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Foreign Travels

Foreign Travels seen through Astrology :

So, in Astrology there are various ways by which we can see if someone is going to travel or even settle in the foreign lands. For Astrological reasons, ForeignTravels means going beyond 2000 miles away from your birthplace. As means of travelling have improved in present day and age, these planetary positions are more relevant now. So, here are the rules :

1. Position of Ascendant Lord - First of all the planet which controls your First House/Ascendant (like for Aries Ascendant, it is Mars. For Cancer Ascendant, it is Moon), look at the position of that planet. Further it is from Ascendant, more possibility it is for you to go away from your birth place (Ascendant). If Ascendant Lord is placed in 12th house (isolated places/foreign lands), then it is a sure case of foreign settlement (Sonia Gandhi's Horoscope). Actually, this person will get any success in life only when he moves to foreign lands. Ascendant Lord in 7th house also makes a person reach foreign lands as 7th house is 4th from 4th house (home). So, if we start counting from 4th house and reach 7th house, then there are 4 houses in between (4, 5, 6 and 7), so it is 4th from the 4th house, which means home away from home. So, in this case, person goes away from his homeland.

2. Ketu in 2nd/4th house - Ketu represents isolation/separation, 2nd house represents family and 4th house represents home/homeland. So, when Ketu is placed in 2nd house or 4th house, it separates the person from his family/home or homeland and sends him to foreign lands.

3. Ascendant Lord in 9th house - Ascendant recognizes Self and 9th house represents Long Distance Travels. When Ascendant Lord is placed in 9th house, it means you are going to Long Distance Travels through out your life (Ex. Sachin Tendulkar).

4. Lord of 2nd house in 9th house - 2nd house represents family and family lineage. 9th house is again Long Distance Travels and also represents people of different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. When lord of 2nd house is placed in 9th house, it means the person will leave his family lineage and go to a distant place to live with people of different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. (Ex. Vishal Saxena smile emoticon ).

5. Lord of 2nd house in 12th house - 2nd house represents family and family lineage and 12th house represents Foreign Lands. When lord of 2nd house is placed in 12th house, it means the person will leave his family lineage and go to foreign lands.

As always, all these results will be felt in Mahadasha/Antardasha of planets involved. 

Hope it helps. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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20 Comments on this post

  • SR - you should look for foreign settlement.

  • Sir my 1st lord is in my 4th house in cancer, 2nd lord in 4th house and 4th lord in 2nd house. Can this indicate foreign travels

  • P - they can bring benefits from foreign lands, if they are in good dignity.

  • Does benefics in 12th house protect it ? Is same is case with functional benefics of particular chart in 12th house?

  • Tb - yes, it can bring opportunities.

  • Sir my 9th lord Jupiter is in 12th house and rahu is in the 5th house in leo. Will I get opportunity to study in foreign. I am in my rahu mahadasha as well.

  • Tp - it depends on planets involved, their dignity and dashas,

  • Sir my ascendant lord and 2nd house lord are in conjunction in the 4th house. What does this mean. Does this mean I will always stay near to my home and family

  • @ Sridhar - yes , it can be.

  • Hi Sir Nice article.....so if 2nd house lord,10th house lord,rahu and 7th house lord in 12th house, Saturn in 4th house all these in Scorpio ascendant so any foreign settlement/travel expected under Rahu dasha?

  • @ MS - please apply for consultation.

  • Hello Sir Very nice app for astrology Learners. Is there any foreign settlement yoga in my horoscope? 23/08/1982 09:17am Amritsar Punjab

  • @Chandru - please apply for specific consultation.

  • Dear friend any chance to settle in forighn country with family please analyze my chart and let me know 21/7/1976 07.06 pm Kandy, srilanka (myself) 04/1/1981 11.32 am Chilaw, srilanka (wife) 26/5/2013 03.24 pm Chilaw, srilanka (son)

  • @ lokesh - yes we can say so.

  • 12th house lord mahadasha is running then we can say foreign travelling??

  • @ Kavita - Yes.

  • if 4th house lord is in 12th then also chances of foreign because home lord in 12th right?

  • @ Divyesh - chart analysis is needed. its hard to tell like this.

  • 4th lord in 12th house & also Saturn in 12th house ascendant lord in 6th house

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