows that Sagittarius people can earn well in this time. Their desires will manifest and their efforts will be rewarded. They will learn how to keep a balanced relation with elder siblings and networking circle? Gains can come from Mother and Real Estate too. They can leave their home or mother and move to another place for their gains/earning. Their life path may take them working for large organizations or some higher causes. Overall, a transit full of gains and manifested desires.
Capricorn Ascendant or Capricorn Moon Sign – For Capricorn people, Jupiter rules over 12th house (Sagittarius) of Spirituality, Foreign Lands & Foreign Companies and 3rd house (Pisces) of Efforts, Travelling and Skills. So, for Capricorn people, Jupiter takes shape of an action and spirituality related planet. Now, Jupiter will transit through 10th house (Libra) of Father Career, Work and Duties etc. So, this is more a Career Oriented transit for you.You will be seen as Teacher or Guide at your work place or in your Career. It shows some losses coming to father and spirituality impacting your career and work. It shows that your efforts and actions will go through a change. It also shows travelling related with Career or Father. As 3rd house and 12th house both relates to travelling away from homeland, so you will be travelling away from your home land most of the time during the year. Here, you will learn how to strike balanced relation with Father or other people in authority. You will also learn to have a balanced approach with people at work place. Overall, Jupiter’s transit should expand and grow Career and Authority. This can also show someone getting in to own work as lord of 3rd house of Self Efforts, Business and Communication will transit 10th house of Career & Work.
Aquarius Ascendant or Aquarius Moon Sign - For Aquarius people, Jupiter rules over 11th house (Sagittarius) of Gains, Income & Desires and 2nd house (Pisces) of Family, Wealth and Speech. So, for Aquarius people, Jupiter takes shape of a desires oriented planet. Jupiter will transit through 9th house (Libra) of Higher Education, Guru and Far Distant Lands etc. It shows that Aquarius people or their family can travel to far distant lands and gain wealth from there. It shows expansion of Fortune and Wealth. They will learn to have right balance in relation with Teachers or with different religious/cultural views. Their knowledge base will expand unimaginably. They may come in contact with a Religious Guru like person. Their most of interaction will be with people of different culture or ethnicity. Their gains will be from faraway lands and people of different ethnicity.
Pisces Ascendant or Pisces Moon Sign - For Pisces people, Jupiter rules over 10th house (Sagittarius) of Career, Fame and Reputation and 1st house (Pisces) of Self, Life Path and Life Purpose. So, for Pisces people, Jupiter takes shape of a path and purpose oriented planet. Jupiter will transit through 8th house (Libra) of Occult, Mysticism and Transformation/Change etc. It shows that Pisces People will go through a certain change in their life path & career path. They should be ready to change their career or work as and when the change occurs. It also shows some sudden events or accidents impacting them. So, they should be careful. Same care must be exercised for Father as 10th house also relates to Father. They will learn how to keep balance while dealing with all the chaotic and sudden changes in life. Change is inevitable here. Please be ready and receptive. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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