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FB Posts on Relationship Synastry and C-Section Muhurt

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Posts on 4th June, 2019

So, I was thinking on the next series of random posts on alternate days which I normally make and relationship synastry came to my rescue. I have written about it in some articles https://www.astrosaxena.com/relsyn and https://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1 but I think writing it in some detail will help us understand why all relationships are so difficult and why a great awareness is needed to resolve relationship conflicts. So, there are few ways by which we can look at relationship synastry -

1. Ascendant Analysis - 1st of all, it is always through ascendant and what houses both people are activating through their respective ascendants. Like, a relationship between a Gemini ascendant person and Scorpio ascendant person will be a 6/8 relationship which is something avoidable as it activates both dushthana houses for each other. It means none of the party may gain any benefit in this relationship. But at the same time, not all 6/8 relationships can be termed as negative one. Aries/Scorpio relation is also a 6/8 relation but it can still bring some benefits because Mars is lord of both signs. 2/12 relation between Aries/Pisces ascendant can be beneficial as both lords are mutual friends but it can be troublesome for Gemini/Cancer ascendant as lords are mutual enemies. So, through this series, we will not only go into the houses they activate for each other but also the planetary relation and what benefits or losses they can bring to each other. It will also give us an idea as to what actions can make their relationship a little improved one if they are going through a rough time in relation.

2. Relationship Planets - Then we can apply same logic through personal/relationship planets too like Moon and Venus. Like, we can see the same 6/8 , 2/12 or 4/10 relationship between people's Moon and Venus signs. It will also give an indication about positive/negative impacts on each other. Like, Moon in Taurus and Moon in Sagittarius is although a 6/8 relation but as Moon is well placed in both charts, mind of both persons will be inclined to sort out the conflicts and changes in relation and co-operate to sustain the relationship. So, although it is 6/8 relation of Moon but not a negative one. But Moon in Capricorn and Moon in Gemini can be a challenging combination as not only it is 6/8 relation but Moon is losing its dignity in both charts too. We can analyse the same thing for Venus too as per signs of Venus involved in 2 charts.

3. Darakaraka - Then we can look at darakaraka of people involved if it is matter of love relationship/marriage. I meant to say that above 2 analysis you can do in any relationship and can judge what 2 persons are bringing to each other, regardless of the fact that they are parent/child or siblings. But as darakaraka is for love relation, we can analyse it for couple interested in love relationship only. We can see the mutual nature, friendship/enmity of both darakaraka and what houses they are activating for each other.

4. Planetary Synastry - Then finally, if we super-impose one chart on another then how many planets are impacting in both charts. Like, if one person has Saturn in Cancer and another person has Venus in Cancer then what will be the joint impact when they start living together. This point can also be used in any relation.

So, I am planning to cover all these concepts from this upcoming series. Further suggestions are always invited to make this series a better and more exhaustive one. So, please feel free to comment and let's begin this series to understand the complexities of relationship.



Post on 6th June, 2019 

Relationship Synastry - Post # 1.

So, here we begin the posts related with relationship synastry which would give us an idea about why relationships are so tough and why there is no ideal/perfect relationship because every combination will have some drawback and some benefits.

Normally, we consider only a boy friend/girl friend or husband/wife relationship for such study but we can actually see these combinations for any relationship between two people to understand the challenges between them.

So, 1st way of looking at synastry is through ascendant analysis by studying the ascendants of both charts and what houses they are activating for each other. We can use the same study and results as is for study between Moon Signs or Venus Signs of people in relationship as these two are most important planets when it comes to relationship but we have to keep ourselves reminding that Moon signs would show the mind compatibility or lack of it between the two and Venus signs would show the relationship capacity or lack of it between the two. Venus Sign study would be more relevant in romantic relationship.

A good question was asked if we can see the synastry between Moon Sign of one person with Ascendant or Venus sign of another person. In my opinion, it may not be done as ascendant shows the life path or overall approach towards life and Moon shows the mindset of person. If we try to study them then we are trying to find link between two different aspects of life of two individuals. But we can certainly do a planetary synastry where one planet of a person can be in same sign to the other planet of other person. That shows some big karmic connections between the two. We will cover the same once we complete the ascendant analysis.

So, first of the ascendant analysis is the 1/1 relationship or we can say same ascendant people in any relationship.

1. Now, it can be termed as good or even best one as people may think that couple involved in relationship would have similar nature because they have identical ascendant, hence they can be very easily compatible with each other but this is sadly not the case.

2. Same ascendant people are actually considered as serious and capital NO for relationship and reason is the same that their basic nature can be exactly same and hence there is no balancing factor.

