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FB Posts on Saturn, Rebellious Nature, Aquarius/Pisces/Scorpio Ascendant, Rahu-Saturn Conjunction

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 

Post on 3rd Sep, 2018 - 

Normally we talk about maturity age of planets like Saturn at 35 years, Rahu at 42 years or Ketu at 48 years. We look at these ages as the maturity ages of planets but I am of the view that planets are already matured and these are the ages when we should start behaving in matured way.

Like one of my client said that how it can be so that at the age of 34 years 363 days person's Saturn is immature and then suddenly next day, it is matured. I agree with it.

That's why I say that it is the age of maturity of person and rather than saying that at the age of 35 years person gets matured, we should interpret it as that at least at the age of 35 years one should start behaving in a matured way. 

So rather than a rule that person gets matured at 35 years of age, it is like an expectation from us that at least at that age we will start behaving in a matured way.

And when it comes to Saturn, it only gives results when person behaves in a matured way. I think best example is Sachin Tendulkar. He has Saturn in 10th house of fame but Saturn didn't delay his fame because from the teenage itself he had shown a very matured mindset, both on or off the field. Not only a good player but he made sure that he stayed away from all controversies and presented himself as a role model or national icon for everyone. As he was ready to show this matured mindset, Saturn didn't delay his fame.

At the same time, I know many people who are in their 40s or 50s or even beyond that and they behave in a very childish way. I don't think that Saturn is going to be mild for them just because they are above 35 years of age. Saturn wants to make sure that you learnt your lesson and if you are acting in a childish way, then it will give you those harsh lessons no matter how old you are?

So it is more about a matured mindset or matured actions rather than just attending a particular maturity age.

Also, if it is asked that who is most malefic among Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars then I would say Saturn because its nature remains as is in any house, any sign and at any age. 
Rahu can give some benefits in Taurus or Leo, Ketu can be good for spiritual progress in Pisces but Saturn only knows one thing and that is Challenges. With Saturn, you have to start your battle everyday all over again. It is always a work-in-progress. We can never be complacent about Saturn. Only way to deal with Saturn or any other planet is awareness. With Saturn, it is awareness of your challenges, duties and responsibilities.



Post on 5th Sep, 2018

Saturn will be turning direct tomorrow in Sagittarius. With Saturn turning direct, we will have all 5 planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) in direct motion for about 1 month now. Retrograde motion is about looking backwards and Direct Motion is about moving forwards.

So this year was special when we had all 5 planets going retrograde one after the other. It shows that we had lots of back & forth movement during the year. We thought back at many things from past times or we had lots of back and forth in making decisions. We might have repeated many a things to ourselves and others since retrograde season started in March, 2018 with Jupiter turning retrograde. Also, retrograde is time when things get intense in our lives as planets not only are closer to Earth but they are very slow in their movement. So, their energy reaches to us intensely. As things don't move as per desired speed, retrograde season makes us to work harder than normal times.

Within this retro-direct motion, a planet is most intense when it is stationed. This is the time when planet slows down, stops and changes its direction. So, its energy gets stuck or intensified at the place where it gets stuck. This is somewhat we were feeling from last week as Saturn got stationed. Stress level has just gone to a new level.

Now, as all the planets will be moving forward in next one month, it is time to not to reflect back at any action you took in the past or any decision you took in last 4-5 months and start moving forward with that decision, come what may. It is like enough of overthinking, repeating things and reassessing your decisions. It is about moving forward with those decisions.

Also, whichever matters were stuck in last 5 months, now we can expect them to move forward and this situation will remain till the next retrograde season next year. So, it is now time to reap the results of your hard work of last 5 months. Also, if anyone hasn't done any hard work then he will reap results accordingly.Retrograde season is also time to go back and correct your old mistakes. So, if someone hasn't done so then he will get results accordingly.

