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Rules of Horoscope Matching

So, let's see today the actual way to match horoscopes for marriage purpose. 

Most popular and common way of matching horoscope is by seeing how many Gunas (Virtues) are matching between boy and girl horoscope. Total guna are 36. Anything over 20 guna matching is considered as a good horoscope match and normally people go with that marriage. But what I have read in last 2 years is that this is just 10% of whole process of horoscope matching.
The steps involved for horoscope match are as follows –

1. First of all, for horoscope matching we match only Lagna Chart.
2. 2nd rule is that we match horoscope from Boy’s horoscope to Girl’s horoscope and not vice versa. Why? Because girl is already doing all the sacrifices by leaving her family, parents and home and has come to Boy’s life. It is now boy’s responsibility to look after her and understand her needs. Also, it is natural for a girl to respond with emotions, they are naturally made like that. If a guy understands girl’s feelings, there is no reason why girl won’t respond in same way. To further explore this point, even the inventor of Astrology Maharishi Parashara gave Moon and Venus characteristics like emotions, convenience, desires, hopes, wishes, love, romance and then declared that gender of both these planets would be female. So, females are always full of all these qualities and the only time when they don’t respond with these traits is when man doesn’t understand their mind or they are fed up of making compromises for man’s desires.
3. Ascendant should not be same – 1st of all ascendant should not be same for boy and girl. Like, both should not be Cancer Ascendant or both should not be Scorpio Ascendant. Why ascendants should not be same? If you and your spouse has same ascendant that means you are going through similar time in life. So, if boy is going through a bad phase, girl is not far behind or maybe she is already there in her bad phase. Ideally, the situation should be that if boy is going through a bad time, girl should be in position to bail him out through her good phase and vice versa. So, rule is that planets controlling the Ascendant should be friends or neutral to each other, they should not be enemy. Like, if Boy is Cancer Ascendant (ruled by Moon) and Girl is Scorpio Ascendant (ruled by Mars), then this step is satisfied as Moon and Mars both are mutual friends, but in this case, if Girl is Capricorn or Aquarius Ascendant (both ruled by Saturn), then this step is not satisfied, as Moon is not too friendly with Saturn.
4. Distance between Moon sign of girl should not be more than 7 signs from Moon Sign of boy. – Moon represents our mind and emotions in astrology. Pay attention that on any full moon day we are highly emotional. So, if Boy’s Moon is in Cancer and Girl’s moon is in Taurus. That means there is a gap of 11 signs in between. In no case, this gap should be more than 7 signs because the more the distance between Moon Signs, the more time boy will take to understand the mind and emotions of girl. So, if Girl’s moon is in Taurus, ideal for her to marry someone who has moon in Sagittarius to Taurus (if all other conditions also satisfy), because than he will be easily and quickly understand her mind and emotions. Again, it is guy’s responsibility to understand girl’s mind and emotions. What happens when in situation like this where girl’s moon sign is nearer to boy’s moon sign? This means that she is able to understand his mind but he is unable to respond and reciprocate the same feelings quickly enough.
5. Similarly, Distance between Venus sign of girl should not be more than 7 signs from Venus Sign of boy. – Venus represents love and desires of a person and it is significator of marriage and love in relationship. As we discussed about Moon, the difference between sign where Venus is placed for boy should not be more than 7 places away. If boy’s Venus is in Libra and gir’s Venus is in Taurus. There is a distance of 8 signs. Again, it is more than 7 signs. Although, horoscopes don’t match on this count but still in this way of horoscope matching, emphasis is always more on Moon. If a boy and girl’s Moon are nearby as stated above, then no matter Venus is near or not, we can still go ahead with marriage because Moon is mind and that is more important. If boy is able to understand girl’s mind (Moon) then sooner or later he will understand her desires (Venus) too. So, Moon’s position must be nearby.
6. What if Venus or Moon of boy and girl are in same sign? Like if Moon of both boy and girl are in Taurus or Venus of both boy and girl are in Gemini. Then things go little deeper. Every sign is 30 degree long and now we need to consider degrees. So, in every horoscope, every planet is at some degree. Like, suppose if Sun is at 9.21 degree in Gemini. Moon is at 26.56 degree at Taurus. So, if guy also has moon in Taurus, then make sure that degrees of his moon is lesser than girl’s moon. Like if his moon is at 20.00 degree, it is very easy for his mind (moon) to read girl’s mind at 26.56 degree. But if his moon is at 27.50 degree, now his moon has crossed over girl’s moon and to understand girl’s mind he has to travel the full circle of 12 zodiac signs, come back at Taurus and reach 26.56 degree where her mind is. Same thing will apply if Venus of both boy and girl are in same sign.
7. Then, see if the person is supposed to have a delayed marriage due to Saturn, Mars.
8. Last but not the least, Marriage must be allowed by way of Mahadasha/Antardasha time period. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • Hello, some people also match lagna(first house) of both person. Can you please tell me which lagna is suitable to which lagna?

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