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FB Posts on 6th/8th/12th houses, Mars Transit, Relationship/Divorce Issues, Ketu dasha, Law of Attra

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 17th Dec, 2018 

So towards the end of FB Live Session yesterday, a question was asked if 6th house is the house of service and jobs?

As I see, in matters of career 6th house is only house of your "daily work life". So, it represents daily work life of any nature. If someone is Doctor then his daily work is about treating his patients. If someone is Musician, then his daily work is creating new music. My daily work is looking at people's chart and a housewife's daily work can be looking at household matters.

I think it will be wrong to give 6th house as portfolio of jobs/service but yes if someone is inclined towards job or doing a job then his 6th house will reflect his work in that job setup. The reason why 6th house became house of service/jobs is again social setup or a kind of sheep mentality as 99% population is looking for work in job setup. It is just like that 99% people look at 7th house for marriage so it became house of marriage.

I would consider 6th house and 6th house lord position to know where a person's daily work should be? If 6th house lord is in 3rd house or 7th house, then it can be in business setup. If 6th house lord is in 10th house then it can be in working under other's authority.

Again, career determination takes a long time and we can't base our judgment solely on this one point or any other single point.

So, 6th house can be the house of service/jobs but it cannot be the house exclusively for service/jobs. It is just one of the possibility as there are many other possibilities of someone's daily work life.



Post on 19th Dec, 2018

In relationship matters, 8th house and 12th house can give contrasting results. They can go in either directions.

8th house is house of marriage benefits and in-laws. These representations are supporting relationship. But it also represents major changes in life and chaotic events. These representations are not supporting relationship.

12th house represents huge expenses and bed-pleasures. This is supportive to relationship. But it is also house of losses and as it is 6th from 7th house, it represents conflicts in relationship.

So, it becomes difficult to predict which way these 2 houses will give results. So, a clue remains the other houses which are active as per dashas. It means if other active houses are supportive of relationship then 8th house and 12th house dasha can be supportive of relationship too. But if other active houses are not supportive of relationship then 8th house and 12th house dasha can also bring conflicts and separation.

So, 2nd house (family), 7th house (relationship), 11th house (desires), 5th house (love/romance) and 9th house (fortune) are supportive of relationship.

1st house (self/ego), 4th house (Loss of love being 12th from 5th house), 6th house (conflicts/litigation), 10th house (authorities like Judges) are not supportive of relationship or we can say that they are supportive of separation.

House # 3 is neutral. It neither support relation nor deny relationship.

Now, if MD/AD/PD of 2nd house, 7th house, 11th house, 5th house or 9th house are going on and along with it 8th house and 12th house get activated through any level of dashas, then it can be supporting dasha for bringing relationship. 8th house and 12th house can give results in favor of relationship. For ex - If someone is under 2nd house or 7th house MD and 8th house AD activates then results can be in favor of relationship.

But if MD/AD/PD of 1st house, 6th house, 10th house are on and along with it person goes through any level of dashas of 8th house and 12th house, then 8th house and 12th house can give results in favor of separation. For ex - If someone is under 6th house or 10th house MD and 8th house AD comes in then it can bring separation.

Now, a question can arise what if MD itself is of 8th house? Then we need to see which AD/PD are activating relationship supportive houses and which AD/PD are activating separation oriented houses. Person will get results based on that. For ex- if someone is under Rahu MD and Rahu is in 8th house and then he goes through Jupiter AD and Jupiter is in 6th house, then this AD can bring conflict or separation but if same Jupiter is in 7th house then it can support relationship.

So, these two houses can go either way in relationship matters. Needless to say that we have to keep planets involved, their nature and dignity in mind.

Last but not the least, in relationship matters, Darakaraka (spouse) and Ghatani Karaka (conflicts) of Jaimini Astrology become important planets and we should keep them in consideration.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 21st Dec, 2018 

Mars is about to change its sign from Aquarius to Pisces on 23rd Dec, 2018 and will remain there till 6th Feb, 2019. In addition to all the troublesome transits we are going through regarding Sun, this transit of Mars can have following impact in next 45 days -

1. Mars in Pisces and Ketu in Capricorn will create a Paap Kartari Yoga for Aquarius. Aquarius is also getting 3rd aspect of Saturn. So, whichever house Aquarius is in your chart, the results related with that house can be totally reduced to minimum in next 45 days.

