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Introduction of Series on Planets Through Nakshatras.

So, we are all set to begin with a new series of Planets through Nakshatras. This is an introductory article to see how we are going to cover this important topic. Let’s cover this topic on following points –

Everything is in addition.

Importance of the Sign.

Importance of the Nakshatra.

Importance of the Planet.

Position and Dignity of Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord.

Exchange of Energy.


House involved.

Theory Vs Experience.


Let’s cover all points one after the other -

Everything is in addition – As we know that lots of importance is given to planetary positions in nakshatras and no doubt that this importance is correct. Nakshatras help us in understanding chart or a planetary position in depth and predictions can be very precise if we have good understanding of nakshatras. But the common mistake we make is when we talk about planet through houses, we tend to forget the signs. Then when we talk about planet through signs, we tend to forget about houses. Likewise, when we come into nakshatras, we tend to forget the sign or house in which planet can be. As everything is in addition and we get accumulated results, we have to keep an eye on all the things like planet's nature, nakshatra's nature and sign's representation. We can't leave anything here. For ex - If Sun is in Vishakha Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, then we can't say that Sun is in friendly planet's nakshatra, hence it is all fine. We have to remind ourselves that if Sun is still in Libra portion of Vishakha then Sun is debilitated and can bring weak results in matters of working under other's authority.

Importance of the Sign – Even before looking at Nakshatra positions of planets, I would like to see the Sign involved because Sign decides the dignity/strength of planet. Moon can be exalted at exact 3 degree Krittika but it is in the sign of Taurus where Moon is in its exaltation state throughout. So, Sign still holds the importance to see the strength or weakness of planet. Another thing is that Sign is like the Umbrella under which Nakshatras stay. Sign energy holds the nakshatras within it together. Like, the nakshatras under Leo, i.e. Magha, Purva-Phalguni and Uttara-Phalguni, will somehow get aligned or reciprocate with the energy of Leo. I don’t think a nakshatra under Capricorn sign will start giving us results in Scorpio nature. So, zodiac sign still holds its importance.

Importance of the Nakshatra – Then comes the main thing we are going to deal with in this series. Interpretation of a planet in a particular nakshatra. Here, the series of nakshatra - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Nax - we just covered is going to be very helpful. We need to keep in mind all the important significations of every nakshatra, the mythological story and the order in which they come in a sign. All these things are going to be very important in correct interpretation here.

Importance of the Planet – Then comes the planet. The energy which is working inside the energy of sign and nakshatra. Planet involved, its nature/position/dignity/strength, the things planet represent as karaka, the houses it rules in chart and the house it is in. We need to be aware regarding all these things.

Position and Dignity of Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord – Here, the position and dignity of Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord become important. Their strength will give an indication about the strength of the planet sitting in. Their dignity will also decide if person is able to utilize the energy of planet in a sign/nakshatra positively or negatively. Like, if sign lord and nakshatra lord are strong, then planet will have good growth. Another reason why we can't neglect signs altogether while talking about nakshatras. It also means that planet will have best growth when we deal with things related with sign and nakshatra it is in. For ex – Moon in Taurus in Rohini Nakshatra will have best possibility of growth when person’s mind (Moon) is involved in business (Rohini) of financial nature (Taurus).

Exchange of Energy – And then it is all about how we mix the energies or representations of planet, sign and nakshatras? We have to keep in mind the energy represented by planet while it is working with sign/nakshatras. Like, Venus will handle the energy of sign/nakshatra in a gentle way whereas Saturn will deal with same energy in Saturnian ways of delay, hard work and perseverance. They say that sign is like a flower pot, nakshatra is like soil inside it and the planet is like the plant in that pot & soil. The stronger the pot and the better the soil, greater will be the growth of plant. So, if we want to get best results of Rahu in Pisces in Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra then person needs to be obsessive about spiritual or mystical experiences.

Padas - One curiosity remains with nakshatra is how to interpret Padas? There are 4 Padas of a nakshastra. These are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. As I see, there is lots of confusion around them but as I understand, it should not be there. It is because these are also 4 categories of houses we have, i.e. Dharma Houses, Artha Houses, Kama Houses and Moksha Houses. So, just take the logic of these houses and apply in planetary position in a particular nakshatra/pada. Like, 

  • Dharma houses make us follow the righteous/dharmic path in life. So, a planet in pada 1 can help usin following the righteous path.
  • Artha houses make us gravitate towards some purpose in life. So, a planet in pada 2 can help us in following some purpose.
  • Kama houses make us gravitate towards some desires in life. So, a planet in pada 3 can help us in attaining some desires.
  • Moksha houses make us gravitate towards spiritual attainments. So, a planet in pada 4 can help us in attaining our spiritual path.

House involved – Then comes the house where all this is happening. House represents the area of life where this planetary position in a certain sign/nakshatra/pada is going to impact. If it is happening in 4th house then home life, if in 7th house then relation/business or if in 10th house then public image. So, house involved will tell us in which area of life we need to apply the interpretation of planetary position in a certain sign/nakshatra/pada.

Theory Vs Experience – Last but not the least, there is lots of information available in as to how a particular planet will react in a specific nakshatra and pada. Rather than going through theory, I have always liked to go through the experience of people. So, my interpretation will be more based on the charts I have seen and the way lives have moved in those charts due to a planetary position. Also, in the end, it is all about your intuition of the moment when you are doing prediction. Most of times, 1st inclination/intuition you get after seeing a planetary placement is the correct one. 

Conclusion – So again, let’s keep only one rule in mind that everything adds up. Everything matters, the planet, the sign, the nakshatra, the house etc. Nothing completely overpowers or cancels anything. If we keep this in mind then we can have a better idea about every planetary placement.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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