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FB Posts on Mars transit in Gemini, Saturn Retrograde, ways to improve relation, Good Vs Bad.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 22nd April, 2019 

Normally, we get to hear from 90% of people and we also repeat the same thing to others that "we have always done good to every body. We have not harmed anyone but still we are suffering like this". At times, we also add that "this is all result of past life karma" to console ourselves. 

Let's see how these assertions hold ground in reality.

First thing is that if majority of people are so nice, kind and doing only good things in this world then why this world is becoming a mess every single day? If we all are good then how come world is in bad state?

And can there be really a scenario where we do only good to others and vice-versa?

As I see, good and bad inter-connected and almost entwined. If I take most genuine action to do some good act in favor of someone then somewhere someone else suffers bad results of the same action. Suppose I saw a Thief entering into a locked home and informed police. Socially, I did a good act but at least that thief must be cursing me. For him, it is a bad act. There is a popular Sanskrit Verse "Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin, Sarve Santu Niramay". It means that all should be happy and all should be healthy.. Now, ask yourself if all are healthy then how all can be happy because at least Doctors would be suffering?  Suppose a Lawyer went out of his way and saved an innocent person from a crime. Great act but those people would curse the Lawyer who plotted this person in crime. They worked so hard and diligently to make this plot and this Lawyer fellow came and spoiled everything. 

I think best example is Lord Krishna who was worshiped by Pandavs in Mahabharat but Duryodhan hated him like anything.

All I want to say that there is nothing like doing good to all. My best friend can be your biggest enemy and the person whom I curse everyday would be getting blessing from someone everyday. Don't forget that even the biggest of dictators of world also had supporters & followers and when these dictators were killed in name of world peace then also there were some people who mourned for them and needless to say that even after killing of all dictators, we are waiting for world peace.

Hence. we can only say that as per our wisdom we genuinely tried to help everyone who came to us for help. But we can never say that we always did good to everyone because we don't even know how many people get impacted from our one action and inaction.

Like, I was always fascinated by the railway ticket booking system. It used to fascinate me that how X person in North India cancels his booked ticket as he doesn't need to travel now and suddenly the Y person somewhere in South India who has to travel due to an emergency gets his ticket confirmed due to the cancellation by X person. Now, if we look at the reasons why X person had to cancel and why Y person had to travel, we may not find any connection but still they got connected by some invisible thread without even knowing each other's name. Somehow I feel that whole humanity is connected by that invisible thread which we call God.

So, one act of kindness or hatred shows its impacts or results till eternity and forever as we all are linked. And as I said, Good and Bad both are entwined. One good act will have some bad result for someone and one bad act will still serve something good for someone.

Now, coming to question of past-life or future-life. I am of the view that we start getting the results of our karma instantly. You do something good for others and you will feel good and happy instantly which is result of your good karma. You speak the smallest of lie and you will feel guilty which is result of bad karma. Then why we need to go through many lives? This is something which I discussed here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/karmicdebt2 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/incarnate .

Then why we say or hear such things like we always do or did good to everyone?

It is kind of ego satisfaction that dude, if world or humanity is in mess then at least don't blame me because I always do or did good to everyone. 



Post on 24th April, 2019 

Time and again, I have stated various reasons which can spoil a relationship - https://www.astrosaxena.com/relations2 . These reasons were from social to astrological to basic upbringing of a person. Reasons are so many that we can't put them in series in one article or post. Individual cases can have individual reasons. I somehow feel that I am also the only astrologer till now which disconnected Astrology from Marriage. I wrote an article on the process of match making and stated the reason "Why two horoscopes will never match"? This article was later published by scribd.com(https://www.scribd.com/document/369823777/Marriage-Match) which means that people are ready to accept my views on Astrology & Marriage.

I again say that Astrology & Marriage has no relevance with each other. Marriage remains your social institution and your society decides it as to whom you are going to marry? I have re-iterated my views time and again in my articles here - http://astrosaxena.com/rammhttp://astrosaxena.com/irmhttp://astrosaxena.com/d9lifepathhttp://astrosaxena.com/chartmatchhttp://astrosaxena.com/relsynhttps://www.astrosaxena.com/fbrelations , and http://astrosaxena.com/2marriage. One may feel that why I need to repeat the same so many times. It is because this illogical connection between Astrology and Marriage is going on for centuries and people are following it without application of any mind. When someone is in such deep sleep then you have to shout again and again to wake them. So for 1st couple of years of my practice, I tried my best to shout at the top of my voice and was able to convince a few people. Of course, the biggest loss of this was also suffered by me only as people rarely come for marriage and horoscope matching consultations to me. It is because most of them don't want to hear anything negative on their relationship/married.

It actually created an illusion among people that I don't give marriage consultations. No, actually I can give one of the best relationship advice to people but that advice may not be as per their desire. So, if you are ready to listen to me and my blunt views on marriage then I am ready to help you. At least please don't keep this hope that if you marry someone then that person will make your life happy. That person may also have similar dream from you. Things can go other way around too.

