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FB Posts on D-Charts, Transit Results, Omens and Indications, Internalizing Energy, Sun-Ketu Degree.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 5th Jan, 2019

One of the main reason why I don't get into divisional charts and like to do whole consultation through D-1 chart is the difference between the nature of Divisional Charts and the nature of questions we all have for Divisional Charts. For ex -

D-9 is made out of 9th house of D-1 chart. What is 9th house? It is the highest of Dharma Trikon Houses (1st house, 5th house and 9th house).

1st house is house of Self. So although, it is also dharma house but it is more centered around person himself and his needs.

5th house is house of love/romance and children. So, we move a step further in 5th house and become concerned for others too. We are not so self-centered in 5th house.

But then comes the 9th house which is about values, morals, religion and serving people of different ethnicity which actually includes people of whole world. So, 9th house is where we get connected with the whole world and try to serve everyone with our knowledge, morals, values etc.

Likewise, every planet has 3 levels of representation. For ex -

Venus's lowest representation is wealth and sex. This again we need for ourselves. For survival of body and self.

Venus's middle level representation is relationship where we get concerned for others too.

But Venus's highest level of representation is Service and Devotion by which we get devoted to some higher cause and serve others.

Now my little understanding says that if we are making D-9 out of the highest of dharma house (9th house) then its interpretations has to be of highest level, i.e. how we can serve others or how we can devote to some higher cause? If we are looking at Venus position in D-9 then rather than looking at Venus for mundane things like wealth, luxury and relationship timing, we should look what Venus position in D-9 indicates about the area or field of service and devotion in this life.

Ideally, D-9 should be looked for seeing your right/dharmic life path but 99.99% questions are regarding wealth and relationship. Hence, I am reluctant to use D-9 for these questions. I am not saying that these questions are not important but D-9 is not the right chart to ask these questions. D-1 is enough to guide us on these questions.

Likewise, other D-charts should also be seen for some higher purposes rather than generic stuff. Like, D-10 should be seen for your right karma or duty in this life. But we try to get job/promotion timing from D-10.

Hope it makes sense and it is helpful.



'Post on 11th Jan, 2019 

So finally, the accumulated result of all the big transits of 2019 (https://www.astrosaxena.com/rahugemini1920 , https://www.astrosaxena.com/ketusagi1920 , https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19 , https://www.astrosaxena.com/rasaaqua19) will be like this -

1. In whichever house Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius falls in your chart, things related with that house will see stress, frustration, limitation and results can only be achieved after immense hard work, delay and perseverance.

2. As all the planets involved are malefic by nature and any combination of malefic planets brings reduced favorable results and stress, we have to accept the situation of reduced results and stress in the houses where Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius falls in your chart. Acceptance will be the 1st step towards improving things. We can't fight with Universe.

3. It will be better if we leave the expectations from the people involved in these 3 houses for this year. Like, if Gemini, Sagittarius or Aquarius is your 7th house then it will be better to leave any expectation from relationship/partner for the year. If you get some good result during the year then consider it as unexpected bonus.

4. Rather it will be better to focus your time, energy and attention in non-living significance of the same houses. That's where we can still expect some results provided hard work is applied. Like, if Gemini or Sagittarius or Aquarius is falling in 5th house, then don't expect much from love relation but focus yourself on education and creativity. You will have some results.

5. In matters of non-living significance also, we will get results only after hard work and perseverance due to Saturn's impact on all 3 signs. So, even those results are not granted just like that.

6. And obviously, these results are in combination with Chart + Dasha +Transits. So, if anyone is going through a benefic planets dasha then things can be little different for him. So again, overall chart reading is important.



Post on 12th Jan, 2019 

It might sound surprising to people but for me Astrology is secondary source of guidance. If we are ready to open our eyes and be receptive to the omens and indications placed by Universe/God then we don't even need any Astrologer or Counselor. Universe tries to guide us every moment by sending advice through people close to us, by making some events happen at critical times which should open our eyes but we choose to turn a blind eye to such omens/indications/advice/events when they are against our desires. Like,

1. Many a times it happens that person meets with a big accident. We can say that it was accident and what he could do? In my experience, in 99% of cases, that person would have met with a minor accident or incident before. Universe must have warned him with such minor incident that something big is coming. People must have advised him to drive slowly and use all the protective gears. But he might have ignored all these things. Now, people blame God but same God gave you indications. All you had to do is to open your sense organs little bit but it was too much to do.

2. I can say in 100% of cases where Marriages don't work well, Universe sends some huge indications by creating obstacles/hurdles on the path of getting married. It sends us people who try to counsel us that our choice of person may not be correct or the situations or circumstances under which a person gets married are itself so chaotic that it should open anyone's eyes. But we choose to keep them closed because omens are against our desires.

