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Facebook Posts on Planetary Link for different ascendants and Swati/Libra connection.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 17th April, 2020

As requested, we will see Sagittarius ascendant today for the series where we will try to link houses with house lords for every ascendant. I won’t cover the basics as to what each house or each planets represent. Also, it is solely based on the houses involved and connection between them through house lords. We are not going to discuss planetary positions in chart.

Sun rules 9th house/Leo and Moon rules 8th house/Cancer. As they rule only one house, they don't link it with any other house. We can still say that they can get best authority through their higher education, knowledge and guidance. More they share their knowledge with others, better they will prosper in life. They can be guides and counsellors in any field. They can be involved in taking care or nourishing people in emergencies. They can find peace of mind in research oriented matters. They can have instabilities in relationship life.

Jupiter – It rules their 1st house/Sagittarius and 4th house/Pisces. It links their life path with their home and mother. After a certain age, they feel that they are like their mother. Home life remains the most important for them. Their association with their mother can be a pro-longed one. Their mother can be their teacher. To grow in overall life, it is very important that their home life is peaceful. They can have big real estate properties. Knowledge and Guidance will remain source of their prosperity.

Saturn – It rules their 2nd house/Capricorn and 3rd house/Aquarius. It links their wealth with their business and communication. It means that their best wealth will come through their own efforts and business. Their wealth will gradually develop through hard work and perseverance. At the same time, as it is Saturn, this realization of doing own business can be delayed in life. Their family life and relationship with younger sibling can be stressful.

Mars - It rules their 5th house/Aries and 12th house/Scorpio. It links their education with foreign lands. It means that they can travel to foreign lands for matters of 5th house like sports, education and love interests. Their child can also go to Foreign Lands. It also shows that life of 1st child can be very unstable. They can be involved in some research oriented education.
Venus – It rules their 6th house/Taurus and 11th house/Libra. It links their gains with health care, litigation and conflicts. They can also gain from service to other people. It also shows gains from financial and creative nature of work. It shows their own relationship conflicts and spending money on those conflicts.

Mercury - It rules their 7th house/Gemini and 10th house/Virgo. It links their Career with business/other people/maases and communication. So, they are supposed to communicate with masses in their career. They can get a partner through their work or there can be some link between their partner and their father. They can have partnership business with their sibling, father or relationship partner. As Jupiter-Mercury are mutual enemies, they feel frustration in relationship after some time. Communication is the soul of their relationship. If they can't communicate to their partner well enough then their relation may not sustain.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 22nd April, 2020 

As requested, we will see Leo ascendant today for the series where we will try to link houses with house lords for every ascendant. I won’t cover the basics as to what each house or each planets represent. Also, it is solely based on the houses involved and connection between them through house lords. We are not going to discuss planetary positions in chart.

Sun rules 1st house/Leo and Moon rules 12th house/Cancer. As they rule only one house, they don't link it with any other house. We can still say that they can get best authority through their own work. While working for themselves, they may find their ego satisfaction which is very necessary for them. As Sun and Leo are Kings, listening to others is not their cup-of-tea. Their ego will only get hurt whenever they try to work under others. 12th house has Cancer sign and they can find peace in spirituality or in foreign lands. It is a good idea for them to settle in foreign lands.

Mercury - It rules their 2nd house/Virgo and 11th house/Gemini which makes Mercury their wealth giving planet. It shows that their best wealth will come through their own business & communication. Siblings can also become a help in gaining wealth. They can also be involved in some family business or wealth related business. They can be very smart with money management.

Venus – It rules their 3rd house/Libra and 10th house/Taurus together which links their career with business and business should be of Venus nature, like wealth, creativity, beauty and luxury etc. As Leo remains sign of celebrities, it is always a better idea for them to follow their creative interests whatever it is. This is where they will get best authority and fame in life. Their father can be important in running their own business. At the same time, it shows disagreements with father or authority figures.

Mars – It rules 4th house/Scorpio and 9th house/Aries which makes it their yoga karaka planet. It links their home with far distant lands. It again shows that they can settle away from their home land. It also shows that higher education or religious pursuits can bring peace of mind to them. At the same time, it shows disagreements with mother, possible conflicts and illness to mother.

Jupiter rules 5th house/Sagittarius and 8th house/Pisces which makes them take education in research oriented fields. It also links their love life with instability and also the life of their 1st child. They can be very much interested about education of occult or about serving people through their creativity. Again, creativity can become their business and source of wealth.

Then again trouble comes with Saturn and Relationships. Saturn rules their 6th house/Capricorn of disputes/conflicts and 7th house/Aquarius of relationship/partner. Just like Cancer ascendant, Saturn is ruling their house of relationship and 1 dushthana house. Saturn itself is most malefic planet. So, it links their relation with conflicts/disputes. Again, it is advisable to delay the marriage till 30 at least. Even after that it won't be smooth if partners are not showing maturity. In comparison with Cancer, they are still in better position as Leo is sign of Ego Vs Cancer being sign of Emotions. So, it is easier for them to move on after a break-up and live based on their Ego. A Cancer ascendant person remains emotionally attached in relation, so it remains tough for them to move on so easily. Positively, their partner bring down their ego. Their daily work life can be in business. They can have illnesses of Saturnian nature, like of bones, teeth or chronic illnesses.

Leo is the sign of Lion, The Kings, Authority Figures, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Celebrities. Actually, it is the sign of everyone at top of any field. Now, the problem with them is that even if they are not at top of their work, they want everyone to treat them like a Celebrity. They want spotlight on to them all the time and people treat them like a King. As Leo is ruled by Sun and Sun represents Ego, Ego satisfaction is a big factor for them. They need to reach into a high authoritative position in their lives to feel ego satisfaction. Here, they have the biggest lesson of life to learn that a real King is someone who empowers his people and gives authority to people. A real King is never unsecured to hoard all authority to himself. So, within all this, main lesson remains to empower others rather than hoarding power within themselves.

