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FB Posts on House to House, Difficult Transits, Remedies, Probability Vs Certainty.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 1st July, 2019 

So, time to cover some points raised during yesterday's live session. Again, these are my views on some concepts of astrology. If you don't find logical then please feel free to disagree.

1. There is a concept going on that if a planet is retrograde in chart then during its dasha, it will give results of preceding house from its position. Also, they say that planet in initial degree gives the results of the preceding house and planets in higher degrees give the results of the next house from its position.

2. In my considered opinion, a planet gives the results of the house where it is placed in chart, neither the house before nor the house after. For me, if Sun is at 0.0 degree Aries then it is in Aries only, not in Pisces. Likewise, if it is at 29.59 degree at Pisces, then it is at Pisces only not in Aries. At the same time, I don't say that concept is wrong. So, from where this concept came?

3. To understand it, first please go through these 2 links - https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2073359829611097&id=1486602874953465 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/hhouse .

4. After going through these 2 links, you may realize that every house of a chart is somewhere connected from other houses. So, if I am in Jupiter dasha and Jupiter is in 9th house for me then it is not that this MD will only give me result of 9th house. The same Jupiter is 8th from 2nd house, 7th from 3rd house, 6th from 4th house, 5th from 5th house and so on.

5. So, if I am under Jupiter MD then I will get some results of 2nd house also as Jupiter is placed 8th from 2nd house. It means I can leave my family lineage and go to far distant lands to earn my wealth which actually happened as I got my 1st job with beginning of Jupiter MD and I left Ujjain. Then it is 6th from 4th house, so same dasha created obstacles in staying at my home or home land.

6. Like this, one dasha gave me result of all 12 houses because Jupiter was at certain houses away from all other houses. Now, my Jupiter is retrograde and I started learning Astrology in this dasha. Someone will say that see, you got result of 8th house as Jupiter is retrograde in 9th house. But for me it is simple that Jupiter is 2nd from 8th house, so it was bound to give me wealth of knowledge of occult. Right?

7. So, what I am trying to say that we don't need any new concept to read this result from earlier or after houses, the basics of astrology, the inter-connection of houses and house to house links are enough to indicate the same results.

8. Now, the problem is that this concept is only applicable when planet is retrograde or in early degree or later degree and only for earlier and after houses. But what I am saying here is applicable for all planets in any degree, for any movement and for all 12 houses. So, it is covering more area.

9. Also, understand that there are 1000s of tricks and concepts which are developed in astrology to make predictions. All these concepts can have parallel existence and they have no conflicts with each other. We need to search which concepts is grasped quickly by our mind. If X person finds the concept of earlier/after house as easier to learn then he must follow that. Somehow I find this was as easier to learn and predict.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 4th July, 2019 

In recent times, I have talked in detail about various difficult transits during this year. I think now we should also know when we can expect some relief. Also, it is relevant to know that every year we go through some difficult transits and when we go through them, we feel the suffering & pain like never before but when get over those transits and enter into new phase of difficult transits then we again think that current transits are more troublesome then earlier transits in previous years. I am just trying to say that problems in hand look more troublesome then our problems of past times. It also means that if we have seen-off those difficult transits in different years then even current difficult transits will also pass-away. We will soon see the end of the tunnel. As the poem goes, Even This Shall Pass Away....

1.Let's 1st see some difficult transits in recent years to know that our suffering right now is not very new.

a. Jan, 2013 to June, 2014 - Rahu-Saturn conjunction in Libra. Must be a difficult time for any type of relationship.

b. From Jan, 2016 to Aug, 2016 - Rahu-Jupiter Conjunction in Leo. Guru Chandal Yoga caused troubles and posed challenges to many stereotypes.

b. From Feb, 2016 to Sep, 2016 - Along with Rahu-Jupiter Conjunction in Leo, we also had Saturn-Mars conjunction in Scorpio. This really was a troublesome time as people had seen major changes in their lives.

c. From May, 2018 to Nov, 2018 - Mars-Ketu together in Capricorn causing many events of explosive nature. 2018 was also year of retrogrades where all 5 planets went retrograde. Not to forget that Saturn was in Moola Nakshatra in almost whole of the year of 2018.

d. And now we have this Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius for whole of 2019.

e. So, it is not that we are seeing these difficult transits for 1st time or the last time. They were before and there will be similar transits in future too.