(This introductory part of this post was necessary for new people on page who are curious to know about their partner's looks and wealth).

Then after stating down all the major reasons in relationship issues, I moved towards the solutions and wrote an article on How much astrology can help in relationship matters? - https://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1 . These are the precautions you should take astrologically when you are deciding to get into relation with anyone.

And now we come to the motive behind today's post i.e. what if someone is already in relation/marriage and feeling the pinch. Now, on what grounds couple can improve relationship? So, these are few following points or suggestions I have which can help people in improving a relationship -

1. 1st of all, although couple may be going through a difficult time in relationship but they should have the foundational things working well within them then only coming suggestions will be helpful. These foundational things are mutual trust, mutual respect and care towards each other. If there is any relation where couple have lost any of these qualities then, in my opinion at least, there is no point in dragging any such relation and they must part their ways without wasting much time. It is almost impossible to re-gain the same trust and respect once it is lost. So, other factors I am going to talk about will help when this basic foundation is intact. Although I have seen cases of couple re-marrying after divorce but those are exceptional cases, like 1 in 2000 consultations and even that required awareness and honest unselfish efforts over a very long period of time from both sides to re-create that trust.

2. Children - Biggest factor which helps in improving a marriage is Children. If "both (husband/wife)" can focus on their children, future of their children rather than focusing on their individual ego then things can become better between them. But again, it has the condition of "both" getting involved into this act. If one person is ready to leave his ego but other person is still bringing egocentric discussions then it may not help. Also, it doesn't mean that a couple going through a troubled relation should have a child in hope of a better married life. A child born out of a troubled marriage will have a troubled life in all probabilities. A child out of love-less marriage will live a love-less life.

3. Joint Venture - Likewise, if couple has started something together after marriage like a business or creative project then that venture can similarly help them in improving a relation if they let go of their ego clashes and focus on that venture

4. Common Interests - Then common interests among couple also help them to improve a relation. Suppose, a couple may have some reasons to conflict but if they have a common interest or hobby then they can focus on that hobby to improve their relation. As both of them are passionate about it, there is a very less chance that they will get into conflicts on that hobby.

5. Points of Agreement - Even with our friends, it is not that we agree on all points or every thing. We are supposed to have disagreements as we all are unique individuals and have a unique way of understanding things. But when we have disagreement with a friend and we want that friendship to continue then what do we do? We don't bring those points of conflict in our meetings and discussions. Likewise, every couple needs to find out the points on which they agree and the points on which they disagree. Then focus on those points of agreement to improve a relation.

6. Meditation and Awareness - We relate with others through our mind. It is mind which wants a relationship and it is mind which feels happy when we are in relationship. It is also the mind which feels sad when relations break. And as always, the only way to calm mind or guide mind in a positive way or direction is through Meditation. Again, Meditation won't solve any of your problem but you will stop treating those things as your problem. You will be aware and acceptable to your circumstances.

7. But the most important thing is that all these efforts can give you positive results when both sides are equally honest in putting these efforts and making things better. If one person is even pretending to make these efforts and is not honest towards them then we can't expect any improvement.

These are very few points which can help in making a relationship better. I am sure that there are many more. We should have as many number of resolutions as we have the issues in relationship. Please feel free to add your views on the points which can make relationship sustain so that I can write a detailed article on it.



Post on 26th April, 2019

Saturn is about to retrograde in Sagittarius and we are again entering the time of the year where energies will be intense as Jupiter-Saturn both will be retrograde for about 4 months and in between Mercury will be retrograde once in Cancer. So, planets are again nearer to Earth and their effects on us is again intense.

Most of the things of this Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius in 2019 will be similar to Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius in 2018 - https://www.astrosaxena.com/satretro18 as planet and sign energy is same. So, majority of results would be similar and anyways, Saturn always indicates our challenges in any house and sign.

The only major difference is last year Saturn was retrograde in Moola Nakshatra and this year it is retrograde in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra. So, we can say that Saturn is away from the destructive energies of Moola. But can we really afford to say that? Especially when Saturn is transiting along with Ketu (Moola's lord), almost on exact same degree for the rest of the year.

So, I think this Saturn retrograde will be as intense as last Saturn retrograde in Moola as energy exchange is similar. We have recently gone through joint impact of Saturn-Ketu in Sagittarius through various articles and posts - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsjan192 , https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsfeb119 , https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsfeb219 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19 which will be equally relevant during this retrograde with only addition of the higher intensity due to retrograde motion.

Now, let's see some of the additional impacts which this transit may have -

1. Purva Ashadha is nakshatra of higher education and segregating useful information from the mix of all kinds of information. So, Saturn retrograde will make us work harder on our higher education and ability to differentiate between right information and wrong information. It can also make us differentiate between genuine people in our lives from fake ones. This is more so as Purva Ashadha is part of Sagittarius which represents higher education. So, this Saturn retrograde will surely make us learn some new lessons on rationalization.

