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Update regarding Health & Overall Consultation.

Hi All,

Following are few updates related with Health Consultation & Overall Consultation.

Health Consultation - As many may be aware that through this notification -, I informed that we were facing email access issues from month of March, 2018 and hence I requested to CC my personal email Id in case you are sending any email to me at and It seems that the technical issue is finally resolved as I happened to receive 10-15 emails today at regarding health consultations which were actually sent in March-April month. I apologize for this confusion and delay in response. I replied to all concerned people through my personal Id. Please check your email (inbox & spam folders). Please respond if you still need health consultation then I will be more than happy to help and we will schedule the call.

On a lighter note, let's blame this confusion on Mercury retrograde and shadow period. :)

Overall Consultation - From 1st July, 2018, the fee for Overall Consultation will be 5000 Rs. In case anyone wants to take benefit of Overall Consultation at current price then he/she has May & June Months to apply for same. So, please take benefit before fee is increased in case you feel any such need.

Also, going forward please CC me at in any email you want to send me to avoid such confusion. I again apologize to specially all those people who emailed for health consultation. Please respond to my email sent today in case you still need my help. I will be more than happy to help.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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