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FB Posts on Gemini/Taurus Ascendant, Venus Retro, Degree, Jupiter Transit, Jupiter-Ketu, Saturn-Ketu

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 1st Oct, 2018 

1. Mars represents person's movements. So, if Mars is in good dignity in chart then person may get into accidents or injuries of any nature but they will never be so serious to stop movement of person. Person will remain on his own and will be moving around for most of his life.

2. Normally, we look for 12th house/12th house lord (Left Eye) and 2nd house/2nd house lord (Right Eye) to judge someone's eyesight.

Along with these two, we need to see the strength of Sun-Moon as they are luminaries and brighten our life path.

Last but not the least, please check the strength of Mars. Mars is representation of Fire Element. Every element represents one of the sense organs and sense organ attached with Fire Element is Sight as Fire has Colors and we need sight to see colors.

So, 12th house/12th house lord (Left Eye), 2nd house/2nd house lord (Right Eye), Sun, Moon and Mars need to be checked to see someone's eye sight.

3. The Gemini Ascendant.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Gemini/Mercury have similar nature. It is tough to write down what all things Gemini represents because it represents almost everything under the sky. That's why, a Gemini person can have so many hobbies and interests that in the end they only confuse themselves as to what to do and what to leave. They can be interested in contrasting life paths and many a times they can handle many works together. It is because of dual nature of Gemini sign. Also, as it is sign of skills, business and communication, it is best for them to follow a life path of business or their creative skills. They can have information about many different areas and many a times they can be chatterboxes.

2nd house has Cancer sign and their wealth can come through taking care of others. As Gemini is sign of Communication, it shows that they can be good at teaching or counselling others. Also, they seek a caring family environment in their early childhood. As Cancer is ruled by Moon and it represents emotions, they can be emotionally attached with their family.

3rd house has Leo sign which again shows that their actions/efforts should go into the field of creativity. They should follow their creative interests and hobbies as business. That's where they will find the best authority. As it is ruled by Sun, people can feel that they are harsh in their speech and it can lead to ego clashes with others. Still, their authority and recognition is coming through their own business.

4th house has Virgo sign and their mother can be very perfectionist type of. Like, she may not tolerate even a slight mistake from children in childhood. Their home environment can also be very perfect, like whichever thing is at a certain place, it should remain there. Even a slight movement is not allowed. They can be very good at editing related work.

5th house has Libra sign and it again links their business with their creativity. It also shows that they like to have a balanced relation with their love interests and children but somehow striking the balance in any relation is toughest job. So, they find hard time connecting with their children or love interests. At the same time, they can be very creative and can have many hobbies and interests.

6th house has Scorpio sign and it means that their daily work life can go through a major transformation. Like, they can be doing X work in initial life and then they can switch to Y work in later life. It also shows that their work can involve lots of research activities. They can have some very rare illnesses or they can be accident prone.

7th house has Sagittarius sign and comes again the 1st house/7th house axis problems. They are ruled by Mercury and partner they attract are more Jupiterian by nature. Due to enmity between Mercury/Jupiter, they find a disconnect with their partner after some time. The most common issue seen in their relationship life is that their partner is not paying attention to them. Partner can be from different culture and community. As Gemini is sign of communication, communication is the main foundation of their relation. If they can't communicate to their partner effectively then relation may not work for long time.

8th house has Capricorn sign and they can have troubles with their in-laws. They can get very limited inheritance. At the same time, Saturn also rules their 9th house of higher education and it links their education with research oriented subjects. They can be very much interested in secret matters. A long distance travel can bring lots of changes in life. Likewise, a teacher or Guru can bring changes in life. At the same time, due to lordship of Saturn, things of 8th house and 9th house won't come easy to them which means that they need to put their best efforts over the longest period of time to get any results from these two houses.

10th house has Pisces sign and it shows that their best career can be in education or knowledge based fields. Their father can be very spiritual and they can be very imaginative about their career. Like, they may not set the realistic or practical targets in career to achieve their goals. They can have feeling that their career will prosper on its own with time.

11th house has Aries sign and it shows that through their entrepreneurship they will realize their uniqueness or individuality. They can have dominance struggle with their elder sibling. Their best income can come by working on their own. They can be seen as dominating person within their circle of friends.