2. And here I am only mentioning the major transits which impacted us for at least 6 months at a given time. Along with these transits, we had eclipses, planets going retrograde, debilitation in transits etc. So, we can say that we go through these challenging transits almost every year. Now, let's see when we can expect some relief or better way to say that till when we need to take utmost care of ourselves.

3. As I said, Saturn-Ketu are together for this whole year. We have also discussed Mars current transit in Cancer and Venus troublesome transit from Gemini to Virgo. This is adding troubles to already troublesome Saturn-Ketu transit. It will continue till Oct, 2019.

4. So, 1st relief we can expect is from Nov, 2019 when Venus and Mars both will be out of Virgo and the coming signs (Libra to Taurus) are positive transits for both of them.

5. But major relief can be there only when Saturn moves out of Sagittarius and we will get some relief from this heavy energy of Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius. It will happen in Jan, 2020.

6. After that, for quite some time we wont have two strong malefic planets conjunction in a sign for such a long period.

7. So as I see, 1st target should be to see-off time till Oct, 2019 and then time till Jan, 2020.

8. Obviously, transits are the last step of possibility of any event happening. So, if someone is under dasha of Saturn, Ketu, Mars or Venus then that person needs to be more careful. Otherwise also, it doesn't cost anything to be aware, cautious and mindful of situations around you.

And as the poem goes, Even This Shall Pass Away....



Post on 6th July, 2019 

Time and again, whenever question related to remedies have come to me, I have preferred to say that "awareness is the only remedy". Today, I am trying to explain a little more this awareness factor and how it can be developed in our lives to help us in living a more meaningful life.

1. Awareness can also be termed as Consciousness or Mindfulness. It simply means that be aware and conscious of the moment you are living. If I am writing this post right now then my mind should be totally occupied with every single word I am writing and no thought of past or future should come in to my mind. I have written a detailed article on mindfulness before - https://www.astrosaxena.com/mind , and it may help us in understanding this concept.

2. But then how awareness can be utilized as an Astrological Remedy?

3. So, every chart has some strong points and every chart has some blocks. This is the way I like to think that if I am aware of what are my strengths in chart and where I may have to put unnecessary efforts to gain almost nothing then I can utilize my time, energy and resources in those areas which are strong and I can avoid those areas which may give me minimum results even after putting my best efforts.

4. Like, in my chart, there is Rahu-Saturn conjunction in 10th house/Leo of Authorities, this very clearly shows that I won't have much benefits working under others' authority and I also have experienced the same results when I worked under others' authority. At the same time, I have 3 planets in 3rd house of self-efforts and business.

5. Now, astrological knowledge or if I know nothing about astrology then at least my astrologer should create this awareness within me that I may be wasting my time, energy and resources in job oriented career rather I must invest my time and energy in my own business. If this awareness comes to me then at least I can start thinking about my own business. At least I will seek some options and won't waste my efforts in a path which is blocked for me altogether.

6. And this is only one example for one area of life, We can see the same things in relationship, property or children etc. Like, if I am aware before-hand of the challenges I am going to face in relationship then I can prepare myself to handle them before things can go out of hand.

7. Basically, I want to say that if we are aware of right path then we can't even think of walking the wrong path. Would you put your hand in fire deliberately? No, right? So, if you are aware of your wrong traits and characteristics then the process of improvement starts the moment you become aware because you can't follow wrong path in awareness.

8. All wrong actions we commit are in a state of unawareness or sleeping-mode where we don't even know what we are doing. A person can't commit theft if he is aware that he is committing theft. A person can't lie if he is aware that he is speaking a lie. A person can't be aggressive or violent or abusive to other if he is aware of what he is doing.

9. That's why, my whole effort is to create awareness within myself and others so that we can get away from wrong path automatically in that conscious state. We won't need any remedy, worship or gemstone to do that for us.