Finally, the last retrograde of the year will take place from Oct, 6th. I already posted a lot on Venus and relationship in recent times but astrology is so vast and my interest in this topic is so deep that there is always something new to tell. Venus retrograde normally is the time where relationship gets tough and people may break-up or separate. It is because Venus is love or partner and retrograde is about going backwards. So, love or partner can go backward from life in this time. There is also a concept that past lovers come back in this time. I am not too sure about it as I haven't seen much of it in people lives. I mean people may have seen past lovers coming back in life but not necessarily it will turn in reunion. For reunion, both charts and dashas should also indicate towards relationship during Venus retrograde. Plus it can be more a case with someone born with Venus retrograde but even there lots of conditions apply.

Time to move forward in life now.

Relevant Articles - https://www.astrosaxena.com/sat17 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/retroseason.



Post on 7th Sep, 2018 

There was a request to write about what causes rebellious nature in children/youth especially those who are born after 1990.

Here, I think 1st we have to differentiate between aggressive nature/anger issues and rebellious nature. I am all for rebellious nature when a child asks parents question and doesn't agree to them unless they are able to give perfect reply. I am not in favor of any child becoming subservient to his parents. It is easiest job to influence a kid because as a parent you are in powerful position. If your child is being rebellious under these situations then one should be proud of.

But if the child has unnecessary anger issues or aggressive nature, then it is cause of worry. Following things can be indicative of same in a chart -

Fire Signs - Anger is like Fire and represented by Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. If these signs are becoming ascendant, Sun or Moon sign then there is a possibility of child having a fiery nature.

Mars - Mars is main planet of aggression or anger. When Mars gets connected with fire signs, then aggression gets further fuel and person can have anger issues.

Actually, Mars association with any planet can cause anger to be expressed at things or people related with that planet. Like, Mars with Moon can show anger towards Mother, with Sun - towards Father, with Mercury - towards sibling etc. The only exception is Mars with Saturn. As Saturn limits things, it limits the ability of person to express anger. But this results in creating stress within as person is angry but unable to express it.

Mars in Cancer can have serious anger issues as Mars is weakest here. Mars with Rahu can be extremely angry too as Rahu explodes the results of Mars here. Mars with Ketu can be dangerously angry as Ketu is headless and they can have no idea where they are throwing their anger.

All these combinations are for conjunction, aspects and yogas etc. Anger can also be expressed towards the house Mars is sitting or towards the house which other planet is ruling. Like Mars in 7th house can be anger-prone towards relation and Mars in 5th house can be anger-prone towards love interest & child.

Mars in Capricorn is opposite where Mars is exalted and person can know where to express his anger and where not. The main difference between Mars in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn person is that a Mars in Cancer person doesn't know how to fight under the Law and fights emotionally. Mars in Capricorn person also fights but under the Law through Legal means.

Now the question of after 1990 and before 1990. Here, we need to understand the change in the society we live in compared to the society of before 1990. It is more liberal and free society where one is able to express himself freely. In these situations, if we try to suppress any child or youngster then he is bound to retaliate as the concept of suppression is unheard-of for him. So, besides the chart, it also depends on society and desh-kaal paristhiti of person. Like, if you are aware then before 9/11, the biggest terrorist attack on USA was done by Timothy McVeigh as the age of 27 years. The main reason was that he was naturally aggressive from childhood plus his family members gave him Gun as a gift in childhood and then he worked in Army for some time. So, all these surrounding factors came together in making him an aggressive personality. So, society you are in plays a big role in almost everything in life.



Post on 9th Sep, 2018

Another Air Sign today, The Aquarius Ascendants - The natural humanitarians.

Aquarius Ascendant people normally get the tag of being weird or unusual people of zodiac. Why is it so?

Aquarius is 11th sign and represents the energy of 11th house of serving humanity or serving a higher cause. So, Aquarius Ascendant people are naturally inclined to serve humanity or serve others. They can be seen as people who serve others without any selfish interests. And this is what makes them weird because majority of rest of population is living life for selfish interests. Hence, they find it weird or unusual that someone can be dedicated towards serving others unselfishly.

As I said, they can be very much inclined towards serving others, humanity itself, some higher cause or work for bringing some positive change in the existing situation. As it is their ascendant, they should take up such life path which can satisfy any of the above purposes. They also love to socialize and network with others. Being an Air sign, communications are important for them.