3. Like, just imagine two Aries people in relationship and you would see two people trying to dominate each other aggressively. Two Scorpio people in relationship would be all about controlling each other. Two Leo people would be like two Royals in relationship and two Cancer people would have more emotions and less practical approach.

4. Life is all about maintaining a balance between conflicting forces. Hence, there has to be a balance between the nature of couple involved in relationship. If both are emotional then who will take practical decisions of life and if both are aggressive then how long such a relationship will continue?

5. But more than this, there is another reason why relationship between same ascendant people can be challenging. That reason is Annual Transits. If two people have identical ascendant then it means that annual transits for them will be identical too. It means if one person is going through a troublesome transit in matters of relationship or finances then other person also has the same and they are suffering a double impact.

6. Like, right now, Saturn-Ketu are in Sagittarius ascendant for almost whole of this year. Now imagine a couple who are Gemini ascendant. For both of them, Saturn-Ketu are transiting their 7th house. Do I need to explain anything more as to how they would be feeling in relationship?

7. This is the main reason why people with same ascendant may not be in a strong long term relation.

8. We can see the same impacts in their nature and behavior if people have same Moon sign or Venus sign but that doesn’t make a case of serious NO for relationship as the annual transits are primarily seen from ascendant sign.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 8th June, 2019 

Relationship Synastry Post # 2

Next in the Ascendant Analysis is 2/12 relationship. It means X person’s ascendant is 2nd to Y person’s ascendant, hence Y person’s ascendant is 12th to X person’s ascendant. It is like a relationship between Aries-Taurus people or Gemini-Cancer people. So, any relationship between successive ascendant people will fall in 2/12 relation.

Now, what will be the results?

1. 1st of all, first person is activating 2nd house of other person and other person is activating 12th house of first person after they get into a relation. Now, what are these houses?

2. 2nd house is house of wealth and family. 12th house is house of losses and expenses. So quite clearly, one person will gain in this relation at the expense of other person. This relation will be beneficial for one person and other person would feel that he is at loss here.

3. Among other results, as 12th house is also house of foreign lands, one person in relationship can bring possibility of foreign travel or foreign settlement to other.

4. As 12th house is house of spirituality, after their relationship, one person gets inclined more towards spirituality.

5. In worst case scenario where lots of malefic planets are involved and person is also under dasha of those malefic planets, one person in relation can land into jail or hospitals as 12th house also represents these things. Needless to say that there is always a possibility of conflict and litigation here as 12th house is 6th from 7th house. Thus it represents conflicts with spouse too.

6. So, it is very clear that in this 2/12 relationship, one person will suffer much and once anyone is suffering in relation then we can’t call it a good or even average relation. Now, who will suffer depends on who is going through tough dashas and transits.

7. We can see similar results if people in relationship have their Moon and Venus signs in 2/12 relationship. In that case, at least one person will feel the loss of mental connection (in case of Moon sign) or loss of Wealth/Relation (in case of Venus sign).

Now, let’s see it through examples of some of the ascendants and ascendant lords –

a. Aries-Taurus/Taurus-Aries and Libra-Scorpio/Scorpio-Libra relation – This can still be an average situation as ascendant lords Mars and Venus are neutral to each other. Here, we can get the more beneficial result like foreign opportunity or wealth from foreign lands for couple.

b. Taurus-Gemini/Gemini-Taurus and Virgo-Libra/Libra-Virgo – This is also a positive combination and can bring positive results among discussed as Mercury-Venus are best friends. It can be financially beneficial combination.

c. Gemini-Cancer/Cancer-Gemini – This can be a case of emotional loss or emotional disconnect as lords Moon-Mercury are mutual enemies.

d. Cancer-Leo/Leo-Cancer – As Sun-Moon are best friends, this combination can be good for career and authority matters but still emotional disconnect can be there.

e. Leo-Virgo/Virgo-Leo – This can be an average relation, neither too good nor too bad, as Sun-Mercury are neutral to each other.

f. Scorpio-Sagittarius/Sagittarius-Scorpio – Both lords Jupiter-Mars are best friends but as Scorpio’s basic nature is to bring some transformation, it shows that Scorpio person will bring some major change in life of Sagittarius person. As Jupiter and Scorpio are related with knowledge, occult and spirituality, this relation can still work well if both partners are spiritually inclined and like to spend time in knowledge gain. This can also be the worst case scenario of landing in jail, courts or hospitals as 12th house and Scorpio both are malefic by nature.

g. Sagittarius-Capricorn/Capricorn-Sagittarius and Aquarius-Pisces/Pisces-Aquarius – As always, the real trouble starts with Saturn. Although Saturn-Jupiter are neutral to each other but again, Saturn remains as is for everyone. It is bound to give some challenges in relationship and when its sign is falling in 12th house of losses, it can cause some long term losses. So, this one looks like a real tough one to go through and it should be avoidable. This one can also bring some litigation or health issues.

h. Aquarius-Capricorn/Capricorn-Aquarius - Similar Saturn impact as both signs are ruled by Saturn. Here, intensity can be double actually.

