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FB Posts on Maraka Planets, Planetary Relationship Synastry, Random Questions.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 24th July, 2019

As I wrote about planetary positions and dashas which lead to my Sannyas Initiation - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Sannyas , I realized that I never wrote about Maraka Planets as an article or post. So, let's understand today what are Maraka Planets?

Maraka Planets – 2nd house and 7th house are considered as Maraka or Killer or Death Inflicting houses. So, their lords are considered as Maraka or Killer Planets. So, Maraka Planets will be different for every ascendant. Also, we won’t consider planets sitting in these 2 houses as Maraka Planets, only the house lords.

Why 2nd house and 7th house are Maraka Houses? – 2nd house is normally looked for family life and wealth. 7th house is main house of relationship. Then how come these two houses are considered as Maraka or Killer houses as almost everyone looks forward to achieve these things in life. The reasons are two-fold, one is astrological and the other is symbolical.

a. Astrological – 8th house is house of longevity. 7th house is 12th from 8th house, hence 7th house represents loss of longevity. So, 7th house is Maraka/Killer/Death Inflicting house. Likewise, 3rd house is 8th from 8th house. It is Bhavat Bhavam of 8th house and carries the same energy of longevity. 2nd house is 12th from 3rd house, hence 2nd house also represents loss of longevity. So, 2nd house is also a Maraka/Killer/Death Inflicting house.

b. Symbolical – 2nd house is house of family and 7th house is house of relationship. So, if you want these two things in your life then you would have to let-go of your self and selfish desires. You can’t have ego and relationship together. So, if you are dealing with 2nd house and 7th house related matters then you would have to kill your own self/ego and egoistic desires. Hence, these 2 are Maraka/Killer/Death Inflicting house. Here, it represents symbolic death of ego of person.

Maraka Planets for different ascendants – Following are maraka planets for different ascendants being lords of 2nd house and 7th house –

Aries Ascendant – Venus. 
Taurus Ascendant – Mercury and Mars-Ketu. 
Gemini Ascendant – Moon and Jupiter. 
Cancer Ascendant – Sun and Saturn. 
Leo Ascendant – Mercury and Saturn-Rahu.
Virgo Ascendant – Venus and Jupiter. 
Libra Ascendant – Mars and Ketu. 
Scorpio Ascendant – Jupiter and Venus. 
Sagittarius Ascendant – Saturn and Mercury. 
Capricorn Ascendant – Saturn-Rahu and Moon. 
Aquarius Ascendant – Jupiter and Sun. 
Pisces Ascendant – Mars and Mercury.

Impact or Result of Maraka Planets – As always, our lives move as per dashas we go through. So, these maraka planets will also give their results during their dashas. Whenever they are active during the dashas, you can expect some events of the nature of maraka/killer/death inflicting. Now, getting disconnected from someone or something is also like death of that person or thing in your life. So, it is not necessarily death of a person but getting separated from someone or something by any means is also included here. Major result can be seen when both MD and AD planets are maraka planets.

Difference in results – Now, the most important thing. When benefic planets like Mercury, Moon, Venus and Jupiter are maraka planets, person will be separated or disconnected from someone or something due to a positive event during their dashas and even maraka planets dasha will bring some benefits for the person because the basic nature of these planets are benefic. Problem is when malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) are maraka planets and they are even in weak dignity in chart. At that time, the disconnection or separation can happen due to a negative event during these planets dashas. Again, major impact can be seen when both MD and AD planets are malefic maraka planets and they are also in wrong dignity. If these malefic planets are in good dignity then person would still have courage to deal and overcome the negative event. Needless to say that in any case, transits must also support the positive or negative events.