Then Aquarius is co-ruled by Rahu just like Scorpio is co-ruled by Ketu. It is said that these 2 ascendants come in this world to pay-off their karma towards others. I feel that if we are here in this world then we are here to pay-off karma towards one or the other. If we are not left with any pay-back karma then there is no need to come here.

Their best wealth can come through religious or spiritual pursuits as Pisces falls in 2nd house.

They can be very competitive towards their younger sibling and can have strong will-power as Aries falls in 3rd house.

They can have a beautiful home and good relation with Mother overall as Venus rules 4th house/Taurus. It also suggests that their best wealth can come through home based business.

They can be very creative, skilful and education oriented as 5th house has Gemini sign.

Their daily work life can either be related with medical or legal profession as Cancer falls into 6th house. They can be very nourishing towards ill or less-privileged people or animals.

They can see some ego clashes in matters of relationship as Sun rules the 7th house which is strong enemy of their ascendant lords Saturn-Rahu. As always, in the battle with Saturn, Saturn will have upper hand. It is for them to choose a partner who is less on ego.

They can also gain from some analytical or detailed oriented work as Virgo falls in 8th house.

They like to have balance views in matters of beliefs and religion. They will love to educate themselves more and more as Venus rules 9th house/Libra of higher education. It also shows love towards travelling and meeting people of different culture.

Their relations with Father or Authority people can see some instability as Scorpio falls in 10th house.

They can be interested in serving humanity through their higher education and knowledge as Sagittarius falls in 11th house. It also shows gains from higher education.

Most probably they will find their authority in foreign lands as Capricorn falls in to 12th house. It also shows that spiritual understanding can come with delay in life.

Now, through lords -

Saturn is 1st and 12th house lord - Their life path will be connected with foreign lands, spirituality and places away from home land. As 12th house is also house of losses and as they dedicate themselves in service of others unselfishly, they have a feeling that they haven't gained much in life.

Jupiter is 2nd and 11th house lord - Jupiter becomes a wealth giving planet and wherever Jupiter is placed, from there they will get wealth. It also shows that knowledge, religion and spirituality can become a source of earning.

Mars is 3rd and 10th house lord - Mars directly connects their work or career with their own efforts, business and communication. Like in job setup, they may not have any Godfather to take them high. They will gain only through their own work. It also means that best thing for them is to have a business oriented career.

Venus is 4th and 9th house lord - It shows wealth and security coming from higher knowledge. It also shows that they can be peaceful when they are talking about higher education, philosophy, literature and religion. Likewise, their home can be among people of different ethnicity.

Mercury is 5th and 8th house lord - They can be very good at financial markets or in any subject of occult nature. They can be very analytical and perfectionist in dealing with anything which can educate them.

Moon is 6th house lord - As I said, they can be very caring towards ill people, under-privileged people and animals. They find peace of mind in serving others.

Sun is 7th house lord - They will get their real authority when they are able to connect with people or masses. That's where their fame or celebrity status is. As I said, they need to choose a partner less on ego.

All this without planetary placement. Just the basic foundation of people whom I like to call "Humanitarians of Zodiac".



Post on 10th Sep, 2018 

The Rahu-Saturn Conjunction.

This is seen as one of the most feared conjunction and as I have it in my chart, I think I have good experience to speak about it.

This conjunction takes place after every 11 years. Like, it is in charts of people born in 1957, 1968, 1979, 1990, 2001 and then 2012-13.

Normal interpretation is of Shrapit Yoga that these people are cursed and did very bad deeds in past lives which they are here to pay-back their karma in this life. Let me 1st deal with this past life thing. 

Does an Astrologer know about his own past life through his chart? Like, I have thoroughly read my chart from every possible angle in last 5 years but I can't say anything about my past life. I can say things about my present life only. So, how can I be sure about other people past lives? The theory which says that you did wrong to someone in past life and so you are suffering in this life leads to a possible argument that it is retributive God or revengeful God. As I read in The Fakir of Ruzbeh Bharucha that it can very well be soul's own decision to go through the troubles so that it can finish its karma at faster rate and merge in source energy.

