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So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 2nd May, 2019 

One of the most common but toughest challenge I face during Career Consultation is to convince or motivate someone for doing his own business rather than working in job-setup. The reasons given by people for not being able to do the same are common and repetitive. So, I just thought of writing about it in a post and referring to this post whenever someone again raises the same concerns to me.

1. Conditioning - I think the first and most important factor for someone to avoid business as a career option is our conditioning from childhood. Since our school days, this insecure society plays the most cruel game on children by making them insecure. The continuous message which we get from society, teachers, parents and peers (barring few exceptions) is that "how will you survive if you don't have a job"? We are told from childhood that if you have a job then you are independent. Sorry to say but it is the biggest lie. If you are in job then you are dependent on your employer. You are never independent in a job setup. Now, if you are listening to the same things again and again for 25-30 years then now at 30 years, it is very difficult to uncondition yourself. But it is difficult not impossible. If mind can be conditioned then it can be unconditioned too with proper counselling, life circumstances and examples of other people.

Also, if parents really love their child and want them to live an independent life then they can do reverse-conditioning of next generation by telling children that survival is in God's hands and all they need to choose is a career which gives them happiness and satisfaction. Money is natural outcome of any work. I always say that there is no work in world which doesn't pay you money if you are doing it with quality. So, keep your options open and don't ever think that losing your job = losing your life.

2. Fixed Income - As I see, the biggest hurdle in going towards business from job setup is this. Fixed Salary credited at the end of the month become the biggest psychological block. Again, society has given us a compartmentalized life where around the age of mid-30s we have a few EMIs, Premiums and monthly bills to pay. In that situation, fixed monthly salary looks like a big support or relief. I agree, as I have also come out from that type of psychological block. But it is a negative way of thinking. If your income is not fixed then it means that it can be more than your monthly salary also (telling from my own experience  ). In business, we can earn as much as we work but in job we earn only up to the limits decided by employer. One of the benefits of business is that once your business has sustained initial one or two years then it is bound to grow and you are bound to earn more than your job salary.

3. No Experience - One of the reason/excuses given by people for not going into business is that they don't have any business experience or business mindset. Well, then ask yourself if you were born with job-setup experience or mindset of working under others? We all learn something by doing it. You learnt working in jobs after actually entering in a job. We learn any sport or anything in life by doing it. So, you will get business experience also by doing business and when you interact with people daily through business then mindset automatically develops.

4. No Family History - Then people like to say that none in their family ever did any business, so they can't do it. Well, none in my whole family lineage tried to read their own chart but still I am doing it on daily basis. And if it is really so that we can do only those things which our parents or grandparents did then I don't think generation of our grandparents ever used Facebook, Twitter, Email or Internet itself. Can we even dream of surviving without these facilities? The next generation is not supposed to follow the foot-steps of earlier generation. They are supposed to move ahead of earlier generation. That's why they are GenNext. Just think this much that if my grandfather passed Xth standard somewhere in 20th century and today if I stop my education at Xth standard today citing his example then were is the improvement or evolution between 3 generations?

5. Financial Issues - I agree that finance is a big hurdle in starting any business but we can start it at a small scale and can develop it further after seeing the response. I remember that I resigned from my job keeping in mind the PF amount I was going to get as the survival package till the time I start getting client. Basically, I want to say that at least prepare yourself mentally & make a plan for your business and you will see that automatically, like-minded people will join you. I said it earlier also, till date I haven't spent a single penny for learning astrology but I have got software, courses and books of all famous astrologers from many of my friends free of cost. So, it is all about preparing yourself in mind.

6. At the same time, I am not belittling the importance of jobs. Life is inconsistent. There are times in life when job is necessary and there are times in life where business is the way to go. I am just telling that keep your options open. Don't have a fixed idea that you can't survive without a job or fixed salary. If your chart, dasha and transits are indicating towards business and you are finding it difficult to continue in job for various reasons then be open to that thought of being in business. Don't resist the change as that causes all stress. Flow with current.

Last but not the least, we need people from all fields. Just imagine if we only had job oriented careers then we won't have had any sportsperson, musician, singer, movie-makers, poets or astrologers  . World would have been so boring and one-dimensional.

Hope this helps. 



Post on 8th May, 2019 

The Royal Kid - The Rebellious Flower. (6th May, 2019. 5.26 am. London)

Re-post from an Astro-Group AVE.

So Royals have a new family member and is it just a coincident that he was born with Sun-Moon-Venus exalted? Well, everything is destined, nothing is coincident. But as I see, Royals have their task cut-out as they may be dealing with a rebellion here. Prima-facie, chart looks excellent but is it really so? -

1. Sun-Mercury in 1st house/Aries with Sun exalted but Aries lord Mars is in Paap Kartari Yoga (PKY). Sun is also getting aspect of Ketu.

2. Moon exalted but again in PKY with Mars which shows that he can be an aggressive or rebellious mind.

3. Sun and Moon exalted show strong support from Parents or Govt, which is obvious in his case. Moon with Mars also shows a strong Mother

4. Rahu in 3rd house is over-blown courage. but my concern is in 9th house.

5. 10th house lord Saturn with Ketu in 9th house of morals and values. He can be completely detached with values being given to him by Royals. It also shows problems in his higher education.

6. 10th house is also house of father and authority figures (Royals). Saturn with Ketu again shows a clear separation from his father, father's teaching and rules and regulations of Royals.

7. 9th house lord Jupiter in 8th house/Scorpio and in Gandanta also doesn't look great for 9th house matters and shows lots of changes or instabilities in his values, morals and beliefs.

8. He is starting his life with Sun MD and would grow-up in Moon MD and Mars MD. As these 2 planets are in PKY, they can bring moments of frustration where he may feel that he is not getting what he wants in life. It may lead to him being rebellious during Rahu MD when he can be totally uncontrollable.