Some examples – Following are some examples –

a. I got initiated in Sannyas. As discussed in above article, I was under dasha of maraka planets and they were activating my 2nd house of family lineage. So, I got separated from my family lineage due to a positive event as both maraka planets for me are benefic planets, i.e. Jupiter-Venus. If they had been malefic then I would have been separated from my family or family lineage due to a negative event.

b. One of my friend is Aries ascendant. Venus is maraka planet. Venus is placed in 4th house/Cancer of mother, home and home land. Person was under Venus-Venus dasha and got citizenship of a different country. So, disconnection from home land happened but due to a positive event.

c. Then for a change, Sanjay Gandhi - https://www.astrosaxena.com/BG3had Moon-Saturn as maraka planets. Saturn is more prominent as it rules 2nd house and sits in 7th house. So, it links both maraka houses. He was in Moon-Mercury-Saturn dasha at the time of his plane crash. Moon was 7th house lord in 8th house, Mercury was in Scorpio in Saturn ruled nakshtra Anuradha and Saturn itself was in 7th house. I discussed the transits in article. As Saturn is most malefic planet which itself represents death and as his chart/dasha/transit all were indicating towards possibility of a negative event, maraka planets and their dasha here brought a negative event.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 29th July, 2019 

From this week, we will start the part-2 of Relationship Synastry posts which will be Planetary Relationship Synastry (PRS). In these posts, we will try to understand that how planets of two persons in any relationship can give result in synastry and what would be the end result? Again, it can be any relation, not only the romantic relations. So, this one is the introductory post of the upcoming PRS posts. Following are important points –

1. As we know that we have recently gone through Relationship Synastry Posts (https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsjune1219 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsjun219) which were ascendant based and we have seen that how a particular house to house combination between two ascendants can bring good/bad/challenging results for two people in relationship.

2. Now, if only one house, one sign of two charts and relationship between them can create so many ripples in matters of relationships then we still have 9 more planets and 11 more houses to read and analyse. They all must be bringing some results or impacts on relationship. So, upcoming PRS posts would be one level deeper analysis of relationship synastry between two charts.

3. For example, if one person has Moon in Sagittarius and other person has Mars in Sagittarius then through these posts, we will come to know the joint impact of Moon-Mars energy exchange once these two people start spending considerable time together.

4. Needless to say that houses and signs involved along with dignity of planets would have its impact on end results. Like, if one person has Moon in 1st house/Scorpio and another has Mars in 6th house/Scorpio then it is also 6/8 house-wise relation between their Moon-Mars and here Moon is debilitated, hence the person with Mars in own sign Scorpio would have an edge in relation and would be able to have dominating impact in this relation.

5. Although I am not huge fan of past life and future life analysis as I feel that present life is most important but these planetary combinations are also used by people to see their past life connections with each other. Like if one person has Venus in Taurus and another person has Ketu in Taurus then “THEY SAY” that these two people can be past-life lovers but as I see, things are not so easy to judge when it comes to past-life matters.

6. As I said in my last post that astrological conclusions or predictions are always probabilities. So, when even your current life predictions are only a probability then what we can say about past-life or future-life. In my considered view, if someone has come in life and you both got stick with each other over a long period of time in any type of relationship or even friendship then it shows that these two souls do have some past-life karma with each other. Again, it can be any karma, not necessarily regarding the romantic relation karma.

7. Like I told in an earlier post that I have met 1000s of people through this profession but only a handful of people stayed with me as friends after their consultation was over and I can see the strong connection between their charts and mine. Mostly these connections are degree-based. Like, there is a person who contacted me as soon as I started giving consultations in 2015 and still remains a good friend of mine. This person was just about to begin Saturn MD and has Saturn at 1.40 degree Scorpio and my ascendant degree is at 1.40 Scorpio. So, I can see a strong past-life connection between us. All I want to say that if at all you are using relationship synastries to know the past-life connection between two people than focus on closeness of degrees of mutual planets rather than only sign positions. Even then, it will only remain a probability.

8. Relationship Synastries can also be seen in aspects though I would prefer to make part -3 posts for them. As we know that everything can’t be covered in one post or one series, hence we need to make separate posts for better understanding and to avoid multiplicity of information in one go which can lead to confusion. Aspect-wise Relationship Synastry is when a person has Mars in Leo and another has Saturn in Scorpio. Now, when they come together their Mars and Saturn would aspect each other and bring certain results for both of them in respective house related things. Let’s keep this for part-3 of relationship synastry posts.

