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FB Posts on Saturn-Ketu Conjunction-Ascendant Wise, Omens/Indications/Destiny, FAQs, Mars Transit.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 

Post on 19th Jan

So, let's try to understand upcomng Saturn-Ketu transit (https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19) in Sagittarius in some depth as I feel that more than a Saturn-Ketu conjunction is happening. So, I am planning to cover all ascendants one after the other. Let's begin in reverse order this time from Pisces ascendant as normally their turn comes last -

1. For Pisces ascendant or Moon sign, this conjunction in transit will happen in 10th house/Sagittarius of Father, Authority, Career and Work. So, quite apparently they are going to have some issues with father, authorities, career, work or public image. As we know that this transit will be in 10th house from March, 2019 to Jan, 2020.

But here is where things are not ending with this combination of Saturn and Ketu.

2. From Jan, 2020, Saturn will move into 11th house/Capricorn of gains and will stay there till 2022. It will reduce/limit their income and gains. Ketu will stay in 10th house of Career till Sep, 2020. So again, not a good combination for career or I should say, job setup career.

3. So their combination suggests that there will be issues with job oriented career as Ketu will separate them from Career of 10th house and Saturn will put a block over gains.

But things are still not stopping -

4. Then Ketu will transit in 9th house/Scorpio from Sep, 2020 to March, 2022. During same period, Saturn will remain in 11th house/Capricorn. Together they will create a Paap Kartari Yoga for 10th house.

So, as we can see, Saturn-Ketu are continuously keeping 10th house under hammer for Pisces ascendant people. Now, the results -

a. They must start looking for a business setup career from now onward. If they try to work in job setup, they can 1st of all have lots of obstacles in getting a job but then even if they get it, they can have lots of stress in job or working under others authority. Actually, Rahu transiting through 4th house/Gemini is good enough indication that they need to focus/gravitate towards their home based business.

b. They can have problems with Father and other authority figures in life. They must also take care of Father's health. They must remain careful in money matters from now onward.

c. If overall dasha is of benefic planets then they can get above results through a benefic event else it can be through a negative event too.

d. Their public image can be harmed if dasha is also indicating towards some negative event related with 10th house, 5th house (death of fame being the 8th from 10th house) or 8th house (Scandals & Controversies).

e. Basically, they need to be very cautious in matters of their career from now till mid of 2022 (3 years). As I said, business oriented career is best & only option to avoid stress of working under others. Else if they try to stay into job setup only, they can have serious issues in career and money matters for next 3 years.

Next, we will see the same for Aquarians.


Post on 21st Jan

Again, time for some clarifications from yesterday's session on Saturn-Ketu transit (https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/ytsatketu) -

1. 1st of all, how to deal with Saturn-Ketu conjunction during this year? - As I said in session, just avoid or dont expect any results from living significance of the house where this conjunction is taking place. You can still get results of non-living significance of that house but don't expect anything in the area of living significance. If you still get some good results of the living significance then consider it as your good luck or unexpected bonus.

2. Like, the most relationship problems can be seen for Gemini and Leo people as this conjunction is happening in 7th house and 5th house respectively. Now, if someone is single then just avoid getting into relationship during this year. What is the hurry to get into relationship during this year only? If someone is married then leave any expectation from partner for this year. If you get a chance then maintain a long distance relationship during the year as it can be a way to sustain the relation in this troublesome times. I have seen people maintaining an average married life despite having troublesome chart for marriage just because they maintained a long distance relation.

3. Likewise, if Saturn-Ketu conjunction is impacting Career for Aries and Pisces ascendant people by being in 9th house and 10th house, then best way to deal with this transit is to go towards your own business and avoid working under other's authority. If you can't do that then at least have least expectations from job setup this year. Not to expect hike/promotion/R&R during this year and avoid any argument with Boss/Colleagues.

4. It is just like what I told during session that during last year's Ketu AD and Mars-Ketu transit in my 3rd house, I just completely gave-up on driving. I didn't get into any situation where I can get into accidents. I reduced that possibility to minimum and survived the year.