12th house has Taurus sign and their best wealth can come from either foreign lands or spiritual activities. They will feel secured when they leave their home land. They can be very charitable and with time, same charity comes back to them as wealth.

Now, house-lord wise (Sun, Moon and Saturn covered),

Mercury - It links 1st house with 4th house and their mother can be an important person in their life, either for good reasons or bad reasons. They can be attached with their home too and they can be working from home based business etc. It shows a very communicative home environment or communicative relation with mother or at least desire of these things.

Venus - It links their happiness with foreign lands or imagination with creativity. It shows that they can find more happiness in foreign lands and can be very creative. It also shows that they can go to foreign lands for their education or creative pursuits. Their first child can also travel to foreign lands.

Mars - It links their daily work life with entrepreneurship. It means that they are better to work in their own work and that will bring their best income. It again links conflicts with their elder sibling. It also shows that conflicts, disputes & diseases can bring them gains which links their career with law, medical and insurance.

Jupiter - It links their career with other people and masses. It shows that they are supposed to be in knowledge based business. It also shows that their partner can be from same career or their father can select their spouse. Or their spouse can be like their father. Also, they can be in business with their spouse.

Again, planetary positions, dignity and dashas can change results.

Taurus ascendant left.

Venus is about to retrograde and we are again entering the phase where we have to go internally with our relationship issues. Projecting on partner can bring conflicts and break-up. Time of silence and reflect on your relationship internally. Next few posts will again be on relationship and how to deal with these times.

Post on 3rd Oct, 2018 

The Final One - The Taurus Ascendant.

It is funny that this series was accidentally started with a Venus ruled sign Libra and now it is finishing with another Venus ruled sign Taurus.

As Taurus is the 2nd sign of zodiac, it represents the energy of 2nd house of Wealth. So, when Taurus becomes ascendant, these people are normally seen as wealthy and rich people. There can be few exceptions of course but generally they are wealthy people. They are also good with any work related with wealth and finance. As Venus rules ascendant, they can be very good looking and beautiful. As Taurus remains sign of securities, they like to live a very secured life path. They may not like to take much risks in life. This is their lesson in life that nothing is secured, safe or permanent in life and hoarding things may not help you every time.

2nd house has Gemini sign and they may like to have a good communicative environment in family. Also their best wealth can come through business related with communications and teaching/counselling others. They can have more than one sources of wealth due to dual nature of Gemini.

3rd house has Cancer sign and when they speak, they speak with lots of emotions and intents. As it is sign of taking care an helping people, their efforts can go into the field of teaching and medicines etc. It also shows that they are emotionally connected with their younger siblings and nourish them like a Mother. As Cancer is ruled by Moon, they can be emotionally attached with their interests and skills too.

4th house has Leo sign and their Mother can be authoritative by nature. There can be ego clashes with Mother. Mother can also take the role of Father as Leo is ruled by Sun. Mother remains the central figure at home. It also shows that their best authority comes while working from home.

5th house has Virgo sign and they can take education in matters of conflicts, health care or analytical subjects. They can be very good with stocks, shares and accounts related things. They can be very perfectionist type of while dealing with their 1st child or love interests. They need to learn not to fault-find in relations to make it work. They seek a perfect love story which is not there.

6th house has Libra sign and their daily work life can be of business and dealing with other people. It also shows a possible career in Law as Libra is sign of Justice and 6th house is house of disputes and conflicts. It also shows that they can have Venus related diseases most of the times, like Sugar, Urine or Kidney related. They are advised to stay away from Alcohol as it can impact them quicker than others. Not that I am advising others to consume Alcohol anyways.

7th house has Scorpio sign and their partners teach them the lesson of insecurity, inconsistencies and ups & downs. They attract a partner who brings instability in life. They have lots of ups and downs in relationship matters. They may go through many break-ups. Their partner can even be dominating person. Many a times it leads to abusive relations. Likewise, their business can have its share of ups and downs if done in partnership. It is advised to do it alone on your own.

8th house has Sagittarius sign and they can have natural inclination towards higher education of occult or research related subjects. It also shows their willingness to serve people through their knowledge. One more field where they can have interest is human psychology. It also shows that their belief system can go through a major change where they can follow different religion or values at different times.