2. Mars with its 4th aspect and Saturn with its 7th aspect will impact Gemini sign. I always like to compare Mars-Saturn joint impact on any house as kind of a "Hurdle Race". It means that we want to achieve things related to that house very quickly due to Mars impact but there are many hurdles and blocks in between due to Saturn impact. So, whichever house Gemini is falling in your chart will feel that frustration where you would want to achieve things related to that house but there will be lots of obstacles. For Scorpions like me, this joint impact will be in 8th house. As both are strong malefic planets impacting 8th house of sudden events and accidents, we need to be extra careful while travelling and driving.

3. Virgo sign will continue to have issues as Saturn, Ketu and Mars will continue to aspect Virgo from their respective positions, i.e. Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces. So, expect almost no results in things related to the house where Virgo is falling in your chart. Especially, the living significance of that house will be hurt badly. As Virgo remains sign of conflicts, being practical and perfection, these planets are indicating towards facing the conflict and about being practical in life.

4. Finally, Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces create Parivartan Yoga as they are sitting in each other's sign. In such circumstances, planets involved cooperate with each other on things they share and they still have issues on things they don't share. Mars & Jupiter both are about fighting for right and truthfulness. So, they will cooperate on this and work together for the truth to prevail. But Mars is impulsive and wants results right now whereas Jupiter looks at the bigger picture and ready to be patient. So, Jupiter will not cooperate with Mars here if someone is impulsive or desperate in his actions. Again, impact will be seen in the houses where Scorpio, Pisces, Aries and Sagittarius fall as these signs are ruled by Mars and Jupiter. This also can lead to arguments, ideological battles and religious fundamentalism where people may think that their beliefs are better than others. Jupiter will not support Mars in such situations.

Of course, end result depends on overall chart of a person, his planetary positions/dignity in birth chart and dashas he is going through.



Post on 24th Dec, 2018

So, this post can be considered as sequel of yesterday's live session on relationship. I always kept controversial or unconventional views on this topic and I would keep them unless and until someone proves me wrong.

I again say that relationship/marriage is going to be difficult for everyone, no matter who is the person? There is no good chart for relationship. And this is what I want people to be aware of. If you are aware that there is a pothole on the way then there is no chance that you will still fall into it. So, I am just trying my best to make people aware of the challenges relationship can pose to them and how they can negotiate with those challenges? I again say that if you are living a dream that after getting married your life will be all set and there will be no issues then you have no idea what is coming towards you in the name of relation/marriage.

These are two articles I wrote some time ago https://www.astrosaxena.com/relations2 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/relatinsight in which I tried to give some astrological and social reasons behind troublesome relationships. Again, these are very few reasons and each case can be different & people can have unique reasons. But these are the common reasons I saw from my consultations.

Also, one of the foundational reason behind troublesome relationship is "Lack of Relationship Capacity". Relationship Capacity is something which develops in a child when he sees his parents in a good relationship. If a child has just seen the parents fighting and shouting with each other then what you are expecting from that child in his relations later in life? He will learn and take everything from his parents, right? So, if mother-father are not in good relation then it is "very rare" that their child will have any good relation. And now it is not the mistake of parents also because they have taken these traits from their parents. So, only resolution in this situation is when one generation in between this link comes which is evolved or aware. If someone is aware and evolved to understand that there is a pattern which is being followed in matters of relationship in family from grandparents to parents and now to himself then there is a possibility that he could recognize the mistake and start his efforts towards correcting that mistake so that at least future generations won't have to follow the similar pattern in relationship. This is the only "very rare" exceptional case where a person can still have average relation life despite coming from dysfunctional families.

But as I said that there are many other reasons which I tried to state in articles.

Also, some people were confused when I said that D9 has nothing to do with marriage and 2 charts will never match. Well, here are the reasons why I said that https://www.astrosaxena.com/d9lifepath and https://www.astrosaxena.com/chartmatch. Basically, when I am saying that astrology itself has nothing to do with marriage as an institution then it automatically covers D9 and chart matching too as these are also part of astrology only.

Last but not the least, relation/marriage is a continuous work in progress. If someone is thinking that he got married and job is over then you are here for a big surprise. One is supposed to work on maintaining a good relationship on daily basis. If someone is not willing to give that time and energy then relationship is not your cup of tea.

I hope you find these articles helpful and in next session we will talk about "how much astrology can help in relationship matters?" - https://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1.



Post on 27th Dec, 2018 

Thoughts at the end of my Ketu AD today/tomorrow.

Rahu and Ketu represent illusion. There are many reasons for it. They are shadow planet, they eclipse Sun and Moon, the luminaries which brighten our path, they are demons etc.

Any type of illusion or confusion can only go away with knowledge and education. If I am confused over something then best thing for me is to collect some knowledge and information related with that thing.