3. I am sure that many people must have observed that before marriage, many a times it happens that an elderly person of family passes away or some other negative event happens. I have seen cases like a big fire took place in marriage hall days before marriage and things like a big theft happened in either side of family just before the marriage. I would consider that these are omens by which Universe is trying its level best to stop you. I have also seen the results of these marriages in future which were nothing less than horrible.

4. Likewise, we can reflect back at almost every mistake of our lives and we would realize that in all those events there was at least 1 person sent by Universe who came and tried to guide us in right direction but we chose not to listen to him because his words were against our desires.

5. We can see same example in Career matters too. As per my own experience in jobs and as a counselor, 99% people are frustrated or stressful by their job setup but still not open to the idea of having own business. I mean why it is so difficult to understand that your stress or frustration is an omen from Universe that you are working in wrong field and you should at least start planning something different for yourself?

6. Another omen or indication universe sends by creating blocks and obstacles in our path. If you are desperate to achieve something but there are many obstacles or hurdles in the way of such achievement then it is an indication that may be that achievement is not good for your overall life and we should look at other things or directions in life. Understand that Universe/God doesn't want us to suffer. So, it is bound to guide us in right direction by creating obstacles on wrong path.

7. Many a times the distinction between right and wrong path is at initial stages only. If I was meant for Astrology then my initial days of practicing astrology itself will give me some positive results to tell me that I am on right path else the indication is change your path. Same thing can be applied in relationship too. Your 1st couple of months of interaction are enough to tell you if other person is making you happy or not. It is just a wishful thinking that situations will improve with time. Things only grow with time. If it is positive then positivism will grow else vice-versa.

8. But most of us like to ignore these omens, indications and advice of our well-wishers for achieving our desires but later we like to blame God for all the nonsense we have created due to our egoistic desires. Most common practice is to blame those who advised us wrongly. Well, then ask yourself why you didn't listen to the advice of people who were giving you right advice? Basically, 99% of us don't follow right or wrong advice. They just follow the advice which is as per their desires. Best example is myself giving horoscope matching consultations where I never said that horoscopes have got matched. Do you think that those people would have cancelled their plans to get married? They would have gone to another astrologer, then another, then another till the time they found one who would say YES to their horoscopes matching. So, they are not looking for right or wrong advice. They are looking for advice which suits their desires.

9. Hence, I feel that if we just open our senses to all the things happening around us and try to understand what Universe/God is trying to tell us then we don't even need any occultist or counselor to guide us. Those omens and our open mind to them is enough to guide us. But if we keep our eyes closed then even God can't help us.


Post on 14th Jan, 2019 

So again, time to clarify things from yesterday's session on how to deal with planets in wrong dignity? Let's understand what I was trying to say about internalizing the energy with some examples for some of the planets -

Sun - Suppose someone has Sun in a wrong dignity. We all have our ego issues. We don't like when people ignore us or hurt our ego but rather than getting into ego conflicts with those people or throwing your ego on others who may be completely innocent in this ego hurt of yours, you need to ask yourself why you need such recognition or ego boost from others? You may realize that basically, you are a person suffering from inferiority complex or lack of self-worth and that makes you seek attention, focus and recognition from others. And when they don't give you that recognition or ignore you, your beaten-up ego gets further beating. So basically, problem is within you and it is your internal issue which you are throwing on others and making things more horrible for everyone including self.

Venus - Suppose someone has Venus in a wrong dignity and that person had a very deceitful love relation in early life. Now, due to excellent memory we all possess when it comes to our own sufferings, that person is unable to forget that deceit or fraud. Now, in later life some new relation came in life but that person is unable to trust the new person. Now, if he displays this lack of trust or suspicious nature on new person then things can be troublesome and he will again be left cursing relationship or people in his life. The only positive way is to go inside with thoughts and ask yourself why you are unable to trust this new person? Is it something wrong which new person has done or you are still clinging on to your past failures in relationship? If he asks these questions honestly then realization is possible that it is his own internal psychological issue which he is unnecessarily projecting on this new person. But if he throws this distrust on other person then things are gone at that stage only because others are bound to react.

