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FB Posts - August on VRY, Venus Transit, BestUse of Planet Position, Rahu-Ketu, Fame, Rahu-Saturn, L

So, I have again made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 


Post on 3rd Aug, 2018

Vipreet Raj Yoga (VRY) is another yoga which needs to be read from a different angle and realistically. Right now, the interpretation is that if 6th house, 8th house or 12th house lords sit in own signs or exchange signs then the negativity of these lords will go away and person will get great results from these houses.

As I see, this is nothing but giving consolation to person and make him live in dream world. As I have seen, VRY only means that you will get some benefits from the negative activities of 6th house, 8th house or 12th house. Like, VRY involving 8th house doesn't mean that he won't have to see a death in family but it can mean that someone is getting inheritance after death of a Family Member.

Likewise, VRY involving 6th house may mean that you got into litigation and came out as a winner but it doesn't mean that you will never have any issues related to 6th house like diseases, debts or disputes. Especially, when there is a litigation with a close relative then who cares if you are winner or loser. The litigation itself is painful in such situations.

VRY involving 12th house can bring benefits from Foreign Lands and Foreigners but it doesn't mean that you can't have losses, expenses or addictions in life.



Post on 3rd Aug, 2018 

We might not have realized but we have entered in a difficult phase of about 5 months for relationship aspect of life. It is because Venus has entered into the sign of Virgo, the sign of debilitation. It is Venus' weakest dignity. Venus is relationship and Virgo is sign of Conflicts. So, the simplest interpretation is that when Venus is in Virgo, it leads conflicts in relationship. Then by month end, Venus will be in Libra where it will go retrograde and stay there till year-end. Although, Venus will be in own sign and Venus & Libra both represent Relationship but Retrograde is generally a time when we reflect back at things related with planet which is retrograde.

Hence, Venus in Libra will make us reflect back on current or past relationship. People can easily go through a major conflict in their relationship life. Some may even decide to quit it. But overall, this time will be about being aware about relationship or partner and decide if your relationship is balanced one (Libra) or not. And if not, how it can be made a balanced one. So, lots of thinking will be around relationship area of life. Positively speaking, this time can give you best awareness regarding the balanced relationship. I won't say adjust as much or as long as you can but I would say to find out the balance in relationship where both parties are equal and none is dominating anyone.

I was listening to a preaching of Osho in which he said that Husband was traditionally addressed as Swami in Indian Culture. Swami means The Owner/Master. And Wife used to say that she is his Dasi, which means Servant. It looks like what immense love is there between two. But always remember that love happens only between Equals. There can be no love between a Master and a Servant.

So in next 5 months, try to achieve that balance or equality in relationship and if you don't get it then it is not worth keeping. An article on Venus Retrograde - https://www.astrosaxena.com/ven18 . Thanks,


Post on 4th Aug, 2018 

Why Venus represents Relationship?

Answer - Because Venus is signification of Water Element. Water Element is something which glues and stick two things together. Hence, Venus represents Relationship as Relationship makes 2 people stick with each other. 



Post on 6th Aug, 2018

Consider a zodiac sign as a flower pot, a nakshatra as the soil inside the pot and a planet as a plant. Now, the stronger the pot & the better the soil, the plant will have growth in that order. So, the more you are engaging yourself in works related with sign or nakshatra, the better chance you are giving for planet to give you better result.

As an astrologer, we get these questions daily that X planet is in Y sign, so is it good or bad? It is a wrong way of looking at things but I agree that traditionally astrologers have also talked in same way. 1st of all every planetary position has something good or bad attached with it - https://www.astrosaxena.com/nppp, because in the end Life is Grey. It is neither good or bad.

Then no planet is good, no planet is bad. Every planet sitting in a sign or nakshatra or with other planets is trying to indicate you that if you work on things related to the sign or nakshatra involved then you can receive better results of that planet. If not, then you may think that planet is bad for you.

Like we have seen in Sri Ram Jethmalani's chart - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Law , that Ascendant Lord Saturn was in 9th house/Virgo with exalted Mercury which was also his 6th house lord. Saturn, 9th house, Virgo, 6th house, Mercury all are indicating towards Legal Counselling Life Path but involvement of Saturn shows that he was supposed to get success with delay and perseverance. So, he got his 1st major success after 20+ years of practice. All conditions were fulfilled to get the best of results which sustained life long.

Likewise, every planet in your chart is trying to indicate you the ways to make best use or to get best results out of it. Even debilitated Saturn or debilitated Jupiter can give long lasting success if the things related to sign and nakshatra placement were performed.



