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Now on the cards is Jupiter.

Nothing is enough to be said about Jupiter. In one sentence, it is said that a well positioned Jupiter is enough for a person to live through a decent life, no matter where other planets are placed and reasons are as follows -

1. Jupiter is the Divine Teacher. He is Teacher of all Gods. So, he comes in our life with all the knowledge and wisdom of the world.

2. Jupiter is the law maker. 

3. Jupiter represents Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Knowledge and Righteous Path of Life.

4. Jupiter represents Positivity, Optimism, Hope and Fortune.

5. Jupiter represents Husband for a girl and significator of Children.

6. Jupiter is the main significator of Wealth.

7. People with auspicious Jupiter in horoscope thinks about larger goals of life like looking at the purpose of life for which they have taken birth.

8. Jupiter makes a person very religious and spiritual.

9. With all these good things, Jupiter is attached with one kind of negative thing, i.e. Obesity. As it is the biggest planet and most expansive one, it expands the individual also in its time period and makes the person fat .

Nature - When Jupiter is representing all the auspicious things in life then it would obviously be the most benefic planet.

Maturity Age - Maturity Age of Jupiter is 16 years.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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