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Facebook Posts on Ketu & Malefic Planets

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
1st August, 2020

So, many of us can be scared of their upcoming dashas especially if it is dasha of a malefic planet like Saturn, Nodes or Mars/Sun. This fear can be further multiplied if these malefic planets are not in good dignity. But we can understand the purpose of dasha from this example -

Suppose a Train is supposed to arrive on a Track. There is a Signal placed near the track which can alert you before the arrival of train so that you can get away from track on time. Would you like that Signal in active situation or not? I am sure that all of us would want that Signal to be perfectly functioning so that we can get the alert in time. It is not that if Signal is not placed there or if it is not functioning then Train won't arrive. It will still arrive at its speed but it is only that we won't get enough time to get away from track.

Understand the dashas as Signal on track and events of life as Train arriving on track. It is not that Saturn MD is bringing any difficult event in life but Saturn MD dates are only an indication that some difficult events may be coming in your life and it is better to start taking pro-active measures in life to safeguard ourselves.

Normally we relate events with a planet and make an opinion as to this planet is good or that planet is bad due to the nature of events come during their dashas but understand that those events were anyways coming in our lives. The planet and its dasha has just alerted in time so that we can start taking precautionary measures to safeguard ourselves.

Understand it through this example that Saturn represents Bones and Old-age. Now, it doesn't mean that if we don't have knowledge of astrology or dashas or if we "don't believe" in astrology then we won't get old or we won't have joint-aches or body-aches or bones related injuries or illnesses. All these things will come on their own time like Train of events in life but we won't get any time or opportunity to prepare ourselves to take precautionary or preventive measures to safeguard ourselves.

So, rather than being scared or fearful of our coming dashas, we should be thankful to our current and upcoming dashas which is giving us time to prepare.
29th August, 2020

Ketu is basically known as planet of separation because Ketu itself was separated from Rahu. Normally, we relate separation with some negative event like Death or Break-up or Divorce. But as per my experience of looking at charts, we should take a more inclusive interpretation of Separation. Like –

2 persons busy with their work & not having enough time to spend with each other is also a sort of separation.

2 persons having a long distance relationship is also a sort of separation.

2 persons not finding common grounds for communication is also a sort of separation.

When you are unable to convey your point of view to others, it is also a sort of separation.

2 persons can be feeling separated from each other even when they are living under same roof & 2 persons can feel connected to each other even when they are in different countries.

So, Death or Break-up or Divorce can be few of the results of Ketu but these are not the exclusive results of Ketu.

Also, Ketu MD is considered as very hard to go through. It is hard to go through if you follow the basic human nature of possessiveness and holding on to things. Ketu is basically Separation. So, the best way to deal with Ketu’s MD is to be in the state of Letting Go. If you try to be possessive and hold on to things, then it can be painful MD. Also, Meditation is best remedy for Ketu.

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