Mars - Before throwing your anger on others, ask yourself honestly that why others are able to make you angry so easily? Rather than focusing on the person who made you angry, look within and try to find out from where anger originated. Basically, you have to completely turn-around the focus from the person who made you angry to yourself and anger will be gone. "When George Gurdieff's father was leaving this world, he told his son to wait for 24 hours if someone makes him angry". This is a valuable advice. Utilize those 24 hours in seeing why you got angry and anger will not be there anymore. I was fond of Buddha TV Series on Zee TV and only for one reason. Whenever someone used to misbehave with Buddha or try to hurt or harm him, Buddha never used to react and when that person later used to apologise, Buddha always used to respond - What happened? I don't remember anything. This was a great learning from that series as to how we should keep ourselves in moment, without impact of past or imaginations of future.

So, this is what I was trying to tell in live session. All our problems are self-created and hence, their solutions are also within self. If you project those issues on others then you are increasing your troubles because other person also has his troubles and problems. He is bound to react. 99.99% population is not Buddha in this unconscious world of ours who can just ignore everything thrown at him. So, heal your wounds within yourself rather than bleed on others.


Post on 17th Jan, 2019

Normally, we pay attention to eclipse day for the effects of solar or lunar eclipse in our lives but I feel that the day when Sun passes off the exact degree of Rahu-Ketu axis during transit is equally important. Now, 1st thing is to understand that I am saying it is "equally important". So, I am not saying it is more important and eclipse day has less importance.

Let's understand it by a real life example.

After looking at my chart (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astrologer), I happened to make a prediction towards the end of 2016 that between Jan, 2017 to June, 2017, we will shift to a new house. Reasons were -

1. Jupiter-Mercury dasha. Mercury ruling 11th house/Virgo (8th from 4th house - change of home) and sitting in 3rd house/Capricorn (12th from 4th house - loss of home). At that time, we had a house property at home town. So, I had an intuition that may be that property will be sold (as Mercury and 3rd house both represent selling/buying things) and we will be able to buy a new property at Hyderabad where we stay now.

2. Annual Transit-wise - Saturn was in 2nd house/Sagittarius and Jupiter was in 11th house/Virgo between Jan, 2017 to June, 2017. So, Jupiter-Saturn joint impact was in 11th house of change of home for these 6 months. That makes the prediction potential. Moreover, Rahu was transiting 10th house/Leo of Career and Ketu (separation) was transiting 4th house/Aquarius of home. It was also nodal return for me. Also, Saturn's 3rd aspect was on Ketu in 4th house/Aquarius. Saturn is limitation and Ketu is separation. Together they can bring events of separation from 4th house related things. So, Ketu transit was also indicating towards separation from home during that time.

3. As soon as Feb, 2017 started, we were approached by a potential buyer and I saw things happening.

4. Now, the solar eclipse day was 26th Feb, 2017 but the actual event of selling the property at home town was on 22nd Feb, 2017 when transiting Sun crossed the degree of transiting Ketu at 9 degree in my 4th house/Aquarius. So, few things are easy to understand here. Like,

5. It was 4th house. Hence, the event was related to house property and home town.

6. It was Ketu-end of eclipse season, hence it was about letting go of things at home town.

7. But difficult to understand is that why Sun became important in this property matter? My 4th house/Aquarius is ruled by Saturn-Rahu and they both are in 10th house/Leo ruled by Sun. So, Sun is the ruler of 4th house lords for me. Sun's movement is going to impact my 4th house related matters too as it rules my 4th house lords. So, when Sun crossed the exact degree of Ketu on 22nd Feb, 2017 in 4th house, there was an event of letting go of 4th house related things.

8. Again, the important thing is that the event didn't take place on solar eclipse day on 26th Feb, 2017 but on 22nd Feb, 2017, the day when Sun-Ketu both were at exact degree. Neither a day before nor a day after.

9. Now, another important thing is that it is not that Sun-Ketu met at exact degree and event took place all of a sudden. Things were building up for couple of months and serious negotiations were going on for 1 month at least, then the final event took place on that particular day. If we were not looking to sell-off the property at that time then some other event related to Sun or 4th house might have taken place as per the circumstances.

10. As Sun-Ketu join today again at 2-3 degree Capricorn, we can expect some important events related with Sun, the house & planets Sun rule over in your chart, Sun's representations as Jaimini Karaka and the house where they are joining together in your chart. Again, person going through Sun MD/AD and already going through such circumstances will see the event more prominently.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

P.S. - This analysis also gives an idea how upcoming Saturn-Ketu transit in Sagittarius may behave? At that time, Ketu transiting 4th house and Saturn aspecting 4th house was successful in separating me from that house property. As overall dasha was of benefic planets, that separation resulted in benefits. So, they joining together in Sagittarius from March, 2019 onward can bring separation from the things related to the house where Sagittarius falls in your chart. Now, if overall dasha is benefic then separation can be due to a positive event or vice-versa.

Views and comments are invited, especially if I missed something.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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