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Human Desires & Fake Occultists (Karmic Impact on Astrologer through Astrological Services - Part 2)

Please consider this Article as sequel of my earlier Article "Karmic Impact on Astrologer through Astrological Services" (http://astrosaxena.com/karmicdebt) in which I tried to give my views on the trending topic among Astrologers regarding Karmic Debt an Astrologer incurs through Astrological Services. 

In this article, I want to touch on some other related topics which I see have become very common among many Astrologers. At this point itself, I once again put on record that I don't follow/practice/suggest any Astrological Remedy/Gemstone and I strongly condemn any such activity done by any so-called Astrologer/Baba/Sadhu by which he promises desired results to impressionable minds or by which he promises to save someone from an imaginary calamity. This disclaimer was necessary at the beginning as this whole article will be based on impacting human mind through dubious methods and finding its source reason. 

As always, let’s again break this Article on following points –

1. Moral Policing. 
2. Remedies/Tricks applied by some so-called Astrologers. 
3. Desire Oriented Human Nature. 
4. Law of Demand & Supply. 
5. Onus on Rosy Picture Consultations. 
6. Conclusion. 

Let’s take all the points one after the other – 

1. Moral Policing – As I watch a lot of online videos and read Articles of many trending Astrologers, I noted that there is a growing trend of Moral Policing by some Astrologers against others. Besides talk of what is right/wrong way of consulting people, now there are some videos available online in which people claim to expose other so-called Astrologers. Funniest thing is that expose is done without taking anyone’s name. Few people don’t even come on Camera to expose others. They hide themselves behind the camera and only give their views from behind the camera. Such “Brave Whistle-Blowers”. Then these videos talk about many tricks applied by some so-called Astrologers throughout country to get money from common man in the name of giving them desired result. Again, this exposure is also done without any name or coming in front of Camera, so I don’t know how people will become aware of fraudsters which looks like to be the basic aim of these Videos. With this Article, I just wanted to touch upon this growing tendency of moral policing among Astrologers. 

2. Remedies/Tricks applied by some so-called Astrologers – Anyone, who is in India and interested in Astrology for about couple of years, knows very well the tricks applied by some Astrologers/Babas/Sadhus etc. There is nothing to be exposed in it. It is open secret that how Occult Studies are used by some people for anything but service of Human Life on Earth. Again, I strongly condemn any such Astrologer/Baba/Sadhu who fool people to get even one paisa of their hard-earned money. Sometimes these favours go much beyond Money, and people have lost their homes, relations and even lives because of these fake occultist. On this point, I agree with this video. But my point is that is there any need to expose when it is known fact to all. I don’t think any parent ever want his/her child to become Occultist and that speaks about how much loved is this profession? Then alright, you are doing a great job by exposing these anonymous fake people and creating awareness among public, although anonymously, but here is my second point. There is other side of every coin and a clap always needs 2 hands. Let’s see, what is the other side and whose hand is making it clap?

3. Desire Oriented Human Nature – Basic Human Nature is Desire Oriented. If a common man is alive in this world then it is just because of a hope that his desires will be fulfilled one day. And these desires can be from realistic to unrealistic to unimaginable. There is no limit for desiring things. He can worship Gautama Buddha or Mahavira but the devotion is limited within the four walls of Temple. He doesn’t want to be like Buddha or Mahavira. I remember a story told by Osho Rajneesh in his preaching that a 70+ years old lady came to him and requested to help her in realization of God. Osho told her to leave her home and be at Ashram. Lady replied I will tell you in evening after talking with my son, and then she never returned back. She was 70+ years old with only Death is left to be faced and yet she was unable to let go of her desire to stay with her family for few more days. Such is our desire oriented nature. So, here is the other side of coin and another hand for making the clap. Fake Occultist survive/thrive/prosper only because people have unrealistic/unimaginable desires and they want those desires to be fulfilled anyhow? If someone has a desire to marry a top Super Model of Hollywood and 99 out of 100 people are saying to him that it is not possible but if 1 person is saying that it is possible then Man will listen to this one person as he corresponded with his desires. Now, this man will be ready to do anything which this100th person is saying. So, Occultist has a role but his role comes later. 1st it is unrealistic human desires. If we can be realistic/content about our desires then there is no need to go to even any genuine Astrologer. Then this whole Business of fake Occultists will die on its own. So rather than exposing fake Occultist, it is better to guide people properly and realistically. Fake Occultist role come later. 

4. Law of Demand & Supply – The same point can be understood by way of the Natural Law of Demand & Supply. If there is a demand of anything, then only the supply comes in existence. If fake Occultist is giving some remedy/gems and earning some money, that means people are ready to pay whatever is asked to get their desires fulfilled. Being an Astrologer from last 1 year has given me enough experience with people asking me remedies/gems and I continuously refusing them. It is but natural that after my refusal, they will go to some other Astrologer and get a Gemstrone/Remedy. So, supply is available because Demand is profound. Another reason why this Business of Fake Occultists grows is that someday, something told to someone will fortunately come true. That person and his family/friends will become devotee of this Fake Occultist. Like this, even if 25 out of 100 predictions came out to be true then at least he has 25 Bhakts to do his mouth publicity. Like this, someone became Guru by giving Vibhuti and others became Guru by organising Darbars. But at the base of all this is Human Desire. If we can be realistic about our desires and be content with what God is giving us then there is no need to go around any occultist, fake or even genuine. 

5. Onus on Rosy Picture Consultations – A big onus of the widespread Business of Fake Occultist is on those Astrologers who believe in giving Rosy Picture in their Consultation. And it is funny that only these Astrologers are making these Exposure Videos about other Astrologers. So, what happens when you give a Rosy Picture to any person is that he and his desires reach 7th sky and then he tries to accomplish those desires. Then when those desires/ambitions are not achieved then he goes to another Astrologer and then the Business of Money Making begins. That’s why, I am always in favour of showing the mirror whenever it is necessary. Person should not have false hopes of anything in life. Every person has his limitations. Sachin Tendulkar can’t write Poems and Javed Akhtar can’t hit Sixes. One should be made aware of the realities/practicalities of life and then achieve his ambitions within those realities. 

6. Conclusion – Good/Bad or Genuine/Fake people will always be there in every field, as we all have parallel Existence in this Universe. All you need is an eye to catch who is Genuine and who is Fake? The best test to know if an Occultist is fake/genuine is that if anyone looks at your chart and starts talking about worships/remedies/gemstones then he is not a genuine person. Worship should be done to Thank God and not to receive anything from God. Then it is a Business/Bargain with God. Remedies/Gemstones only satisfy Human Ego as it gives a feeling that I have done this remedy or wore that Gem, now planets have to give results as per my wishes. This mindset shows that you can control planet’s energy by paying some money. If that is true then what’s the big deal. Wear 9 gems for 9 planets. Then your life should be all good. No Pain, No Suffering. Only Fun and Enjoyment. Right? So, real responsibility on us is not to expose anyone but to guide people about being realistic/practical in life and not to run after their unimaginable desires. 

Hope this clarifies my views. Please let me know if there is any doubt/query. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer. 

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