Post on 8th Aug, 2018

There remains a continuous discussion regarding exaltation and debilitation signs of Rahu & Ketu. Many Astrologers are of the view that they are neither exalted nor debilitated. They are just there. Majority of Astrologers take Rahu's exaltation sign as Taurus and debilitation sign as Scorpio. They take Ketu's exaltation sign as Scorpio and debilitation sign as Taurus. I was reading another book recently on nodes and it changed many a things for Rahu & Ketu, from their own & mool trikon to exaltation and debilitation sign.

I think this confusion was supposed to be there as nodes themselves represent confusion. So, there has to be some confusion in interpreting them.

I feel that rather than focusing on where nodes are exalted r debilitated, if we can fix on what is the nature of nodes then it will be easier to understand them.

Rahu is known to explode things or blow things out of proportion, in any house or sign it sits.

Ketu is known to implode things or makes a person go inwards related to the house or sign it sits.

Now, if we just keep this basic trait of nodes in mind then it is easier to understand why majority of Astrologers consider Rahu as exalted in Taurus & debilitated in Scorpio and why Ketu is exalted in Scorpio & debilitated in Taurus.

Taurus is sign of wealth & assets and if Rahu is there then it can explode person's wealth and make him extra rich. Hence, they considered Rahu in Taurus as exalted. 
Scorpio is sign of sudden events & chaos and if Rahu is there then it can explode the chaotic events and instabilities in life.

Likewise, Ketu represents going deep inwards and as Scorpio is sign of research, Ketu gets best environment in Scorpio to go deep inside in research. Hence, Ketu is exalted in Scorpio. 
Taurus is sign of wealth for which Ketu doesn't have much attachment. Hence, Ketu is debilitated in Taurus.

But as always, every position has good/bad impact. Rahu in Taurus can make someone spendthrift too and Rahu in Scorpio can create a perfect mystic. Likewise, Ketu in Scorpio can create someone who can commit crimes too and Ketu in Taurus can be a person very good with financial research.

So, rather than confusing ourselves as to where nodes are getting exalted or debilitated, if we can focus on their function in each and every sign/house then life can be easy for us. In any house or sign, Rahu will just explode things and in any house or sign, Ketu will just implode things. Keep this thing as simple as this because even if we give exaltation or debilitation to nodes, the end result is only exploding of certain things or imploding of certain things, as the case may be.



Post on 10th Aug, 2018

My last post on Rahu-Ketu raised a common query as to whether I consider aspects of the node? I think this is a good opportunity to clarify this point as next FB Live Session will be on Rahu-Ketu aspects only.

So yes, I consider 5th house and 9th house aspect for nodes. 7th house aspect may not be felt due to presence of opposite node in 7th house. There are theories that nodes also have 3rd house and 11th house aspects which I don't follow.

The reason behind nodes having 5th house and 9th house aspects? Nodes represent Illusion and any illusion in life can go away only with knowledge and education. If you have confusion over something then you simply get information about it to remove that confusion, right? So, this is what nodal aspects are all about.

The house where they sit, they spread illusion with things or people related to that house and the houses they aspect, they indicate that if we get knowledge or education related to those houses then we will automatically get rid of illusion of the house where they are sitting.

For example - If Rahu or Ketu is in 2nd house, the person can have illusion regarding his family and financial responsibilities. But then they will aspect 6th house of daily work life and 10th house of career which shows that if they get knowledge regarding their right work life or right career then they will automatically get over illusion or confusion of 2nd house of family and wealth. Like this, we can apply for every house. We will discuss it further during FB Live Session on Sunday. For now, you may read this - https://www.astrosaxena.com/rahuaspects and https://www.astrosaxena.com/ketasp .

Talking about nodes and we are here again within a day of another solar eclipse - https://www.astrosaxena.com/eclipses and https://www.astrosaxena.com/mvessa. What I felt in last 1 month is lack of energy. I felt lazy throughout month especially when we were closer to exact eclipse days. There was no desire to work, may be mainly because Sun rules my 10th house of work. So, it made me less driven towards work else with Rahu-Saturn in 10th house, I am always working and looking for next task ahead. This is all I felt during this eclipse season. You may share your experiences.

And for all those who say that how planets can impact us from so far? LOL. Guys, you should be thankful to them that they are so far else can you imagine Saturn standing next to your door every morning or eclipse happening right in front of your eyes  . They are so far and still they have such an impact. Just imagine what would happen if they are near to you.

Finally, I feel that we can negotiate this transit of Venus debilitation in a better way if we focus on ourselves rather than our partners. Let's use this time to improve internally because focusing on other person can lead to disappointments.



Post on 12th Aug, 2018

Our eyes look outwards, hence we find faults and mistakes in others. If we can just turn those eyes inwards and start looking inside us then we may start realizing that all our anger, frustration or crazy thoughts/behaviour originate from inside and we just project them on others in our lives as if they are the cause of such behaviour because how to accept that we are the only cause of our own sufferings?