Saturn rules their 9th house and 10th house which links their career or work with matters of higher education, teaching, guiding and interacting with different cultural people. As Saturn represents Law, it again indicates towards career in law. But as it is Saturn, they may have to work really hard in their education and career. They may have to repeat some classes. They can see results or benefits only after mid-30s. They have to be very patient in matters of career. Also, their belief system gets developed with delay. In early life, they can be challenging their teachers, gurus or religions. Later they find their own way. So, it is all about patience, delay, hard work and perseverance again.

11th house has Pisces sign and they can serve humanity through their imagination, creativity and spirituality. They can be member or founder of some spiritual organization. They can treat their elder sibling as their teacher. They can have huge networking circle as Jupiter rules it. Again, it indicates great gains.

12th house has Aries sign and they can have very individualistic or unique spiritual views. They can be very dominating about their spiritual views. Their spirituality make them realize their uniqueness. Foreign Lands can also make them realize their uniqueness.

Now, house-lord wise (Saturn, Sun and Moon already covered) -

Venus rules 1st house and 6th house. They can be normally seen in service of others. They have special love towards animals. Normally, serving others who are under-privileged can be their life path. They can also be working in finance related field.

Mercury rules their 2nd house and 5th house. It shows the link between their wealth and education. They can earn a lot through any education or knowledge based business where they are supposed to teach and counsel people. Again, financial business, stocks and shares can be good source of wealth.

Mars rules 7th house and 12th house. It shows that their business or spouse can have some foreign connection. At the same time, as 12th house is house of losses, it shows that they feel that time they invest in their partner is gone in loss. They usually feel lost in relationship. Because of Mars ruler-ship, they can have dominance struggle in relationship.

Jupiter rules 8th house and 11th house. They can gain through serving people by their knowledge and wisdom. It links inconsistencies to their income and gains. They can be very rich one day and poor next day. They can gain from sudden events and inheritance too.

Planetary position, dignity and dasha can change results.

Series is done, which I never planned to write. 


Post on 4th Oct, 2018 

One of the purpose served through posts on ascendants is that we become aware that we are not only one zodiac sign like X ascendant or Y Moon sign or Z Sun Sign. We are all 12 signs.

We deal with one area of our life by the parameters given by one sign. Like I am Scorpio when I deal with matters of 1st house but I become Leo when I deal with matters of authorities as Leo falls in 10th house. Hence, I don't like anyone ruling over me in matters of career or work. But when it comes to matters of 5th house, I become an imaginative Piscean.

Likewise, we all are all zodiac signs. A Cancer ascendant deals with 5th house matters in Scorpio style but a Taurus ascendant deals with same 5th house in Virgo style.

For a Scorpio ascendant, the whole world or humanity is his home as Aquarius falls into 4th house but for a Aries ascendant, it can be more attachment towards their home or home land only.

This also proves that it is wrong to say that this sign is bad or that sign is negative because every sign is part of your chart. Like, there are lots of things said about Scorpio and Aquarius signs as to how these two ascendant people are here in this life to pay their backlogs in karma. Well, then that Scorpio and Aquarius is also part of every chart somewhere. That means we all are here to pay back something or the other to people in our lives. Basically, if we are here in this life then we have something to pay to each other anyhow. No matter what is your ascendant. Else there is no need to take birth itself.

So, we all are Aries and we all are Libra, we all are Gemini and we all are Sagittarius. The difference is only which area of life gets impacted by which sign. That's where the whole difference takes place.


Post on 5th Oct, 2018 

So, Venus Retrograde from tomorrow for next 40 days. Period of 40 days of Penance has its importance in many religions. Venus represents our luxuries & convenient life and Penance is a concept of living an inconvenient life. The Life of Austerity. As I see, Venus Retrograde would be having some connection with this 40 days time period of penance or austerity from ancient times.

Anyways, important thing about this Venus retrograde is that it is being retrograde in the sign of Libra ruled by Venus only. Venus and Libra both represent Relationship. Libra also represents Balance. Retrograde is always about reflecting back. So, we are entering a time period of next 40 days when we will be reflecting back on relationship matters and re-assess if we are in a balanced relationship or not. Now, it is not about adjusting, accommodating or being flexible in relationship. It is about seeing if you are getting enough in return of what you are doing in relation. It is about striking the balance now.