5. Another question was how Jupiter is going to impact this conjunction when it joins Saturn-Ketu in Sagittarius in Nov, 2019. So 1st of all, Jupiter will join them in Nov and by Jan, 2020 Saturn will be off to Capricorn. Hence, not enough time for Jupiter to give its effect on Saturn-Ketu. Then Jupiter's transit will be like shuffling between Sagittarius and Capricorn and then back to Sagittarius within quick time. It means that Jupiter's energy is not focused at one house/sign during Jupiter's next transit. So again, Jupiter is not getting enough time to show its results in either of the signs. Finally, for majority of Jupiter's next transit, Jupiter will be within Saturn-Ketu degree-wise which will create a paap kartari yoga for Jupiter and hence, its results will be reduced. So as I see, Jupiter is not of much help this time.

6. Finally, the age old question of seeing the event from ascendant or moon sign? Events will always happen through ascendant. So, if you want to see what events may take place then see transit from ascendant. Transit from Moon sign will show how your mind will react or feel to the same event. Post of 14th July, 2018 may help you - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsjuly1.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 23rd Jan

Now, let's try to understand upcoming Saturn-Ketu transit (https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19) in Sagittarius for Aquarius people and how they can handle it in a better way -

1. For Aquarians, this conjunction in transit will happen in 11th house/Sagittarius of friends, networking circle, income, gains, desires, higher humanitarian causes, entrepreneurship. So, quite apparently they are going to have some issues in these areas. They should have minimum expectations from their elder sibling, friends and networking circle or we can say that their networking circle will get reduced to minimum. They may keep desires or expectations from others to the minimum level as others may not keep the expectations.

2. It can be the time when they may not feel like working in large organizations or MNCs.

3. They need to be very careful in money matters and any overspending or mismanagement of money can result in losses.

4. Then when Saturn moves into 12th house/Capricorn and Ketu stays in 11th house, then also they need to be careful in money matters. Same situation will continue when Saturn-Ketu create a PKY for 11th house/Sagittarius up to 2022. So basically, they need to be very careful about their finances, financial responsibilities and where they are giving their money.

5. At the same time, they can utilize this transit in Sagittarius matters, i.e. higher education as per their academic or creative interests and try to serve others through their higher education.

6. Best results of this transit is only available for them when they go towards entrepreneurship. When they try to serve others through their higher education and knowledge, then only they can see good results coming. One good thing about business is that once it is set-up, income never stops. There is no down time (speaking from my own experience). So if they go towards business, they can handle the financial challenges we talked about earlier in a better way. Rahu transiting in 5th house/Gemini is also indicative of business in creative field.

Next, we will see the same for Capricorn.


Post on 23rd Jan

Some random thoughts which can be considered as sequel of my earlier post on 12th Jan about Omens and Indications - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsjan1 .

Whenever it comes to questions of our current situation in life, we like to either blame God/Destiny or other people. Either God/Universe/Destiny dodged us or some other people in our lives dodged us. We were totally innocent people. And may be those other people are also thinking that they are innocent and we dodged them.

I mean what is the purpose it is serving or conclusion we are arriving at?

1. I feel that both answers are of escapism. Escaping from our own responsibility of our own actions which lead us to current state of our lives.

2. I am always big advocate of fate/destiny - https://www.astrosaxena.com/ffwse and "I know" that everything is pre-destined with free-will functioning only in the limited sphere of ignorance of destiny.

3. But when I use the concept of destiny then it is not for leaving the blame on Universe/God but in total acceptance of whatever Universe decides for us. If I say that it was my destiny to go through so many instability in my career to reach here then it was also destiny of all those people whom I came in contact with during the course of those careers and who contributed in those instability. If I was bound by destiny then even they were bound by the same destiny. So, I use destiny in totality and not to defend myself or blame others.

4. Then when we blame God/Universe for any negative event of our life then why we don't give credit to same God/Universe for any achievement of our life? Whenever we go through a rough time, we are quick to blame God that why God is doing this to me? So 1st of all, we accept that God is Doer and we are just a puppet. Then when we achieve something then how credit can come to us? How can we say that "I achieved this or that"? If achievement is our than failure should also be our and if failure is blamed at God then achievement should also be at God's credit.