If anger or frustration originates then rather than throwing at others, we just need to focus on ourselves as to know from where anger took birth? Why it took birth? Is the cause behind anger as apparent as you feel or it roots back in the past experiences of life and we are just throwing it unnecessarily on the people in present day. Everything in life is so psychological and if every problem starts within then every solution is also within.

Thoughts of this retrograde season which pushed me to go within.


Post on 13th Aug, 2018

When talking about Fame, 10th house and Rahu become important factor. Venus is also considered as important factor due to its association with creative field but when it comes to massive and life long fame then following few things are important (of course there can be other factors too) -

1. For fame, most importantly you need to connect with masses. There is no other option. You can't expect fame when you are not dealing with people on daily basis. Whatever may be your work but you need to impact people's lives and let them impact yours then only you can hope to get fame.

2. Wherever 10th house lord is going, that planet, house, sign related things will bring you fame.

3. Likewise, whichever planet is in 10th house, things related to that planet & the houses it rules can bring you fame.

4. As Rahu is illusion and Fame is also an illusion, whichever house Rahu is sitting and ruling, things related with those houses can bring you fame.

5. If Saturn is involved with 10th house or Rahu then fame will be delayed and will come only after great hard work, delay and perseverance, mainly after mid-30s.

6. But one more planet which can bring fame is Moon. If Moon is in 7th house of masses or 10th house of fame then it shows that person's mind doesn't find peace unless he can connect with masses or people. In such situation, person will do anything possible to connect with masses which will eventually bring him fame.

7. Last but most interesting, if 10th house or 10th house lord is somewhere connected with 8th house or 8th house lord or if Ketu is in 10th house, then person will get fame and recognition for his work only after his death. Something which happened with people like Karl Marx, Carl Jung and Osho Rajneesh.

As always, fame will get activated as per dasha and transits.



Post on 15th Aug, 2018

Rahu represents illusion and Saturn represents step-relations. So, wherever Rahu is sitting in your chart, you can have illusion regarding people related with that house.Likewise, wherever Saturn is sitting in your chart, people related with that house can give you a step treatment in life.

This thing can be more prominent if Rahu-Saturn have not yet attained maturity age or person goes through their dashas in early life. As Rahu matures at 42, this effect will be less after person attains 40 years of age or so,

Like, in 1st house, person can have illusion about self or self-critical. 
In 2nd house, illusion about family or family doesn't treat him well. 
3rd house, illusion regarding sibling or step treatment from them. 
4th house, same results with Mother. 
5th house, same results with child or lover and so on.

Talking about Independence Day, I was watching this movie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4PTNkZVXD8 , @ 1 hour 4 minutes, actor playing Lord Mountbatten says that he decided the partition day on advice of Astrologers  . A similar incident I heard is when laying of the foundation stone of White House was delayed on advice of Astrologers as they suggested to wait till Moon enters in Virgo. Also, during 2nd world war, Winston Churchill called Astrologers from India to get an idea about next moves of Adolph Hitler and prepare themselves accordingly.

It is a good movie to watch.


Post on 17th Aug, 2018

Libra is sign of balance but generally a Libra ascendant person lives the more imbalanced life. It is because the whole chart of Libra ascendant is upside down.

1st house is natural house of Aries sign and they have Libra sign there which is natural 7th house energy. So, they seek their individuality through others and relationship.

7th house is natural house of Libra sign and they have Aries sign there which is natural 1st house energy. So, they like to have a relationship with those who can make them realize their individuality or uniqueness.

4th house is natural house of Cancer sign but they have Capricorn sign there which is natural 10th house energy. So, their Mother is Father-like.

And 10th house is natural house of Capricorn sign but they have Cancer sign there which is natural 4th house energy. So, their Father may be Mother-like.

Like this, every house has a sign which is exactly opposite energy. So they are approaching or trying to achieve the things related to a house in an exactly opposite way of the house involved.

Hence, it leads to much confusion and imbalance in life.

Another way to read an ascendant chart is to see which two houses a planet rules as except Sun & Moon and Rahu & Ketu, all other planets rule 2 houses in every chart. Like for Libra people-

Venus rules 1st house and 8th house. It connects life path with serving people, instability and changes. 
Mars rules 2nd house and 7th house. It connects wealth with business. 
Jupiter rules 3rd house and 6th house. It connects their efforts with resolving obstacles of their own or other's life. 
Saturn rules 4th house and 5th house. It connects their peace of mind with creativity, children and love. 
Mercury rules 9th house and 12th house. It connects their education or travelling with foreign lands or spirituality.


PS - It is just an overview of Libra ascendant chart without considering any planetary position or their dignities, dashas and transits.



Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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