Again, planetary positions, dignity and dashas will change results from this basic foundation of Leo Ascendant lives.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 24th April, 2020 

As requested, we will see Cancer ascendant today for the series where we will try to link houses with house lords for every ascendant. I won’t cover the basics as to what each house or each planets represent. Also, it is solely based on the houses involved and connection between them through house lords. We are not going to discuss planetary positions in chart.

Sun rules 2nd house/Leo and Moon rules 1st house/Cancer. As they rule only one house, they don't link it with any other house. Still, we can get some indications from this. Generic interpretation of a Cancer ascendant people is that they are very emotional, sensitive and caring people. Depending on Moon position in chart, Mother will become very important in their lives, either for good or bad reasons. As Ascendant shows the life path and Cancer is all about caring for others, normally they are seen in medical or teaching profession or any work where you may need to heal or nourish other person. Sun ruling 2nd house/Leo shows that their family members can be authoritative by nature or they can be working for Govt. Govt jobs can be a source of wealth for them. Father becomes a key figure in family. It is mainly his decisions which prevail in family matters. They find their ego or confidence through their family or wealth related matters.

Mercury – It rules 3rd house/Virgo and 12th house/Gemini which shows their efforts are going into foreign lands. It also shows someone in traveling related work or business or travels a lot to far distant lands. They feel that their relationship with younger sibling is kind of a loss. They feel that they didn't get enough benefits from them. Their business can have foreign links. They may like to collect information about foreign lands and spirituality. They can become good authors.

Venus - It rules 4th house/Libra and 11th house/Taurus which shows gains by working from home or in real estate matters. It also shows gains from mother but also shows gains after leaving your homeland as 11th house is 8th from 4th house. So, they have to go away from home land to make their best money. It also shows certain instabilities at home or with mother. They would love to beautify their home.

Mars - It rules 5th house/Scorpio and 10th house/Aries which makes it Yogakaraka planet. It links their work with their education, counselling or creative pursuits. But whatever they do in career, they have to do it individually on their own as 5th house is 8th from 10th house and shows instabilities with authority figures. It also shows instability in relation with father. They can have lots of ups/downs in their fame/public recognition.

Jupiter – It rules 6th house/Sagittarius and 9th house/Pisces which again shows that their higher education can be in legal or medical field. They can travel to different country for their work. It again shows a possible career as a teacher or academician. Their daily work can be all about guiding/counselling o sharing their knowledge. They must be careful against illnesses related with fat/obesity, liver, gall bladder and arteries etc.

Saturn – It rules your 7th house/Capricorn and 8th house/Aquarius. This makes their relationship life more troublesome after Scorpio in 5th house. Both these houses are ruled by Saturn and 8th house is also a house of instability and ups & downs. So, it links their relationship life with instabilities. Also, ascendant lord is Moon which is full of emotions and 7th house lord is Saturn which has nothing to do with emotions. So, they can attract emotionless/cold partners. Saturn itself being most malefic doesn't help the cause at all. They say that Cancer ascendants usually have lots of issues in relationship but I wonder which ascendant doesn't have these issues. It is just that Cancer people are naturally emotional and emotionally involved in anything they do, so break-ups and separations emotionally ruin them. As these are also house of business, the realization of doing business comes late in life.

Again, planetary position, dignity and dashas can change many a things here but foundation will remain like this.

6 done. 6 left.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 28th April, 2020

So, here is the thing. In my introductory video of Nakshatra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLlLg0yvRAw , I said that representations of a nakshatra gets aligned with representations of sign that nakshatra falls-in. Like, Cancer and Pushya represent same things, Leo and Magha represent same things and likewise we can see combinations of other sign-nakshatras.

A person commented on video then how come Swati is part of Libra as Swati is all about being independent and free whereas Libra is all about being in relationship?

I am glad that this question was asked just at the time when Venus is about to retrograde and many people are about to question the meaning of relationship they are in and partner they are with.

So, simplest response to this question can be the same thing which every spiritual being is trying to tell us, i.e. "Love is Freedom". Real Love or Real Relationship always brings Freedom and Independence to its partners.

The most eternal or divine love we all talk about is the love between Radha and Krishna. And it is because when Lord Krishna wanted to leave Vrundavan and go to Mathura on Hs path of Karma, at that time Radha never tried to stop Him for even a second. She let Him go on His destined path.

Same independence we could see between Gautam Siddhartha and Yashodhara where Yashodhara didn't pursue Siddhartha and didn't try to catch hold of him when Siddhartha decided to leave the palace and his family.

I understand that this philosophy of love is difficult to understand because we are taught by our families, friends, movies and societies that Love is all about capturing, controlling or possessing someone. But it is the act of the most unsecured person. Only an unsecured person would try to capture or control an individual in the name of love/relationship as it gives him a sense of power over other person's life. And we have to agree that we are an unsecured bunch of people, most of us. So, we agree and get aligned with any such theory but that won't change the eternal truth that controlling others is the biggest sign of weakness.

Also, it is not only about romantic relations but we can see the same insecurity even in relationship between parents and children or in any other relationship. It is interesting to note that parents are supposed to make children strong by giving them confidence but parents themselves are suffering from their own insecurities.

So, Swati falling in Libra is not wrong. Our perception and understanding of relationship is wrong that if you are in relationship then you can't be independent and free.

When Venus went retrograde in 2018, I posted some important things on Venus retrograde and relationships. I will try to find those posts and re-post them.

"If someone is trying to be possessive of you then he is not treating you more than an object as only objects can be possessed". - Osho.


Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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