All I want to say here is that these things can be interpreted in any way you like and it depends on the evolution level of person to interpret it in a certain way. So, I am not ready to buy that argument that anyone is cursed/shrapit/doomed. As Osho said that you are God's creation and if God has made you then what higher honor you are seeking in this world.

Then how can God make anyone as cursed? Anyways, let's come back in present life.

At the same time, it will be a wrong way to say that this conjunction doesn't give any trouble. Saturn is our challenges and Rahu explodes things. So, Rahu-Saturn conjunction explodes person's challenges in this life which again can be soul's own decision.

Now, as I said many times that I probably have the most trashed 10th house in world as Rahu-Saturn sit there, Mars's deadly 8th aspect is on 10th house and 10th lord Sun is in enemy sign and in 3rd house (6th house away from 10th house). But still I managed to have a career. Still I am getting sort of Fame. Before being in my own business, I worked under others' authority for 10 years. Even when I left my job in 2015, it was not because of any conflict with any authority but it was just that I was hearing a call from Astrology. My ex-Bosses are still in touch with me and we meet on occasions and have a good relation.

So, Saturn-Rahu didn't give any result? No, they did as my growth in job was very limited. But during these 10 years, the biggest factor in my favor was my exalted Moon and Jupiter. It gave me wisdom and flexibility to adjust with whomsoever I worked. So again, it is all about your mind as to how you deal with situation? A person with weak moon position would have reacted to many situations in those 10 years which I chose to ignore.

So again, if you have this conjunction and want to know how to deal with it then only way is to keep a balanced mind. Meditation & Mindfulness can be very helpful here which can help you in ignoring many small issues on which normally people react. Also, balanced or flexible mind doesn't mean that you should become subservient to others but just ignore things till it can be ignored. After that, you are bound to respond. Again, respond, don't react.

So, if you have good Moon, Jupiter position or even if you don't have it but you perform meditation and mindfulness, you can still deal with this conjunction. In relationship matters, seek a partner who has similar good position of Moon, Venus, Jupiter which shows that both can be flexible and cooperative. If they are flexible or understanding then they will find out ways to sustain the relationship any how rather than finding out ways to hurt each other through any way.

It is all in mind.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 12th Sep, 2018 

The Pisces Ascendant.

Normal interpretation of Pisces ascendant people is that they are very spiritual as it is sign of Spirituality. Agreed but it is basically a sign of Imagination. Now, it can be any type of imagination. Spirituality is one such imagination but it is not the only imagination we can have. As Osho said - "Spirituality is a deeper ditch than Materialism".

Understand it like this -

Normally we say that this world is illusion or this world is Maya. Now, what is meant by this? This world is all in front of our eyes, how can we say that this is illusion? This phrase only means that this world is not as what we are seeing it. But then only that person can say so who has seen the other world. As George Gurdieff said in his commentaries on Bhagvad Geeta - "only that person can say that soul is immortal who has realized or reached up to his soul". For rest of us, it is very much mortal that's why we are so afraid of death.

Coming back to point, this material world is very much real until and unless we "SEE" the spiritual world. Another way of saying it is that until and unless we "SEE" the spiritual world, it is just an imagination. Let's face it, majority of us have no idea about God more than what we are told by our families, societies and religions. It is not what we experienced. So till that time, Spirituality and God is just an imagination. Hence, it comes under Pisces sign as it is sign of imagination.

So, a Pisces ascendant person is very imaginative person and can imagine things which are never real or never took place. They can live in their own imaginative/dream world till eternity. They may not like anyone disturbing their dream. Even as other ascendants, you can see that in whichever house Pisces falls in your chart, you can be very imaginative about that area of life. Another way of looking at this is that Virgo is sign of reality or practicality of life and it is their 7th house. 7th house is directly opposite to 1st house which means they are directly opposite to realistic and practical ways of dealing with life.

2nd house has Aries sign which is sign of individuality, so their best wealth can come through own individual efforts. They may not be growing in wealth when they are working under others. They may also like to keep their own wealth separate. Like they may not like to share it with others. They can be a dominating personality in family.

3rd house has Taurus sign which again indicates that their best wealth will be through self efforts and business. They can be a sweet talker.

4th house has Gemini sign which shows a communicative environment at home and also some home/family business to deal with. It can be travelling or communication related business.