5. But this is where the problem is? and the name of problem is Ego. Ego likes to take the Credit and Ego likes to shift the blame.

6. So 1st thing is that if you are accepting everything as destiny or pre-destined then accept it wholly/totally/completely. It can't be partial. It can't be like - "ohh I was destined to go through this suffering but how come this guy cheated me like this"? Well, if you were destined to suffer then there has to be someone who is destined to bring that suffering to you.

7. Then another way is to blame others for your situation in life? Why? Were you not born with a brain? Were you not advised correctly on time? If others could use their brains and dodge you then what prevented you to use your brain and safeguard yourself?

8. I feel both ways are wrong (partial blame on destiny or on other people) and it is about shifting the blame on others and defending own ego. How can we accept that we have created our own mess? But truth is that only. We are the reason behind our lives, either in good way or bad way? And we can change our life any moment, either in good way or bad way. If we are happy then it is because of our actions and awareness. If we are sad then it is because of our own inactions and ignorance.

9. So, we have two options -

a. if we want to accept everything as pre-destined then accept it totally. Accept that even your biggest enemy is also destined to make you suffer and even he can't avoid his pre-destined role.

b. But if we don't want to accept destiny totally then accept that your current situation is just because of your actions/inactions or knowledge/ignorance. There is no role of God or Destiny in it.

And when we accept our mistakes in our life then there is a possibility of improvement. Blaming others or destiny (partially) has no possibility of improvement or evolution.

Hope this makes sense. Post open for comments.


Post on 25th Jan

Today, some FAQs and my responses -

1. Why Saturn is giving bad results even when it is exalted in Libra?

Answer - I always suggest to understand Saturn as polar opposite of Venus. Venus represents conveniences and pleasant experiences anywhere in the chart. Even debilitated Venus is going to give wealth and relationship, irrespective of quality of these things. Likewise, Saturn represents inconveniences and challenges anywhere in chart. Wherever Saturn is placed or aspects in your chart, you will have biggest challenges in things related with those houses/signs of your chart. Hence, if Saturn is in Libra, a sign of business and relation, person will find biggest of challenges in starting own business as lots of fear will be there and maintaining a balanced relationship as they always bump into wrong partners. Even if right person comes into their life, they will reject him and select wrong one because in the end, it is their destiny to go through that challenge. So, Saturn is always a challenge of our lives in whichever sign it is in. It can be worse when it is in signs like Aries (debilitated), Scorpio (enemy sign) and Leo (great enemy sign) but it can never be termed as beneficial or positive or provider. If you are taking Saturn as a benefic or provider then you are only living a dream which will soon be over. Only way to gain out of Saturn is by being very matured, realistic and practical about the things related with the house it is in. Any type of immaturity or childish behavior can't sustain with Saturn. So, Saturn is always a challenge, no matter it is exalted or debilitated, no matter it is in 1st house or 7th house and no matter it is with friends or enemies. Even if Jupiter is aspecting it, Saturn is the one to have impact on Jupiter rather than Jupiter having any impact on Saturn. Things with Saturn only improve after 35 years.

2. What if Nodes are exalted in chart? What impact they will have?

Answer - Nodes are neither exalted nor debilitated. Please read post of 8th aug - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsaug1 and post on 19th nov - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostnov2 . Again, Moon, Jupiter, Venus are natural benefic planets and Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars are nature malefic planets. Sun is mild-malefic but I consider it as full malefic especially when it comes to relationship astrology. Mercury is neutral which changes its nature as per the planet it is conjunct with or in whose sign it is in. Like, Mercury with Ketu or Mercury in Scorpio is malefic but Mercury with Venus or Mercury in Libra is benefic.

Now, benefic planets are supposed to provide something. Its their nature to give you during their dasha. Even in their worst dignity, they will still provide you something or the other during their dashas.

Likewise, a malefic planet is supposed to make us work hard over a long period of time to achieve anything. So, even in their best dignity, they will make us work hard. Things don't happen automatically during a malefic planet dasha. So, no matter where nodes are placed in chart, where Saturn is placed or where Mars is placed, their dasha will bring some unpleasant situations which will make us work hard to bring things in order. Things will not happen easily. Even Mars exalted in Capricorn would give results after hard work and perseverance as that is what Capricorn sign represents. So, somehow I feel that we should let go of the concept of dignity with malefic planets as it creates confusion that a malefic planet in good dignity will give us benefic results, which is not the case.Or we should use dignity of malefic planets only to know where they can give worse results (debilitated, enemy signs) rather than to know where they are going to give benefits.

