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Many Important Questions on Astrology & My Responses.

This is the final article of our series of off-beat articles. After that, we are all set to begin Conjunction series. As always, last article is from my side. This article will include all the important questions which I get to hear almost everyday in matters of Astrology and sometimes related to site & my articles. Although, they can be termed as FAQ but their responses are going to be much lengthier than a normal FAQ. So, I just thought of making 1 article and responding to all queries. 

Let's cover following questions on Astrology & about Site/Articles - 

Astrology & Ego. 
Clarifications on few articles. 
Astrologer & Decision Making. 
Why Horoscopes Don't Match?
Threats of Suicide.

Let's cover all points one after the other - 

Astrology & Ego - One of the common question which normally is asked to any Astrologer is what are the chances of prediction coming true? If prediction is uncertain then why we should waste time & money in Astrology & its readings? Why should I not go to the Astrologer who claims to be always correct with predictions?

Response - I start with this quote of Osho Rajneesh from his book Hidden Mysteries - 

"The heaviest blow of astrology is upon the ego. If astrology is right, the ego is wrong. Let us understand it this way: if astrology is wrong, then nothing else remains – but the ego – that can be right. If astrology is right then the world is right, and only I can be wrong. I am only an infinitesimal and negligible part of the world – I cannot even be included in the count, I am so minute. If astrology is right, then I am not there. There is a big flow of forces in which I am only a small ripple."

So, if heaviest blow of Astrology is on Ego then it includes Astrologer's Ego too. Then how can any Astrologer claim to be perfect with his predictions. I can perfectly understand the concern of the client who is giving time and money to get an idea about future but we have to realize that this is divine science which is interpreted by Humans. It is almost unfair to expect 100% consistency from any Astrologer with regard to his predictions. All one should see is if an Astrologer has tried his best to give the most honest reading or not. Even if an Astrologer has got 70% to 80% things correct after reading your chart then he has done a great job because remember that he didn't even see you before the date of appointment and all he had to read about you is a map on which some indications & symbols are there. If he is able to tell you 70% things correct from that then he is a good one. With experience, he will improve. 

I have no problem if people want to go those Astrologers who claim to be always correct but it only shows that they didn't understand the basic foundation of Astrology that they can't be Egotistical about their prediction. In my very early days of utter ignorance, I happened to claim that some things "will" happen while reading friends/family members' chart, but those things never happened. Universe has funny ways to make fool of you and you will never understand how things didn't turn out as predicted. Like recently, a person had Sun in Libra and Libra's lord Venus in Virgo. So, both are debilitated. I said you may have not-so-good relation with Father. Person responded that relation with Father is awesome and he has been the strongest support throughout life. Now, I am yet to figure-out how that happened as in 99.99% cases, what I said would be correct. But this is what I am saying that Universe has many ways to fool you. That's why, I feel that predictions should be done as things/events "can happen" or "may happen". The moment one tries to say that events "will happen" then he/she has crossed the limits. 

Clarifications on Few Articles - Some of my Articles are about Surrendering the Ego as Destiny is Paramount. These are Sin of I and Sin of Mine (http://astrosaxena.com/sism), Fate Vs Free Will & Soul's Evolution (http://astrosaxena.com/ffwse) and Karmic Impact on Astrologer through Astrological Services (http://astrosaxena.com/karmicdebt). Common Theme with these articles is that Destiny is Paramount, we are not doing anything, everything is done by God and we are just playing our roles here. The common question which comes up is that like this a person can kill another person and say that he has not done anything and God has done it? People can do all sort of wrong acts and blame it on Universe? 

Response - This is an obvious question. We have to 1st understand that any wrong or bad act is done by anyone to satisfy the Ego. I want Money then I may rob someone. I want property of my brother then I may get him killed to inherit that property etc etc. In these articles, I am talking about a state where person has completely/totally surrendered his Ego to God. When there is no Ego left then where is the question of doing any wrong act to satisfy the Ego? Even if this person is starving to death, he will take even that as blessings of God. Point is that such person won't commit any wrong act. Same question was asked to Osho by one person during his great preaching Geeta Darshan as a man can kill someone and say that he hasn't done anything, Universe did it. Osho replied in his humorous way that Yes, he can say that but then if he has really surrendered the ego then he will accept that Universe is beating him through people and getting him punished through Police, Court & Jail. So, it is about total surrender of Ego in any situation. 

Astrologer & Decision Making - Most of the people have a problem with me as to why I don't tell them the final decision as to what they should do, especially in marriage matters?

Response - Because in the end, it is your life. So, decision has to be yours. How can an Astrologer take a decision whether you should marry a person or not? And how can an Astrologer take a decision whether you should take divorce or not? These are extremely personal decisions of someone's life. As I earlier also said that there is no chart good for marriage. In such cases, there has to be good/bad times in relationship. As an Astrologer, ,my job is only to tell you about how good/bad both charts are and what will be the challenging times in relationships in which you may require to show lot more patience to keep relation working. I can never have a say in final decision. It is your life, you need to take decision whether you can deal with such challenging situations or not. Now, think from other point of view. If I say, Ok - Go ahead Marry. And after 2 years, if you find same person as burden then? If I say, Chart is not good - Don't marry. And after that if you don't find any good alliance, then? If I say, Take Divorce. Dude, what option I am providing? and if I say, don't take divorce, then what if situations become life threatening? So, that's what I want to say that you know your abilities of dealing with difficult situations better than anyone else. So, you must be taking your own decision. Astrology can give just an idea about what kind of things may come up. It is for you to take final decision whether you can deal with such situations if ever they come up or not. 

Why Horoscopes Don't Match? - My article Relevance of Astrology in Marriage Matters (http://astrosaxena.com/ramm) gave much troubles to many as I said that I haven't found two horoscopes getting matched? Question asked is why they don't match as we are hearing from ancient times that charts were matched before marriage?

Response - I hope that we all can agree on this point that every individual is unique and he/she is born with a unique destiny. His/Her chart shows the path he has to follow to reach destiny which is meant for him/her only. Now, what we are trying to do by matching the horoscopes? We are trying to somehow link the unique destiny of 2 unique individual which is just not possible. At least one person, or may be both, would have to leave his/her ambitions or destiny to support other's destiny or family or society. So that's why, I personally feel that matching chart can be the most foolish and idiotic exercise ever. At best, you can see that if both person's have relationship capacity and they will be able to adjust with each other or not but there is no way that charts would ever be matched. May be, I am the only Astrologer in World to openly say this and even put the same in my Consultation section even at the risk of losing clients and money. But I consider my aim as to guide properly and not to lead you into horrible relations based on some numbers of Guna Milan. 

Threats of Suicide - And then there are many who like to send threats of Suicide due to various problems in life. Well, if you like then go ahead with your plans but it won't change anything for you. Within few seconds, you will get a new body and within 25-30 years you will again find yourself standing at same place again. We are here to complete a karma and unless we complete it, we will not go to the next level and we will keep coming back till it is exhausted. Only benefit that will cause you is to delay the process by about 25-30 years, but you can't get rid of it. 

Conclusion - Thanks again for raising all questions and giving me a chance to respond. Thanks again for reading me. Please let me know if there is any further query or doubt which needs further clarification. 

We are all set for Conjunction articles. 

Hope this helps. 


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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