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Gandmool Nakshatra

This is one of those many feared-one concepts of Vedic Astrology which needs to be understood in detail. One thing to seriously understand about any astrological concept is that one planet or one position in chart can't rule over the whole chart. It means that if you have one planet negatively placed anywhere, which I am sure that even Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg would have in their chart, it doesn't take away the good impact of other planetary placements. One rule to always remember in Astrology is that "Everything is in Addition. Nothing Cancels Anything". It means that every good/bad placement is in addition to other planetary placements and at right time/dasha/transits, all planetary placements will have their say. That's how, after living up to mid-life, we realize that we have been impacted by every planet of our chart.

Another thing is that if a planetary placement is giving some good/bad indications as results then those indications would also be shown through other planetary placement. Basically, nothing-absolutely nothing can happen out of one planetary placement.

So, with this prelude, let's understand this much-feared concept of Astrology named Gandmool Nakshatra.

As we know, in Vedic Astrology, we have total of 27 nakshatras. There is one invisible nakshatra Abhijeet too which falls in Capricorn but here we are talking about 27 visible ones. All 27 nakshatras are ruled by one planet each. As we have 9 planets for consideration under Vedic System, it means that every planet rules over 3 nakshatras.

Like this, 6 nakshatras in total are ruled by Mercury & Ketu (3 each). These are, Ashwini, Magha & Moola ruled by Ketu and Ashlesha, Jyeshtha & Revati ruled by Mercury. These 6 nakshatras are known as Gandmool Nakshatras and common myth is that if a child is born with Moon in any of these nakshatras, he/she may be a burden on Mother or Mother's family.

But as always, things go little deeper in Astrology -

Ashwini Nakshatra - As Ashwini is 1st nakshatra of Zodiac, representing the beginning of life, Moon in this nakshatra actually shows some past-life pending karma which individual may have just completed and came in this life. So, those past-life issues impact the mindset of person as Moon represents the mind. So, in a way, this nakshatra helps you to payback your past life karma.

Magha Nakshatra - As Magha represents Royal Throne and Authority, it shows some karmic issues with people in authority. With Ketu ruled nakshatras, past life karma will be a common theme. Now, here authority also means someone in authority in family, like Father or Mother.

Moola Nakshatra - As Moola Nakshatra represents transformations and going through a destruction, it shows that Moon that person himself or his parents will go through transformative conditions in life which will disturb the mental peace. Actually, this also shows that person will find peace of mind only after he goes through process of transformation in life.

Ashlesha Nakshatra - This Nakshatra is part of Cancer and represented by Entwiner. So, a person having Moon in Ashlesha means that he is emotionally confused or attached with things. At times, it also makes a very cunning selfish mind and hence they learn their lessons when their cunning and selfish ways don't work.

Jyeshtha Nakshatra - This Nakshatra literally means the elder one. So, when person is born with Moon in this nakshatra, mind is filled with Egoistic Thoughts. Hence, they will payback their karma when they learn to let go of their ego and be humble. Life will take them into situations where ego will be crushed.

Revati Nakshatra - Out of the all, I feel it is the least problematic nakshatra. It is just that person's mind remains in other world and imaginations. They somehow refuse to come to the realities of the world. At the same time, it can give a highly imaginative, creative and spiritual mind, which can make person very creative in his endeavors.

As we can see that it is not a blanket result that if you are born with Moon in any of these nakshatras then your Mother or Mother side relatives are doomed. As I said, those results can also be seen but other planetary placements and dashas have to be there. Only Moon in one nakshatra is not going to make any serious impact on its own. Also, let's take an example of a guy who has 5 Nieces and Nephews. If somehow 3 of them have Moon in Gandmool Nakshatras, then is he supposed to see their charts in addition to his own to know his future? So, if he is supposed to see any good/bad results in his life then his own chart would also show it. There is no point in blaming a just born child for your own life.

Also, the way we can make good use of any planet in any position is to transform ourselves according to that sign and nakshatra in which the planet is sitting. For ex - If Moon is in Moola Nakshatra in Sagittarius then treat Sagittarius as a pot, Moola as the soil and planet as a plant. Now, more you care for pot and soil, better plant will go. So, more this person gets involved in higher learning (Sagittarius), mystical stuff (Ketu) and allows/accepts the transformative circumstances in life, the more he will have peace of mind in life.

Last but not the least. If a planet, nakshatra or sign shows some kind of bad indications then it only means that this part of life has maximum scope of improving. Like, if something is impure then it has highest scope of purification. Look at Gandmool Nakshatra or any other negative/malefic placement in your chart like this. That planetary placement is just providing you the opportunity and calling you to improve yourself. 

PS - They also do some remedial worships for Gandmool Nakshatra. As I feel, Worship should only be done to thank God for everything that is done without even asking. It should never be in bargain to receive anything. 

Hope this helps.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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