In 1 sentence I can say that दादी पे गया है    . All the best Royals.



Post on 10th May, 2019 

As I said in my last post that from 15th May we may be in for a difficult time for a month or so where none of planet is in good dignity. Sun will be in Taurus (enemy sign), Mercury will be in Aries (enemy sign), Venus will be in Aries (neutral sign), Mars will be in Gemini (enemy sign), Jupiter will be in Gandanta/Retrograde in Scorpio (where no planet likes to be) and rest of the planets (Saturn-Rahu-Ketu) are strong malefics which are not providers.

So, we can say that from 15th May onward we are going to have a difficult time. A comment was made that Mercury-Mars are in Parivartan Yoga as they are sitting in each other's sign. It made me to write this post.

Parivartan Yoga is when 2 planets exchange and sit in each other's signs. It is publicised that they both become best of friends and give great results. But there are always some deeper meanings to astrological planetary combinations.

Parivartan Yoga (PY) is most helpful or strong when it is happening between two natural friends like Moon-Jupiter, Jupiter-Mars or Mercury-Venus. These type of PY makes them further strong and person gets best of results.

PY is still helpful when both the planets involved are benefic regardless of the fact that they are friends or enemies like Jupiter-Venus, Moon-Venus, Jupiter-Mercury etc. As they are natural benefics, they are supposed to provide some good results to individual in any case.

But problems begin when there is a PY between enemy planets and one of them is malefic too like Mars-Mercury etc. As they are enemies to each other, we can't expect much co-operation between them.

Then the last situation is where PY is between malefic planets and they are also mutual enemies like Sun-Saturn and Saturn-Mars. This is most challenging PY.

Now, we can expect good results in any PY on following counts -

1. Whichever things planets in PY share they will co-operate on those things and give good results. Like Jupiter-Mercury both are education oriented planets. So, their PY will be helpful in educational pursuits but for other things which they don't share, person will have certain issues in achieving it.

2. As always, any yoga is helpful in professional matters, not in personal life. In relationship matters, you still have to accommodate with your partner.

3. In the end, the houses involved, signs involved, planet's dignity and dashas are all important.

So, we can see that as Mars-Mercury is not one of good combinations one can have, as they are mutual enemies and don't share much things between them, we can't expect good results from this Mars-Mercury exchange during transit.

As almost all planets are in bad dignity after 15th May, this is the time not to expect much of the beneficial results during next 1 month or so, especially not in living significances or jeeva karakas.



Post on 13th May, 2019

As an Astrologer, I am regularly being asked about remedies & gemstones and I can't blame people for asking it as everyone wants to live a better life and there is a perception that remedies/gemstones can make our life better. But only thing is that you are asking a wrong person.

I have stated my views very clearly here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/remexp as to why I don't follow or recommend any remedies. In this post, I will just add few more reasons.

1. I feel when this world or life is created by God and God is perfect then our lives are also perfect. A perfect God cannot create an imperfect life. It reminds me of a story - "A Master used to tell his disciples that Life is Perfect. One day a disciple got fed-up and asked the Master, do you see this hunch-back I am carrying with me since childhood? Can you still say that my life is perfect?

Master replied, it is the most perfect hunch-back I have seen in my life."

So, life is perfect with all its imperfections.

2. Then if we accept that remedies overpower planetary impacts then we are actually saying that remedies are more powerful than astrology itself.

3. Now, understand that most of the remedies are based on doing some worship or giving some charity. Worship and Charity are indications that someone is going towards spirituality and leaving materialism. But our worships and charities are actually done to achieve materialistic goals. We are doing this worship or doing that charity to actually get something in return. In my considered view, this person is bargaining with God or even trying to bribe the God. I don't see any spirituality in such worships or charities or remedies. This person is more materialist than before when he was not doing any remedy.

4. But if someone is really interested in the most effective remedy then it is only one, i.e. Meditation. Normally people ask what will happen through meditation? Well, actually nothing. Meditation can't solve any of your problem but you may stop treating it as a problem. It may not give you any answer to your questions but you may not find any question after that.

5. Reminds me of Sufi Fakir Bayazid who used to live on charity given by people and the day he doesn't get any charity, he used to thank God for giving him opportunity to fast. Just like when Socrates was given punishment to death by poisoning and one the given date/time he asked the authorities why none brought poison so far? why so much delay in following God's wish? So, this is what happens with meditation. A person comes to total acceptance or surrender to God's wish.

6. Now, anyone who has done meditation for sometime then he will know that 1st experience is always facing all your negative memories of life which run in front of his mind like a movie continuously. Person would have to cross this initial hurdle. He has to accept that whatever happened in life was his destiny and only way he can improve now in life is through awareness, the by-product of meditation. This initial phase, struggle or war with your own past is the most difficult but person needs to cross this barrier if he wants to live a better life in future.

7. Normally people tell me that what they can do for the better life of their kids and they are ready to do anything? Well, if it is really so then get yourself and your kids in to Meditation ASAP. The biggest advantage a child has is that he doesn't have any negative memory. Actually, he has no memory at all. A child of 4-5 years of age won't remember the events of morning in evening. In such a case, meditation is easier and more effective on a child as he doesn't need to cross the initial barrier. He can directly step on to second stage.

8. But the problem is that a child will do only that he sees his parents doing. So, if you want your child to meditate then you have to meditate 1st and then one day child will follow. Children are most acute observers. They copy what they see. If they see their parents meditating, they will meditate. If they see their parents fighting or cursing at each other then parents may not have to wait for long before their kids start doing the same.

So, this is the only remedy I have, i.e. Meditation.




Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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