2. As it is nakshatra ruled by Venus which represents finance & wealth, this Saturn retrograde will make us reflect on our finances and it is time to be smart about it. People who are careless about financial matters can learn some big lessons during this retrograde. It is time to spend money only when it is inevitable.

3. As Venus also represents relationship, this Saturn retrograde will be helpful to those relationship which are grounded in honesty, practicality and realistic ways. Other relations, where people are not honest, practical and realistic about challenges of relationship can fall apart. As Saturn is transiting with Ketu, it is a difficult transit in matters of relationship especially if it is happening in your 2nd house, 5th house, 7th house, 8th house or 11th house from Ascendant or Moon sign. It doesn't mean that others are going to enjoy in relationship during this Saturn Retrograde as relationship in itself remains a challenge.

4. Then main impact of this Saturn retrograde can be assessed only after considering the joint impact of Saturn-Ketu-Rahu-Mars as they all will be impacting each other till June-end at least. Even after that Mars will be debilitated in Cancer which is another troublesome time. We will discuss about Mars transits in detail and how to handle these difficult transit as they happen. But right now, the best utilization of this accumulation of malefic energy in Gemini/Sagittarius axis can be done when we can focus on higher education and knowledge. If we focus on being honest and practical in wealth and relationship then we can sail through these coming 3-4 months of difficult transit in a positive way.

5. But this transit can become troublesome if people are opinionated or fundamentalist about their views. As Sagittarius is sign of different religions and all 4 planets involved are malefic, we can say that we can see a rise in fundamentalism and violence, as most of the population is unaware of what they are doing?  Events of New Zealand and Sri Lanka already gave us indications as to what we can expect in coming times if we choose to remain unaware. We all can see the topics discussed in Indian Election right now and people are adamant to fight over what they believe in.

So, all we need is higher level of awareness to deal with this transit in a positive way else it can go other way around too.

A generic advice to all, please avoid unnecessary arguments and negligent driving for coming 3-4 months.



Post on 29th April, 2019

So, we are again set for Mars next transit on 6th May, 2019 in the sign of Gemini and as I see, lots of things are happening simultaneously. So, let's look at what Mars is bringing to us from 6th May for next 45 days.

1. Mars will be in Gemini sign. It is sign of its great enemy Mercury. So dignity-wise. Mars is weak. Some common results can be seen like -

a. Mars is aggression and Gemini is communication, so people can get argumentative over even small matters and can get into verbal fights. As Mars represents violence too, it can lead to physical fights too.

b. Mars is also technology and as Gemini is communication, we can see some technical issues in our communications or interacting with people.

c. Mars represents speed and Gemini is travelling, so avoid driving fast, rash or negligently for coming 2-3 months at least else people can get into accidents.

d. Even if you don't drive and only travel then use helmets and seat belts without fail. These days we see people using mobiles even while walking or driving or using steps, please avoid it.

2. But most importantly this Mars will join Rahu in Gemini. As Rahu's nature is to explode the results of the planet it is sitting with, we can see extra-aggression and major accidents. So, please be careful in speech and travel.

3. Then this transit can be more challenging for Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn ascendant people as Mars will be transiting in Dushthana Houses for them. Likewise, for any ascendant if Mars is transiting difficult houses (Upachaya, Dushthana or with no Digbala) then it will be a challenging transit.

4. Then Mars coming into Gemini will continue the Paap Kartari Yoga for Taurus as Sun is in Aries. This will continue till 14th May when Sun moves into Taurus. So till then, we may feel minimum results of the house where Taurus sign is falling in our chart.

5. Then biggest impact will be on 3 signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo. In Gemini, we have Rahu-Mars together which are aspecting and aspected by Saturn-Ketu in Sagittarius and then Saturn & Mars both aspect Virgo sign. As all planets are malefic by nature, their mutual impact on each other and on these signs will create a certain stress, limitation and frustration for the things related with the house where Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius fall in your chart.

6. Also, as all the planets involved are malefic (Mars, Rahu, Saturn & Ketu) and malefic planets are not providers or givers, it is not the time to receive any benefit. This time can take away things from us or make us work really hard as that is the basic nature of all the malefic planets. We have already discussed how this time can give further rise to fundamentalism.

7. Then if we see then from 15th May onwards, almost all the planets are in difficult position or dignity. Like Sun will be in Taurus (enemy sign), Mercury will be in Aries (enemy sign), Venus will be in Aries (neutral sign) but then Aries lord Mars is in Gemini (enemy sign) with Rahu, Jupiter is in Gandanta in Scorpio which is not a good sign for any planet and Saturn-Ketu together in Sagittarius. So, we can say that this coming one or two months are not favorable times to receive any benefit, especially in living significance of any house or planet. Keep your expectations to minimum. This is difficult phase of 3 months we are beginning.

Generic advice - avoid arguments as long as possible, be careful while driving/travelling/running/walking and please meditate.

End result or final event is always based on Chart + Dasha + Transit.




Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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