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Improvement in Results

A question was asked during last session on Ashlesha Nakshatra , if the results of Ashlesha Nakshatra of bringing insecurities to the person is for whole life or things can improve at certain age? Here I would try to answer this -

1. This question is generic in the sense that people normally ask this question for any kind of troublesome planetary position or difficult results. I have seen these questions regularly being asked not only for a nakshatra like Moola, Ardra or Ashlesha but for positions of Saturn and Nodes too where people are concerned if their malefic results are here to sustain or we can expect some relief at some point of time.

2. First of all, nothing is permanent in life. Everything changes. Planets also give their majority of results in their dashas, at other times they do work but in background. Also, there are concepts of planetary maturity ages where a planet becomes little mild after certain age of person.

3. But then it largely depends on how soon a person is realizing that he is doing something wrong in his life? Because then the process of improvement or correcting your mistake begins and then we can expect some improvement in results too. So, the biggest issue is realizing that you are doing something wrong.

4. And it becomes the most challenging to realize your own mistake because 1st of all ego won't let you accept that you are an idiot and you are doing some mistake in life. Then even bigger problem is that negative traits are given positive names by societies. So, you may be committing a mistake but society and people around you will make you believe that you are right and only other person is wrong.

5. Like we talked about Ashlesha Nakshatra which represents clinging and thereby it represents our insecurities. But in perception of society and majority of people, clinging is not a negative trait. They have given it names like possessiveness, extra-love or protectiveness. Now, when a negative trait is given positive name then how would anyone realize that he is doing something wrong? And if he is not realizing it then he would continue to do same wrong throughout life and keep on getting the same results as within him, he is thinking that I am correct, only the other person is wrong.

6. I have written enough about how people are suffering in job setup where they should be in business. They can curse their Saturn as much as they want but that Saturn is giving them a direction of business. Due to social conditioning of working in Jobs, this person is unable to see that he is doing something wrong and continue to face same issues in every job. So again, things can only change/improve when this person realizes that he is doing something wrong in his career.

7. In matters of relationship, this realization should be coming to both partners. Only one person changing himself/herself won’t help the relationship.

So, nothing is forever as I said. We can change or improve our life from this moment only but it would require a great deal of awareness as to what we are doing wrong in our life and what changes we need to make to improve the situation? Unless and until this happens, we may keep on dealing with same issues and problems in life.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • @ SS - will do if i get any such chart. thanks,

  • Sir, please analyze the chart of an airhostess Or write an article on what planetary combination are needed to become an airhostess ....

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