5th house has Cancer sign. They can be emotionally attached with their happiness. Again, we link 5th house with children or creativity which is not wrong but it is house of your own happiness and they can be emotionally attached with that.

6th house has Leo sign. They can land into ego conflicts and disputes with people and that can hurt their ego. They should be their own authority in their daily work life.

7th house has Virgo sign and they get a partner or spouse who is very realistic and practical. That's where the problems arise as their imagination and dream-world gets disturbed. But that's what they need to learn in life that they can't be living in dream world all their lives and someday they have to face the real world.

8th house has Libra sign. Their relationship aspect of life go through major changes and instability in life. Making it stable is one of their duties in life. Their business can also see ups/downs but that is more so nature of every business.

9th house has Scorpio sign and their belief system can go through great changes. Like some day they may be following Jesus and next month they may get inclined towards Zoroaster. So, it is never stable. Their long distance travels or stay at far distant lands may bring instability, transformation and changes in life.

10th house has Sagittarius sign and the best job they can do is to be a teacher, guide or counselor to others. Another way of looking at it is that they can be very preachy type of when they are dealing with people outside their home and that will be their public image.

11th house has Capricorn sign. They can gain authority through entrepreneurship but that will come after much delay, hard work and perseverance. Likewise, they will gain money in life gradually and only after delay, hard work and perseverance.

12th house has Aquarius sign and their entrepreneurship can involve foreign lands or foreign people. Their spiritual development will take place after a considerable delay in life. Till then they may have wrong idea about spirituality.

House lord wise -

Jupiter rules 1st house and 10th house which again shows that they should be in knowledge, wisdom or education related work. They can be close to Father and they may try to become like them.

Mars rules 2nd house and 9th house which again links their wealth with higher education. Their efforts and actions should be in field of education, teaching and guiding people.

Venus rules 3rd house and 8th house which shows wealth coming from business by serving other people needs but as both these houses are related to hard work and instability, it shows problematic times in relationship. They may need to learn to adjust a lot with their partner to make their relationship work.

Mercury rules 4th house and 7th house which clearly indicates a home based business related with communications, travelling etc. But as Mercury is enemy to ascendant lord Jupiter, they may feel frustration at home or in marriage.

Moon rules 5th house which indicates that they can be emotionally attached to their own happiness. They need to learn how to share happiness with others which can increase overall happiness for all.

Sun rules 6th house which as I said bring ego clashes and they should be their own authority.

Saturn rules 11th house and 12th house both which means that they earn and spend at same speed. It may be tough for them to save money. Best idea is not to keep money in your own hands. 

Again, it is just the basic foundation of a Pisces ascendant chart and things can change as per planetary placement, dignity and dashas.



Post on 14th Sep, 2018

The Scorpio Ascendant.

Today a Water Sign and the most favorite sign of Astrologers. Scorpio has many mysteries inside it. Like,

It is a Water Sign but it is fixed sign. So, water + fixed is a conflicting situation. Likewise, it is feminine sign but ruled by masculine Mars. Hence, again conflicting energies. Just like no information can be enough for Saturn, likewise no amount of information is enough for Scorpions. They will still hold some secrets within them. Let's see how much I can spill-out today.

We get attracted towards whatever is Secret or Hidden. This is the main reason behind Scorpions having this attractive or magnetic personality. Because they are secretive, it gives a natural curiosity to know them. They live a life of instability and their life-lesson is to realize that nothing is permanent and everything/everyone will be lost after certain time. The moment they realize and accept this fact and start living in a situation of letting go, they have won the battle of this life. As it is sign of control and insecurities, they need to learn how not to control others and feel secured within themselves and not to seek security from others. They are normally blessed with attractive eyes and people normally get attracted due to their eyes. As it is sign of changes, they go through major changes in their personality too. They may change their names, looks, professions and even nationality. Change is synonym for a Scorpio ascendant. They are natural occultists or psychologists of zodiac.

2nd house has Sagittarius sign which shows that their wealth can come through higher education and while interacting with people of different culture. Their intellect level is too high because they can have loads of information of different fields. As Sagittarius remains a dual sign, they can have double sources of wealth.