Also, as it is all about relationship, we can say that it is all about anti-ego now as ego and relationship can't co-exist. Venus retro time normally brings break-up and divorce but it happens where one or both persons in relationship are unable to let-go of their individualistic ego. So, here you may need to choose as to what is more important for you, Ego or Relationship? Not a good time for Ego.

As always, I think every retrograde or debilitated transit of planet can be better handled when we go within ourselves. If you try to project your frustration in relationship to your partner then you are here for a tough time. But if you just go internally to reflect on your frustration then you may realize your own mistakes in your relationship and things may be resolved. Even if you are going through a rough time in relationship then also reflect back at all mistakes you did while getting into such relationship and learn from those mistakes to not to repeat them again in future relation. This is the way any retrograde time can be utilized in a better way.

If you just start projecting things on partner then he/she may also have lots to project and things may go horrible. But I agree that even this reflection or introspection is needed from both the sides. Only one person in relationship can't be expected to introspect every time.

See, I am speaking about balanced introspection for relationship matters. So, it is all about striking the balance in relation where mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual love can exist.

They also say that ex-lovers return in life during Venus Retro. They may but reunion or resumption of relationship depends on overall chart, dashas and transits. Likewise, they say not to start a new relationship during Venus retrograde time. Well, as if it is in our hands when to start and when not to start?


Post on 6th Oct, 2018 

So, a common question is asked as to whether a planet in very early degrees (0-5 degrees) or in very late degrees (25-30 degrees) is considered as weak?

So, here is the response. Collect the exact exaltation degrees of all planets.

Sun @ 10 degree Aries. Moon @ 3 degree Taurus. Mars @ 28 degree Capricorn. Mercury @ 15 degree Virgo. Jupiter @ 5 degree Cancer. Venus @ 27 degree Pisces. Saturn @ 20 degree Libra.

These are the exact degree points where planets reach their maximum possible strength. So, if very early degrees (0-5 degrees) or very late degrees (25-30 degrees) are actually making a planet weak then Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Venus won't have got their maximum exaltation point in these degrees. These are the points where they are strongest.

This shows that concept of weakness or strength as per degree is not the correct way to go. As per my little experience, the strength or weakness of planets are always dependent on their sign based dignity, conjunctions, yogas and the age/maturity of person.

FB Live tomorrow in evening at 5 pm IST on Ketu MD. A small thing to remember about Ketu dasha is that people say it is very hard to go through. It is hard to go through if you follow the basic human nature of possessiveness and holding on to things. Ketu is basically Separation because Ketu itself was separated from Rahu. So, the best way to deal with Ketu’s MD is to be in the state of let go. If you try to be possessive and hold on to things or people, then it can be painful MD. IIf you flow with the change then fine. Also, Meditation is best remedy for Ketu.


Post on 9th Oct, 2018 

Tomorrow is final day of Jupiter in Libra as per sidereal zodiac. After giving us great relationship lessons and teaching us the art of being in a balanced relationship where both parties have their equal say, the great Teacher is now moving in Scorpio, a sign of secrets.

So, rest assured that some secrets are about to be revealed at world level and personal level both. Now, we will be in an year where Jupiter-Saturn joint impact wont be there but it will be replaced by Rahu-Jupiter joint impact till March, 2019. Also, from March, 2019 Saturn-Ketu will come together for about one year which will create a troublesome combination. We will discuss it at that time.

Right now, focus needs to be on Jupiter which can bring major changes in next one year. It is mostly because Saturn, the planet of major changes in life, is going through Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter itself is about to enter in the sign of major changes Scorpio. So expect 2019 to bring big changes in your life.

These changes will be especially seen in houses where water signs fall in to your chart as Rahu-Jupiter would jointly impact these houses from their respective positions in Cancer and Scorpio. Also, wherever Taurus falls into your chart, that house will see a major change in next 1 year time. The article on Prediction on India will give you an idea about the reason.

A common question about this Jupiter transit in Scorpio or any other major transit is when we can expect to see the results of the transit? Like Jupiter is transiting tomorrow to Scorpio, now when to expect the results to come?

1st of all, every planet is always giving results. It cannot happen that any planet is moving around in sky and not giving results. But it is matter of when we are going to feel the results?

So again, it is about Moon as it is about Mind feeling the results.