Now, is it just a coincidence that Rahu dasha is followed by Jupiter dasha and Ketu dasha is followed by Venus dasha? Rahu and Ketu spread illusion but their dashas are respectively followed by Jupiter & Venus, 2 teachers. So, after illusion of Rahu and Ketu, we are supposed to get some knowledge and information for our own good sake.

One common thing about Ketu dasha is that people say it is very hard to go through. Yes, it is hard to go through if you follow the basic human nature of possessiveness and holding on to things. Ketu is basically Separation because Ketu itself was separated from Rahu. So, the best way to deal with Ketu’s dasha is to be in the state of let go. If you try to be possessive and hold on to things, then it can be painful dasha. Also, Meditation is best remedy for Ketu.

Also, let me know how much this makes sense.

8th house is secrecy or mysteries. 12th house represents similar things. Now, 7th house is 12th from 8th house (loss of secrecy/mysteries) and 8th from 12th house (death of secrecy/mysteries). So, if a person is going through 8th house or 12th house dasha then he can be dealing with some mysteries or confusions in his life but when 7th house dasha begins those mysteries or confusions can be over and person may come to reality. Saturn is another planet which can always show us reality of things.

A story which can tell us how to deal with Ketu time period with detachment -

"A Man returned from a nearby village after attending a function. When he entered his village, he saw his house caught in fire. He ran towards it and tried his best to prevent the fire from spreading but of no use. He then sat on ground and started crying.

His neighbors came and said that why you are crying? Your Son already sold-off this house yesterday when you were away. After hearing this, Man got up, wiped his tears and started smiling.

Then his Son came running and asked, why you people are standing like this? Why don't you prevent fire from spreading? It is true that I had a deal yesterday but it was all oral and no money exchanged hands. So, this house is still ours.

The Man broke down again.

Now why he was crying? Was he crying because of the home which was caught in fire?

No. Because home was burning all the time but in the meanwhile he started smiling. He was crying only at times when he felt a connection or link or attachment between him and home. The moments when he felt that it is "My Home", he was crying.

All our reactions are based in this feeling of My or Mine. Someone says something and we react because the attachment of My or Mine gets hurt. If we get rid of this attachment and realize that nothing or none is yours then there is no suffering in life.

Geeta Darshan - Osho."



Post on 31st Dec, 2018 

So, this story of little  Archie Schiller  can be the best example of Law of Attraction I talked about in my article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/astrosecret .

This kid went through a rough time from very beginning of his life due to a rare heart disease and had multiple surgeries already. As he was recovering, his Dad once asked what he wants to do in life and he replied that he wants to Captain Australian Cricket Team. This was picked by Make-a-Wish foundation which forwarded his wish to ACB and he was given an honorary position of Co-Captain of Australian Cricket Team in recently concluded Boxing Day Test at MCG.

Now, supporters of Law of Attraction can easily and quite rightly claim that Law of Attraction worked as he got his wish done against all odds.

Well yes, but this is what my point is that who will oppose such a wish? Who will be so cruel or heartless in the world to have a conflicting thought/belief against this little kid's wish that he should not get this opportunity? When every person involved in an event has identical conviction and they start working on that path then sooner or later that conviction is bound to be materialized.

As I see, problem with execution of Law of Attraction comes when every person has different conflicting beliefs/conviction over the same event. In that case, it is tough to judge that whose conviction is stronger and whose wish will get manifested? It also matters as to who can keep that conviction for a long enough time to attract desired events from Universe.

Have a happy and healthy life Archie  . May God bless you.

Also, a sort of clarification from yesterday's session - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I37LBp4lW74&t=121s where I said that romantic relations are difficult as people see an opportunity or door of separation/divorce there. I might have sounded like I am against the concept of separation or divorce, but I am not.

Human Life is bi-polar in nature and I am ready to be receptive of both poles. When society has created one pole of marriage in matters of relationship then its exact opposite pole of divorce was bound to be created. Hence, I am receptive of both events.I understand that there are many relations which are of abusive and toxic nature. In such cases, we need this way-out or door because we can't make someone to spoil his/her whole life just because of one wrong decision of choosing wrong person as partner.

These two articles https://www.astrosaxena.com/marriageissues and https://www.astrosaxena.com/divissues were my 1st attempt to understand marriage and divorce as a social events rather than astrological ones. You may find them useful. We must accept Divorce as we have accepted Marriage. It must not be a stigma and person taking/getting the divorce must not be treated wrongly in society by any means.



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