Overall, 2/12 relationship normally bring losses to at least one person in relationship and it has to be noted that this analysis is only through ascendant sign and ascendant lord’s nature. Obviously, we need to look at whole chart of both persons involved and check their dashas to get the complete idea. From this analysis, we can only understand that if one sign or one planet can cause issues in relationship then how many issues can be seen through 12 signs and 9 planets. This is my intention behind writing this series to make people aware that there is no ideal relation, no ideal marriage and no perfect spouse.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 12th June, 2019 

Relationship Synastry Post # 3

Next in the Ascendant Analysis is 3/11 relationship. It means X person’s ascendant is 3rd to Y person’s ascendant, hence Y person’s ascendant is 11th to X person’s ascendant. It is like a relationship between Aries-Gemini people or Taurus-Cancer people.

Now, what will be the results?

1. 1st of all, first person is activating 3rd house of other person and other person is activating 11th house of first person after they get into a relation. Now, what are these houses?

2. 3rd house is house of efforts and hard work. 11th house is house of gains and desires. So, we can say that this is going to be one of those unfair relationships where one person will put all the efforts to sustain the relationship and other person will gain from those efforts.

3. As 3rd house is house of efforts and hard work, this relationship requires continuous hard work to sustain itself. It is like a continuous work in progress from both the sides but generally it happens that only one person ends up in putting all efforts in relationship. In western astrology too, the 3rd aspect of planets is considered as the aspect of hard work and efforts

4. Then if we see closely then lords of signs which are 3rd and 11th to each other are never friends. For ex – Aries lord Mars and Gemini lord Mercury are enemies. Likewise, Scorpio lord Mars and Capricorn lord Saturn are enemies. So, this mutual enmity between lords here makes this relationship more troublesome.

5. At the same time, 3rd house and 11th house are Upachaya Houses. So, we can say that these relations can grow better with time but again, it would require efforts from both partners.

6. 3rd house and 11th house are also houses of entrepreneurship. So, if both partners dedicate themselves to one common business and service to people through it then this relationship can prosper with time.

7. More important than that, 3rd house and 11th house both represent your friends or networking circle. So, if both partners approach this relation as a friendship then this relation can prosper.

8. Overall, this is a relation which will require a continuous effort and work from both sides to prosper.

9. We can look at it ascendant-wise starting from Aries to Taurus etc but the common theme with every ascendant is that ascendant lords are not friend to each other. Only in Gemini-Leo relationship, ascendant lords Mercury & Sun respectively are neutral towards each other. Otherwise, for all ascendants, ascendant lords is this relationship synastry are enemies. So, 3rd/11th relation between 2 enemy planets show that for any ascendant, it will be difficult relation and require lots of hard work and efforts from both partners.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 15th June, 2019 

You know that something is hit among audience when they are inquiring about or waiting for the next post on it. Thanks for the patience and here is Relationship Synastry Post # 4

Next in the Ascendant Analysis is 4/10 relationship. It means X person’s ascendant is 4th to Y person’s ascendant, hence Y person’s ascendant is 10th to X person’s ascendant. It is like a relationship between Aries-Cancer people or Scorpio-Aquarius people.

Now, what will be the results?

1. 1st of all, first person is activating 4th house of other person and other person is activating 10th house of first person after they get into a relation. Now, what are these houses?

2. 4th house is house of home, home land, mother and peace of mind. 10th house is house of career, work, public image and reputation.

3. Common theme around these two houses is that they both provide a sense of security. Home obviously provides us security, protection and peace of mind. At the same time, having a strong career also makes a person feels secure, safe and at peace. Another theme around these two houses is that they both are related with duty and responsibility. 4th house is duty towards home and 10th house is duty towards work.

4. So, we can say that 4/10 relation can work and prosper only when both the partners realize their respective responsibilities in relation and honestly work towards it. If either or both the sides are not honest and genuine in performing their respective responsibilities then this relation can easily fall down.

5. We can see this relation as the age old system of family life where woman used to take care of homely responsibility and man used to look after worldly responsibility. So, to maintain and prosper in 4/10 relationship it is key that both partners decide their respective roles in the marriage and perform it honestly. Basically, they have to approach relationship as a matter of duty or responsibility rather than fun or enjoyment. Immaturity may not work here.