10. I am perfectly aware that astrology has been used as a tool to accomplish our desires from times immemorial. But I am making a conscious effort to utilize it to create awareness regarding what person really is and what should be his right path in life. Once we know that then we don't need any remedy whatsoever. Awareness remains the best remedy. So, please utilize astrology to make yourself aware of your strengths and blocks, so that you can redirect your time and energy in right path.

11. And Meditation is the only way by which we can develop awareness within us. Be it any type of meditation. Osho alone has developed 150+ ways to meditate. Specific meditation techniques for specific requirements of individual. Choose anyone that fits you and your needs.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 13th July, 2019 

As an Astrologer, I am bound to get into this situation where people are expecting most accurate predictions from me and I can't blame them. From times immemorial, this is what we have seen in name of astrological services. Many astrologers claiming 100% accuracy or guaranteed predictions. Our movies have also played an important role in creating this perception that astrological predictions are perfect or accurate. Within this, people do find it unbelievable when they ask me that how accurate are my predictions and I respond that it is only a probability not a certainty. So, let's see if astrological predictions are probabilities or certainties?

1. I can understand the reason behind an astrologer claiming that his predictions are always perfect because it helps him getting more business. The reason why I never claimed it is the same that I was never concerned about getting more business. I am happy with the number of consultations I get and increasing that number is never in my agenda as I am one-man army. I want to take-up only that much work which I can handle without spoiling my peace.

2. As I have no priority of growing my business, I can easily say that my predictions are a probability because it will stop those people to come to me who are not yet ready for occult science. I always felt that people seeking perfect or certain predictions don't understand the complexities of subject and hence, they are not yet ready for occult knowledge.

3. Because let's face it, what is certain in life? When life itself is uncertain then what else can be certain in life? When we take some medicine to heal our illness then are we certain that medicine will work? Or we just take on hope or expectation or probability? Can any Doctor or Lawyer claim that he didn't mess any case in his life? So, does it prevent us from going to Doctor or taking medicine next time we fall sick? We again take it on hope or expectation or probability of getting healed.

4. And it is in every area of life. Take the simplest of example. We take food every day. Do we know before taking food that will we be able to digest it or not? We still take it because we have no other option. In this unsecured atomic world, can we be even certain about the next moment?

5. I guess this is what I want to say here that there is no guaranty or certainty for anything in life. Life itself is uncertain. I agree that astrology or any other occult knowledge is divine science but it is still interpreted by mere mortals like me. I don't think that even the best astrologer in the world can say that all his predictions were always perfect. Actually, if he is really the best astrologer of the world then he would never claim any perfection over his predictions because he would know the complexities of the subject. This reminds me of Osho from Chapter-6 of his book Hidden Mysteries where he said,

"In the name of astrology, ninety-nine percent of astrologers only bluff. Only one percent will not dogmatically assert that an event will definitely happen. They know that astrology is a vast subject – so vast that someone can only hesitatingly enter into it."

6. As I know little bit of astrology, I also know that I can't know it in its totality. So, all I can claim is probability, never a certainty.

7. But I understand that if a layman is paying money for some services then he would like to have best services. I agree. But keeping "Perfect Prediction" as the criteria for best services is still childish. Like, when you take a Doctor's service, you see that how genuinely he tried to heal or cure his patient. Likewise, all you need to see in an astrologer is how much and how sincere efforts he has made to counsel his clients? If he has made sincere efforts then the foundation is there, i.e. his sincerety. After gaining some more knowledge and experience, he will be able to make better predictions and counsel his client better.

8. Another criteria we can use to know if a particular astrologer is genuine or not, is to see how sincerely he responds to queries and doubts of his clients post-consultation? If he responds at all or not? It is easy to be approachable when a person is coming for a consultation but if he has questions/doubts over consultation then resolving those doubts is also a solemn duty of the same astrologer who has given those doubts through consultation.

9. So,these two criteria you can keep in mind to know the genuineness of an astrologer, i.e. a. the efforts made during consultation to counsel the client, b. and the efforts made post-consultation to resolve the doubts or questions over consultation. So-called "Perfect Prediction" is a childish criteria.

10. Somehow I usually find myself standing in between two parties. At times I criticize counselors and at times I criticize counselled. May be, this is the benefit of middle path, i.e. The Buddha Field.

Hope this helps. 



Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer.

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