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Introduction of Articles on Conjunctions.

So, before starting Conjunction articles, I just thought of making an introductory article as to what all things can be read while reading Conjunctions and how to read it? So, let's cover it here - 

Conjunctions I am going to cover. 
How to read a conjunction?
Planets, Basic Nature, Signs, Houses Dignity & Dasha.
Which Planet rules over Conjunction?
Start of the Series. 

Let's cover all points one after the other - 

Conjunction - So, Conjunction of planets happen when 2 or more planets are sitting in one house/sign of chart. It can be from 2 planets sitting together to 8 planets sitting together. Maximum I have seen is 6 planets in 1 house of chart. As every planet represents its separate energy, it remains a tricky situation to interpret a conjunction of planets clearly when so many energies are colliding with each other. That's why, reading a conjunction can be the most difficult part of horoscope reading as we have to take in consideration too many things altogether. 

Conjunctions I am going to cover - As I said, there can be a 2 planetary conjunctions to 8 planetary conjunctions. What I see myself covering here is 2 and 3 planetary conjunctions. Anything over that becomes a confusing scenario to explain and its interpretation is largely chart based. Again, this is my view today. It may happen that by the time I finish 3 planetary conjunctions, I may feel comfortable at explaining 4 or 4+ planetary conjunction and I may do it. But truth of the moment is that I will cover 2 and 3 planetary conjunctions. 

How to read a conjunction? - Now, the main course. 
  • Basic Nature - 1st of all see the basic nature of planets conjunct together. Are they benefic or malefic? Also see, if any planet is functional malefic? 
  • House Rulership - Then see which houses they rule in the chart? Same Planet can rule different houses for different ascendants and hence represents different things. Like, Jupiter can be a Family Oriented planet for Scorpio Ascendants as it rules 2nd house of Family and 5th house of Children, but same Jupiter will be Career Oriented Planet for Pisces Ascendants as it rules 1st house of Life Path and 10th house of Career Path. Now, when planets are conjunct in a house, they are bringing the energies of these houses they rule in the house they are conjunct. So, we have to be very clear about house rulership of planets involved.
  • Karaka - And then there are things which a planet represents on its own. These are called Karaka/Significator.Karaka only means that planet can give that result on its own. It is not depended on house or sign placement. Like, Venus is karaka of Love, it can give love and relation in any house on its own, Jupiter is karaka of Knowledge, then it can give knowledge in any house. As it is impossible to cover conjunctions via different houses the planets rule for each ascendant, we will cover the interpretation of conjunctions as per their karaka meaning. 
  • Planets, Basic Nature, Signs, Houses, Dignity & Dasha - Then to finally interpret, we have to take care of all the factors involved altogether. These are planets involved, their basic/functional nature, sign & house they are in, their dignities, their relationship with each other like enmity or friendship and last but not the least, which planet has its Dasha running. Last but not the least, we have to see the position or dignity of sign lord in which conjunction is there. Another thing is that we can interpret conjunctions in birth chart and as well as in transits, as is. Only difference will be that if planets are conjunct in birth chart, impact of conjunction will be for life time and if planets are conjunct during transit, impact will be as long as transit remains. 

Which Planet rules over Conjunction? - Now, the million dollar question is which planet rules over conjunction? Like if Sun, Jupiter and Mars are conjunct then which planet will have higher say? There cant be a general rule for that as per my experience of reading of charts. It again depends on whole lot of things. Like, gentle planets like Moon, Mercury and Venus will be impacted by heavier planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Planet which is in better dignity will have higher say, like Sun-Mars conjunction in Capricorn will show more strength to Mars than Sun but same conjunction in Virgo will give more strength to Sun than Mars. Also, we have to see which planets dasha is running. So, in the end, it is accumulated impact of all these factors plus much more which we see as result in our lives. 

Start of the Series - Now, as we know that there are some major transitions about to take place in Aug-Sep, I will 1st write articles on Transits of Rahu in Cancer, Ketu in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra and article on joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn during coming 13 months. Then we will begin conjunction series. 

Last but not the least, to truly understand Conjunction of Planets, one must have good grasp and understanding of Lajjitadi Avasthas - http://astrosaxena.com/lajjit

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any question or doubts. 


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer 

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