6. Then it is necessary that both partners provide each other a sense of security. One partner must provide a sense of security of home to the other partner and assure that they need not to worry of outside world. Likewise, other partner must make sure that former won’t have to worry about anything related with home responsibility, so that they can focus on work related responsibility.

7. At a materialistic level, one partner can bring home or real estate to the other partner and other partner can bring fame, public image or reputation to former.

8. Overall, this is a relation which is all about taking up duty and responsibility. It can prosper only between two sincere, honest, hard working and mature individuals.

9. Again, we can see the same results for Moon Sign and Venus Sign. Also, this includes any relation between two human beings, not just husband and wife.

Let’s check it ascendant-wise as ascendant lords can change the equation little bit here –

a. Aries – Cancer – It can be a good choice as Aries lord Mars and Cancer lord Moon are friendly to each other. Aries person can get peace of mind in home life due to Cancer falling in 4th house and Cancer person can get better public image or recognition due to Aries in 10th house after their relationship.

b. Taurus – Leo – Taurus lord Venus and Leo lord Sun are enemies to each other. So, this one may not be as pleasant as expected. Problems in this relation can be around wealth (Venus) or ego clashes (Sun).

c. Gemini – Virgo – This can be a real good one as both signs are ruled by Mercury. The thing which can bind their relation together is effective communication. Also, if they have any business together, then it can also help in sustaining their relationship.

d. Cancer – Libra – This can again bring some troubles as Cancer lord Moon and Libra lord Venus are mutual enemies. The reasons behind conflicts can be Mother of either/both partners, Wealth or other relations.

e. Leo – Scorpio – This can be a good one as Leo lord Sun and Scorpio lord Mars are mutual friends but the thing is that Sun and Mars both are fiery planets. So, they have to redirect their aggressive energy in some positive ventures. Also, as Scorpio is sign of transformation, Leo person will feel a sense of chaos or instability in his/her home life after their relationship.

f. Virgo – Sagittarius – Here, Virgo lord Mercury and Sagittarius lord Jupiter are mutual enemies. Due to the mythological story, the biggest problem they face in Mercury-Jupiter relation is that they both feel that their partner doesn’t give attention to them. Also, Sagittarius person can feel that Virgo person is too critical about their work or public image which can become cause of conflict in long term. Effective communication and knowledge sharing can help them in sustaining the relation.

g. Libra – Capricorn – Ascendant lords Venus and Saturn are mutual friends but the Saturn factor will play its role and such relation can improve in 30s. Libra person can feel a stress in home life as Saturn ruled Capricorn falls in 4th house. It will require sincere, honest and long term efforts to make this relationship work.

h. Scorpio – Aquarius – This can also require lots of sustained efforts from both sides as not only both lords Saturn & Mars are strong malefic by nature but Saturn is also enemy to Mars although Mars is neutral to Saturn. So, after getting into relation, they can bring lots of Saturn-Mars stress to each other and will require lots of patience and perseverance to make it work. As Mars is neutral towards Saturn, it is expected that Scorpio person would have more capacity to accommodate with Aquarius than vice-versa. Aquarius person will feel that his/her public image or career has become unstable or chaotic after relation as Scorpio is in 10th house. Scorpio person will feel stress in home life or loss of peace of mind as Aquarius is falling in 4th house. As both these signs are co-ruled by nodes, it is one of karmic relations which are meant to be and hardest to leave until karma towards each other is over.

i. Sagittarius – Pisces - This can be a pleasant one again as both signs are ruled by Jupiter. The foundation of this relation should be in Jupiterian things like knowledge, religion and spirituality. If both parties are inclined towards knowledge oriented stuff and share with each other then this relation can prosper well.

j. Capricorn – Aries – Another Saturn-Mars relation. So, majority of things will be like Scorpio-Aquarius relation only like stress at home or work respectively for Capricorn and Aries people but the intensity of stress can be lesser as nodes are not involved here. This relation can prosper in both partners can achieve big in their field and bring good name for each other. Usual stress or hard work involved between Saturn and Mars would be there.

k. Aquarius – Taurus – It is like Capricorn-Libra relation as lords are Saturn-Venus again but intensity of problems between them can be high as Rahu is co-lord of Aquarius. Taurus person can feel a stress in work as Saturn-Rahu ruled Aquariu falls in 10th house. It will again require sincere, honest and long term efforts to make this relationship work due to Saturn’s involvement.

l. Pisces – Gemini – It is again Jupiter-Mercury relation. Again, the biggest problem they face in Mercury-Jupiter relation is that they both feel that their partner doesn’t give attention to them. Effective communication and knowledge sharing can help them in sustaining the relation