3. Why most of the major transits look troublesome for human life?

Answer - To understand this, we need to keep in mind the duration of transits of every planet and again, the nature of planets.

Benefic Planets -

Moon - 2 days 6 hours. Mercury & Venus - about 20 days. Jupiter - 13 months.

Malefic Planets -

Sun - 30 days. Mars - 45 days. Nodes - 1.5 years. Saturn - 2.5 years.

So it is common sense that when malefic planets are staying in one house/sign for a longer duration and their role is to create hardship or trouble, then majority of transits are going to be troublesome.

Look at the transit durations of benefic planets. They are not even staying in 1 house/sign for a substantial time period to make any major impact. Only Jupiter is staying for 13 months but if Jupiter gets conjunct or aspected by a malefic planet during transit, which generally happens then even its results are hard to achieve. Like, right now Jupiter in Scorpio is getting aspect of Rahu, then Jupiter will be with Ketu in Sagittarius and then it will join Saturn in Capricorn. Also, many a times Jupiter shuffles between 2 signs during 1 year of transit. It doesn't give Jupiter enough time to give its results intensely in one house/sign. So, even Jupiter is unable to give its full results during transit due to one or the other reason.

That's why, most of the transits of planets which we talk about are malefic in nature and it is more about hardship.

4. How to know which planet will have impact over which planet and will be impacted by which other planets when they are conjunct or in mutual aspect?

Answer - So, here is the kind of hierarchy to see planetary impact on each other as per nature -

Moon - As it remains the most gentle planet, it can't impact any other planet. It gets impacted by all other planets.

Mercury - It impacts Moon but gets impacted by other planets.

Venus - It impacts Moon & Mercury but gets impacted by other planets.

Sun - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by other planets.

Mars - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by other planets.

Jupiter - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by other planets.

Exception - I would consider Sun, Mars and Jupiter equally strong and they can impact each other. Hence, end result depends on the chart and which planet is in better dignity in a particular chart.

Nodes - They impact everyone, except Saturn.

Saturn - As the Big Boss, it impacts everyone and leaves no one. 

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 29th Jan, 

Now, let's try to understand upcoming Saturn-Ketu transit (https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19) in Sagittarius for Capricorn people and how they can handle it in a better way -

1. For Capricorn people, this conjunction in transit will happen in 12th house/Sagittarius of foreign lands, spirituality, isolation, losses and expenses. Sagittarius is sign of higher education, religion, philosophy and people of different ethnicity. So quite clearly, house and sign both are indicating towards foreign lands/people, religion, philosophy and literature. This means that this transit is going to make them focus on foreign lands, religion, spirituality etc.

2.So, this can be a very good time if someone is interested in higher education on religious, philosophical and spiritual matters. They can research and study about these things and can work on other interests or creativity they can have.

3. At the same time, they need to be very careful in money matters and any overspending or mismanagement of money can result in losses as it is also the house of losses & expenses and both planets involved are malefic. As it is house of hospitals too, they need to be careful about their health issues else losses can be related with health and healing.

4. As 12th house is also house of bed-pleasures and it is 6th from 7th house which represents obstacles/conflicts in relationship, keep your expectations to minimum in relationship matters else you may have some disappointments.

5. At the same time, Saturn or Jupiter transiting through 12th house for any ascendant is considered as "Closing Time" where we finish the pending works. So, this time can be well utilized in completing long standing pending works.

6. Then when Saturn moves into 1st house/Capricorn and Ketu stays in 12th house, then it can be time of making some new beginnings in life as 1st house is the house of new beginnings.

7. Then Saturn-Ketu will create a PKY for 12th house. So, it is very clear that for Capricorn people, 12th house will be under hammer for some time to come. It also means that their experience in foreign lands may not be pleasant one. They may avoid a foreign travel or if they are already in foreign lands then try your best to avoid any conflict or stressful situation with people there.