3rd house has Capricorn sign which means that their best authority or recognition in life will come through their own business and communication. It will happen with delay, perseverance and hard work. They can be introvert but precise with their communications. They may hate gossiping and wasting time in it.

4th house has Aquarius sign which shows that they serve humanity while working from home or from own private office. Serving a higher cause brings peace of mind but again it will take some delay hard work and perseverance to reach up to that level. As 4th house is of home and Aquarius is sign of whole humanity, they treat whole world as their home.

5th house has Pisces sign which can make them extra creative with their hobbies and interests. They can be imaginative and dreamy about love matters where they may imagine a love story out of nothing and that may lead to painful heartbreaks. They may like to have a love partner with similar spiritual level or interests. Their best idea of talking to their lover can be on spiritual topics.

6th house has Aries sign which shows that they realize their individuality or uniqueness by facing obstacles and conflicts in life. More conflicts they face, more confident they become. It also shows that they should work individually in matters of their daily work life.

7th house has Taurus sign which shows that best wealth is coming through business. It shows that their spouse/partner can be very beautiful. As Taurus is sign of security, they find security in life when they are doing business or they are in relationship.

8th house has Gemini sign which shows that they can serve people through business and communication. They can be research oriented and would love to collect more and more information from various fields. There is hardly any area of knowledge about which they don't know anything. They love communicating about secret and occult matters.

9th house has Cancer sign which shows that they are emotionally connected with their higher education and teachers. They are also emotionally connected with their students. They get peace of mind after travelling to long distance and interacting with people of different culture in matters of higher education.

10th house has Leo sign which shows that they need to become authority in their career. It means that they should not be working under others' authority. Their father can be authoritative figure himself.

11th house has Virgo sign which shows that they can gain from analytical nature of work. They can be very realistic about their gains and value of money in life. They can be very serious about how they want to serve the world and humanity.

12th house has Libra sign which shows that it will take some time for them to strike a balance in their spiritual views. As Libra also represents relationship, they can have relationship in foreign lands. They will find peace and balance in life through spiritual evolution.

Now, house lord wise -

Mars is 1st house and 6th house lord - Never mess with them as they will be revengeful. Because they face so many obstacles or conflicts in life and they overpower so many enemies that they love an idea of anyone messing with them. Now, how they will deal with enemy depends on Mars position. Mars in good dignity will make them behave in a dignified way even while dealing with enemies but weak Mars shows that person can be violent. This is where the difference between Good Scorpio and Bad Scorpio lies. Good Scorpio won't initiate any fight and will take actions only to defend himself. Bad Scorpio can get into unnecessary mess. Hence, the dignity of Mars and Moon (Mind) is most important here.

Jupiter is 2nd house and 5th house lord - They can be highly learned with great knowledge base. They normally make money through their knowledge and education.

Saturn is 3rd house and 4th house lord - It makes them start their own business sooner or later in life. They may have very limited happiness or success in their home land. They can work for the longest of hours and are almost workaholic as their efforts and home are getting connected. So, even at home they are working all the time.

Venus is 7th house and 12th house lord - It directly connects their relationship with people of foreign lands. Their partner will have one or the other connection with foreign lands or foreign culture. Their partner may add to their own spirituality.

Mercury is 8th house and 11th house lord - It shows gains from business, serving people, communications and research oriented matters. It also shows that their income can go through change means they can change their professions. Being a Scorpio, their life is all about change. So, last thing they are bothered in life is "CHANGE".

Moon rules the 9th house and as I said they can be emotionally attached with their teachings, teachers and students.

Sun rules the 10th house and sooner or later they need to become authority in themselves. Sooner the better.

Again, things can change a bit due to planetary positions, dignity and dashas but basic foundation will be like this only.

Also, you see insect Scorpio. You can't kill it easily. No matter how much you beat it and you think that it is a small insect, it will fight till last breath.

Likewise, you can't defeat a Scorpion easily. They will fight till very last. Surrender is not their way. They don't accept defeat easily. This also makes them most loyal among zodiacs where if they give you a word then they will keep it at their own loss and suffering.



Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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