So, Jupiter is turning into Scorpio tomorrow around noon time IST and day after tomorrow in morning time IST Moon will enter in Scorpio and will cross over Jupiter in Scorpio. Hence, mind will start receiving the results of Jupiter in Scorpio. So in this case, it is only a matter of one day. But suppose Moon had been in Capricorn then we would have to wait for about 20 days when Moon enters in Scorpio and transits over Jupiter there.

It is for every transit that we start feeling the results of a transit when Moon transits over the planet transitioned in a particular sign. As Moon is Mind, it is like mind starts getting access of the results or experiences of that planet. Understand the transit of planet in a sign is like a 3-pin you plugged in and Moon transit over the same planet is like you switched it on and current starts flowing.

Now, let's learn the Jupiter's wisdom through changes in life. - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jupscorp2018 , https://www.astrosaxena.com/raju201819,

 https://www.astrosaxena.com/India2 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/ljijs

Post on 13th Oct, 2018

The Jupiter-Ketu Conjunction.

After Rahu-Saturn and Rahu-Jupiter conjunction, this is another conjunction which people wanted to know about. This conjunction takes place after every about 7 or 7.5 years. It can be seen in the charts of people born around 1983, 1990, 1997 and 2004 etc...Among these, best Jupiter-Ketu conjunction took place in 1990 when it was in Cancer where Jupiter was exalted.

So, let's try to understand it.

Common theme around Jupiter and Ketu is Spirituality and Spiritual Pursuits. So, common trait seen in these people is that they can be very spiritual but here is the problem. Normally, we see only Rahu-Jupiter as Guru Chandal Yoga but as I see, Jupiter-Ketu should also be seen as Guru Chandal Yoga for following reasons -

1. If Jupiter is conjunct Ketu then Jupiter-Rahu are aspecting each other which is normal requirement for Guru Chandal Yoga.

2. Then as I said in last live session, Ketu splits things. Hence, Ketu sitting with Jupiter gives a split view about religion, spirituality and God. They can have their own opinions on all these things. Their views can be highly controversial and out of box. Hence, it creates similar situation and results as of Rahu-Jupiter conjunction.

Now coming to results, in conjunctions like these the importance of concept of Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jkakincreases which says that any planet in any dignity will at least give the result of its non-living significance. Problems will come in getting results of living significance.

As I said, Jupiter-Ketu both represent Spirituality. So, this conjunction can give best results in fields like knowledge, wisdom, education, religion, spirituality and meditation. Person will have great capacity to research in these areas and gain knowledge.

But when it comes to getting results of living significance of Jupiter like Husband, Family and Children, Ketu can come into role of isolating/separating factor. It can be physical or mental separation. So, this conjunction can give troubles in connecting in family life but it can be excellent in spiritual or knowledge advancement of person. They can be learned and spiritual people.

Actually, not only in this conjunction but almost everywhere the concept of Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka is a great help in determining the career of person because a conjunction can be looking very troublesome in chart for family life but it can still be helpful in Career matters.

Now, the generic query asked about the reason behind this concept. Like why a planet only helps in non-living significance and not in living significance? Because a book, a table, a chair, your shop, your work place, your money in pocket or your career/business doesn't have its own chart. But a living person like your spouse or children or love interest have their own chart and they will behave as per their own chart and if energies between your chart and their chart is not getting aligned then there will be frictions. Hence, every planet somehow gives results of non-living significance but living significance may get hurt.


Post on 15th Oct, 2018 

Introduction to Planets through Nakshatras Series.

I will write a detailed article on how I would like to go through this new series, but for now here is the small introduction.

So, lots of importance is given to planetary positions in nakshatras and no doubt that this importance is correct. Nakshatras help us in understanding chart or a planetary position in depth and predictions can be very precise if we have good understanding of nakshatras.

But the common mistake we make is when we talk about planet through houses, we tend to forget the signs. Then when we talk about planet through signs, we tend to forget about houses. Likewise, when we come into nakshatras, we tend to forget the sign or house in which planet can be. As everything is in addition and we get accumulated results, we have to keep an eye on all the things like planet's nature, nakshatra's nature and sign's representation. We can't leave anything here. For ex - If Sun is in Vishakha Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, then we can't say that Sun is in friendly planet's nakshatra, hence it is all fine. We have to remind ourselves that if Sun is still in Libra portion of Vishakha then Sun is debilitated and can bring weak results in matters of working under other's authority.