8. Best results of this transit is only available for them when they go towards education of religious, philosophical, spiritual or creative interests. They should least expect from relationship area of life. Now again, as final event is end result of chart + dasha + transit, if someone is going through a relationship friendly dasha then he can still experience average results in relationship.

Next, we will see the Saturn-Ketu transit for Sagittarius ascendant.



Post on 31st Jan

Now, let's try to understand upcoming Saturn-Ketu transit (https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19) in Sagittarius for Sagittarius ascendant people and how they can handle it in a better way -

1. As this conjunction is happening in Sagittarius only, we can understand that Sagittarius ascendant people will be most impacted by this transit. Although we all have Sagittarius sign in one or the other house of chart and this transit will have major impact on things related with that house but as ascendant remains the most important house of chart, this transit will have biggest impact on Sagittarius ascendant as it is going to impact their whole life path.

2.Saturn transiting through ascendant always brings the biggest of changes in life path. It can change the whole life path of Sagittarius ascendant people. And now Ketu joining Sagittarius provides further malefic impact.

3. As Saturn limits things and Ketu separates person from things related to the house, it shows that they can receive only the minimum results of the life path they are following currently. It may lead to a great frustration to them and they may think about changing their whole life path. This can be from existing job to new job or to new business or to a new career overall.

4. Possibilities of going towards business is high as Rahu is transiting 7th house/Gemini which may gravitate them towards business.They can be equally gravitated towards relationship but due to Saturn's aspect on 7th house of relationship, they need to be very realistic, practical and mature in matters of relations.

5. As 1st house also represents physical body & overall health and as Saturn-Ketu are strong malefics, they should be careful about their overall health, especially around head area of body as 1st house represents head.

6. This transit can also take them away from their birth place as Saturn-Ketu together will limit their experiences or benefits at birth place.

7. Then Saturn's transit into 2nd house/Capricorn after Jan, 2020 shows limit in their resources or wealth which is obvious as when you go through an overall change in life path, you can't expect your new life/career path to suddenly give you benefits. You have to wait to reap the results on your new life path. It also shows that they should be extra careful about wealth matters from now only and manage it in a better way else next transit of Saturn in 2nd house/Capricorn of wealth and resources can certainly bring some major issues in wealth matters.

8. Then PKY between Saturn-Ketu for Sagittarius sign between 2020-end to 2022 will show that they will feel that their whole life is stuck at one point and nothing is moving forward. They would need to make an extra-effort to move things in their overall life.

As we can see, time from now to 2022 can be a time for overall change in life path of Sagittarius ascendant people and any result can be expected after immense hard work, delay and perseverance. Only key to deal with this transit is to be receptive to changes in life and flow with it. Any effort to resist the change will only create stress in life.

Next, we will see the Saturn-Ketu transit for Scorpio ascendant.



Post on 2nd feb, 2019


So again, Mars is about to begin its next transit in Aries on 6th Feb for next 45 days. The reason why I like to focus on Mars transits among all short duration transits is that 45 days is still a substantial time window for an event to take place. Another reason is that through its aspects on 3 different houses, it can create joint impact on those houses along with other planets if other planets are also impacting same houses during transit. In the end, those houses can give prominent results in 45 days' time. So, let's see where Mars transit in Aries is impacting us -

1. Mars will be in Aries from Feb 6th to March 22nd. So, it will have an impact on the house where you have Aries sign in your chart.

2. Between 14th Feb to 14th Mar, Mars in Aries and Sun in Aquarius will create Paap Kartari Yoga for Pisces sign. It means that things related to house where Pisces falls in your chart will completely get stuck and you won't feel any progress in matters of that house.

3. But then it's 4th aspect will go on Cancer sign and 8th aspect will be on Scorpio sign.

4. 4th aspect of Mars is about capturing or controlling things related to the house where it is falling. 8th aspect of Mars is about bringing some sudden events or changes in the things related to the house where it is falling.

5. Now, important thing is that Cancer sign already has Rahu transit going on and Scorpio sign has Jupiter transit going on. Rahu and Jupiter are also aspecting each other through 9th aspects.

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