9. We will start this series of posts with the kind of result one planet of a chart can have on a blank house of another person’s chart. It will be easy to understand and set the foundation of these posts. For example, if a person has Saturn in Sagittarius and he is in relation with a person who has no planets in Sagittarius then what would be the result? This initial post would also give me an idea about how to cover it for future posts. As always, any suggestion for improvement in posts is invited.

10. Last but not the least, there can be instances where a person has conjunction of planets in one sign and other person has also got a conjunction of planets in same sign. In that case, we would have to understand the accumulated impact of all planets, houses and signs involved. We can’t decide the end result on the basis of only couple of planets impact on each other.

My only aim in making this extensive efforts in relationship matters is that people should become aware that traditional way of matching charts with number of points matching doesn’t work anymore. There is no ideal chart for marriage. There is no ideal relationship or perfect partner. All we can get through astrology is awareness of our challenges ahead in any relationship.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 31st July, 2019 

So let's sign-off the month of July, 2019 with some questions I am asked at various places -

1. What is Paap Kartari Yoga (PKY) involves a Malefic Planet? Would that malefic planet be under PKY?

Answer - Yes. PKY happens when two malefic planets surround a house or another planet. Like, Rahu in 3rd house and Saturn in 5th house are surrounding 4th house in between. In this case, person can have difficult relation with Mother or stay away from her or home or home land. He will find peace of mind away from home land. Now, if any planet is also there in 4th house then it will also be considered under the impact of PKY and it will become very difficult to get the benefits related with that planet, no matter if it is benefic or malefic. Like, in the above example, if Mars had been in 4th house then person would face lots of difficulties in getting things related with Mars in chart, as per karaka or as per rulership of houses in chart.

Additionally, a PKY is complete when the lord of the house, which is under PKY, is also under PKY. Like, Rahu is in 6th house and Mars in 8th house then 7th house is under PKY but it is complete when 7th house lord is also within PKY. In that case, results of the house under PKY is almost denied.

2. Property Tips

Answer - People with Ketu in 4th house, Saturn debilitated in 4th house or Mars debilitated may not buy property in their own name. Also, they may buy property away from their birth place/home land, further the better. Else they may get separated from property and may not be able to utilize it for staying in it or property may land into disputes and conflicts.

3. Sannyas Yogas in my chart which made me take Sannyas?

Answer - I think the most prominent is Jupiter exalted in 9th house and running Jupiter MD.

4. Most common planetary placement I see in charts?

Answer - I think I have to do something with people with Mars in Cancer  . In last 12 months, not a single day went without looking at at least 1 chart with debilitated Mars. Sometimes I have seen 3-4 charts in a day with debilitated Mars. One good question is what if Mars is debilitated but in 10th house where it gets digbala? That means person is Libra ascendant and Mars is 2nd and 7th house lord. Wealth through business and self efforts. Person will be very active/aggressive in matters of business but troubles with relation and bosses.

5. Importance of Moon Chart?

Answer - It shows how our mind desires or likes the things to be. Ascendant chart and dashas show how our life will go and events will happen. Moon chart shows that how our mind will react to those events and what mind actually desires? These links may help you - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsjuly1 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/btr.

6. When Mars can be good for relationship in 7th house?

Answer - So, Mars's representations can be divided into two categories in matters of relationship. Dominance, Control, Violence, Anger & Aggression is also Mars and Protectiveness or Guarding someone is also Mars. When Mars is debilitated or in enemy signs in 7th house and not getting much help from any other planet then Mars's negative qualities can be in forefront. Whereas Mars in own, exaltation, friendly or neutral sign in 7th house can make someone more protective in approach towards relationship partner, but again Mars and 7th house should not have further malefic impact.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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