So, this is how I intend to cover this series (any further suggestion is most welcome) -

Sign - Sign is the one which is holding the nakshatras within it. So, we have to keep in mind the sign and the sign lord involved. The representation and energy of sign will remain the guiding factor.

Nakshatra - Then we go deep and precise into nakshatra as to what all things nakshatras represent. As we have seen in Nakshatra series - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Nax that every nakshatra holds a lot of significance. We have also seen that how every nakshatra gets aligned with the energy of the sign it is coming under. So, there is never a conflict between sign and nakshatra. Also, we have to keep in mind the nakshatra lord.

Planet - Then comes the planet which is dealing with these 2 energies of sign & nakshatra and trying to guide us about how we can make good use of this planetary position.

They say that sign is like a flower pot, nakshatra is like soil inside it and the planet is like the plant in that pot & soil. The stronger the pot and the better the soil, greater will be the growth of plant. Likewise, if sign lord and nakshatra lord are strong, then planet will have good growth. Another reason why we can't neglect signs altogether while talking about nakshatras. It also means that planet will have best growth when we deal with things related with sign and nakshatra it is in.

One curiosity remains with nakshatra is how to interpret Padas? There are 4 Padas of a nakshastra. These are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. As I see, there is lots of confusion around them but as I understand, it should not be there. It is because these are also 4 categories of houses we have, i.e. Dharma Houses, Artha Houses, Kama Houses and Moksha Houses. So, just take the logic of these houses and apply in planetary position in a particular nakshatra/pada.

Like, Dharma houses make us follow the righteous/dharmic path in life. So, a planet in pada 1 can help usin following the righteous path.

Artha houses make us gravitate towards some purpose in life. So, a planet in pada 2 can help us in following some purpose.

Kama houses make us gravitate towards some desires in life. So, a planet in pada 3 can help us in attaining some desires.

Moksha houses make us gravitate towards spiritual attainments. So, a planet in pada 4 can help us in attaining our spiritual path.

So, let's begin with this series from tomorrow with an introductory article. Only one thing we need to keep in mind that as we are going deep, we should not forget the basic principles. Planet in a particular nakshatra will give its results but it won't change the dignity or strength of the planet which is more sign based. Everything remains in addition.



Post on 17th Oct, 2018

The Saturn-Ketu Conjunction.

Along with Rahu-Saturn conjunction, this is another conjunction which can be really troublesome. I think it can be more troublesome then Rahu-Saturn conjunction because Rahu still gravitates you towards achieving things related to the house where Rahu-Saturn are placed but as Saturn represents restriction and Ketu represents separation, in Saturn-Ketu conjunction, person may be totally separated from the idea of achieving things related to the house where it is falling.

Like, if someone has it in 4th house of home, home land or mother then it is good enough reason for him to move to foreign lands or at least faraway from his home town. Person can have almost no relation with mother. So, it is like those things are completely cut-off from life. If this conjunction is falling in relationship oriented houses then it can give really toxic relations. After initial experience, person may not even be interested in dealing with those matters again in life.

In matters of Career, person may not have his right sense of duty and responsibility in life. It is because Ketu is headless and Saturn is duties & responsibilities of life. So, they can be headless about the field of work where they should be working. They can be working really hard without much reward as they may not have senses to know that they are at wrong place of work. Also, whichever house Saturn rules, they can be completely separated from taking up responsibility of that house. Like, if Saturn rules 5th house, they can be totally disinterested towards responsibilities of children because of Ketu's separating impact on Saturn. Even otherwise, they can be seen as rule breaker as Saturn represents Law and Ketu makes them separated from the ideal of following Law.

I am normally asked about any difficult planetary placement as to how to deal with it or handle it in a better way. The person is obviously asking about some remedies or gemstones but my response is always of being aware of situation. If you are going on a path and saw a pothole then would you still jump into pothole or see another way to go through? So, if you are aware that Saturn-Ketu or any other troublesome planetary placement is creating trouble in your life then you can handle that energy a little better. You can avoid or ignore those circumstances which normally cause the troubles for someone who is unaware of these problematic planetary positions.

This is where Moon's position and Meditation again becomes the most important as awareness and receptivity of counselling depends on person's Moon position.



Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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