Obviously, we need to look at whole chart of both persons involved and check their dashas to get the complete idea. From this analysis, we can only understand that if one sign or one planet can cause issues in relationship then how many issues can be seen through 12 signs and 9 planets. This is my intention behind writing this series to make people aware that there is no ideal relation, no ideal marriage and no perfect partner.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 16th June, 2019 

I love it when Universal Forces hit the human ego hard and breaks it into pieces. One of the more popular consultations these days is finding out Muhurt of C-Section - https://www.astrosaxena.com/csection . I understand the concerns of parents towards good life of their child but I have always found it as micro-managing the lives of children. Initially, I never entertained such consultation requests but when a friend of mine was told by a Doctor to find out good date and time for C-Section then I changed my opinion little bit and accepted that if everything is destiny then it can be in destiny of some kids that their birth date and time would be decided by an astrologer. So now, I give primary advice to leave it on Doctor but if client persists with the request then I agree to help.

In the above quoted article, I have mentioned that how such services can help us in very limited sphere and we should only look at Moon’s position and dignity for deciding the day of C-Section. Please go through the article to know the reasons of what I am saying. But here I am going to share some of the experiences of clients which amused me in recent times.

a. As I said, I understand concern of a parent about securing a good life to his/her child but someone touched the extreme point when after applying for this consultation, person emailed me that I am supposed to find out date/time of birth under which only positive yogas are there in child’s chart and there should not be anything negative in child’s life. Now, I feel that person was kind to me that he didn’t ask me to remove all the malefic planets and their dashas from the child’s chart and life. My only considered opinion about these requests is that they are not yet ready for occult and don’t understand the complexities of this science. They need great evolution to understand how Universe works? This Universe, Life and People are Grey. It is never Black or White. Existence of suffering makes us value happiness. Presence of cunning Devdutt makes us realize the goodness in Buddha. Life can be understood only in contrast. Only on black background, you can read something which is written through white chalk. So, suffering is very important to appreciate and value good times.

b. Then my approach on finding Muhurt for C-Section is limited up to finding the day on which Moon is in good dignity. Reason is obvious that if Moon is in good dignity then person will go through usual ups and downs of life but he will be able to keep an optimistic and positive mind. Pessimistic thoughts, sadistic approach or escapism may not be traits of person with Moon in good dignity. But then a bright soul contacted me for Muhurt of C-Section and wanted me to narrow down the time window up to 1 hour. That person was trying to not only have the best of D-1 chart but also best of D-9 and D-10 chart. Purpose was the same, i.e. to secure a forever happy life for the child. Although I felt like pushed by that person to do that consultation up to this extreme, still I did it but just to see what destiny has it in store? I gave him time window of about 45-50 mins and said that C-Section can be done in this time. After a week I received the email from the person that “as Surgeon was not available on given time, C-Section could not be done as advised. Instead, C-Section was performed 2 hours later”. I replied with a usual congratulatory message and good wishes for the child. Then I asked the person that “you could not even manage 45 mins of your child’s life and you were dreaming about ensuring the whole life of child as happy one”?

c. Then another person contacted for same service and gave me a range of 15 days during which child birth was possible. I replied that I will send report ASAP. Next morning I got the email that Baby has taken birth!!!! 
Me – “Congratulations!!!! Please send your account details to refund the fee you deposited”. 

d. So, this is what I wanted to convey. Everything is pre-destined. Please don’t try to micro-manage the Universal functioning. At best, you can see the Moon’s dignity of child to be born and that can be helpful but you can’t manage anything beyond that. Universal forces can make fun of all your plans within no time and you will laugh at yourself. Not to forget that Mahapundit Raavan tried to manage the perfect time for birth of his son Meghnath and still he couldn’t achieve the desired result. So, if Mahapundit like Raavan couldn’t do this then what you are expecting from minuscule astrologer like me.

e. Also, I am sure that even your parents had the same concern for you which you have for your child’s life to make it a suffering-free life. Now, ask yourself if they could do or change anything in your life? Haven’t you had to go through the sufferings in your life as per your karma and destiny? So, if they can’t be your saviour then how you think that you can be saviour for your child?

f. As I see, Parent’s job is not to micro-manage every detail of child’s life but to provide support, education, conveniences and confidence to the child. If you can provide these things then child can easily go through good or bad times in life. So, rather than focusing on child’s chart, they should focus on what actions they should take to ensure a good foundation of life. As I see, childhood must be a good one for everyone to make a strong foundation for a good life. So, parents must ensure that rather than yogas in child’s chart.

Happy Father’s Day. 



Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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