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FB Posts on last YT Session, Saturn-Rahu joint impact and Rahu-Jupiter-Ketu joint impact.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 

Post on 21st Oct, 2019 

So, just to bring some more clarity to what I was saying yesterday about "If Dushthana Lords and Malefic Planets should be weak in chart?"

To understand this, 1st we need to understand what all things a planet can represent in your chart?

1. Karaka - Every planet is karaka of dozens of things like Venus represents relationship, partner, wealth, service, conveniences etc all at once.

2. House Ruler - Then every planet rules a certain house in your chart. Besides Sun and Moon, all other visible planets rule at least 2 houses. So, your dushthana lord may not be a lord of dushthana house only. It may rule some other house which can be Kendra or Trikona or Family/Relationship oriented.

3. Then some planets may also be sitting in Dushthana Houses and their way of functioning can depend of strength or weakness of Dushthana Lords.

4. A Dushthana Lord would also be sitting in some other house and would impact functioning of that particular house.

5. Then every planet owns some nakshatra and its strength or weakness is going to impact the performance of the planets which is in those nakshatras.

Now, if we take malefic planets too -

6. Malefic planets represent hard ship and troubles but every malefic planet represents some things which are very necessary to live a good life. Saturn represents Bones and Teeth, Mars represents our will power and courage, Rahu is actually our materiastic desires.

7. So, if we really say and wish that a Dushthana Lord or a Malefic Planet should be weak in chart then actually we are conceding that we are fine with all the above representations of that particular planet to be weak.

8. Like, being a Scorpio ascendant, 1st house lord Mars is also my 6th house lord. Now, if I wish that my Mars should be weak then actually I want to lose my life path (1st house), possibility of real estate, lack of will power and courage, weak immune system and ability to fight against adverse situations in life. So, my dushthana lord is not only a dushthana lord. It represents a truck-load of things. If the planet goes down then everything represented by it can go down.

9. Then if we apply this logic on malefic planets then also it doesn't work. Suppose I have a weak Saturn then it may even impact my longevity as Saturn represents the time we spend in this world. Saturn also represents Bones and Teeth. So, we can imagine how much of hard work I can put with weak bones, teeth or overall body.

10. . But even then, does it even work in reality and experience that weakness of Dushthana Lords and Malefic Planets are going to help us in leading a good and less miserable life? I don’t think so as we have example of Helen Keller - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Keller , who had Saturn debilitated in 6th house/Aries and 6th house lord Mars debilitated in 9th house/Cancer. So, Dushthana 6th house cannot get weaker than this and both visible malefic planets are weak in chart. But we all know that she lived a life of life-long illnesses (6th house) and although she achieved great things in her life but it was possible because of the continuous support from people around her.

So, this is what I wanted to say that ideally, every planet should be in good dignity because at least person will remain on his own and there will be strong will-power and courage to fight with adverse situations of life.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 23rd Oct, 2019 

With Saturn transiting into Capricorn ( https://www.astrosaxena.com/sat20 ), we will have 1st major joint impact of two planets on one house/sign when Saturn-Rahu both will aspect on Libra sign. Saturn with its 10th aspect and Rahu with its 5th aspect will aspect on Libra sign. Following points are important regarding this joint impact –

a. This joint impact of Saturn-Rahu on Libra will be from Jan, 2020 to Sep, 2020. It is a substantial time period to bring or block any results.

b. Saturn-Rahu joint impact on any house/sign creates a situation of tug of war within person. Rahu gravitates person towards that house/sign related things but Saturn puts block in achievement of those things and says that we can achieve only after hard work and perseverance. In the end, Saturn will win and we would need to put our best efforts to get any result of that house/sign. This also brings frustration and stress around things related with that house/sign as both are strong malefic planets.

c. We have recently seen this joint impact on Aquarius sign when Saturn was aspecting on Aquarius sign from Sagittarius and then Rahu was also aspecting on Aquarius sign from Gemini. Whichever house Aquarius sign may be falling for you, you may be feeling extra stress or frustration related with that house.

d. Not long ago, we also felt the impact of Saturn-Rahu on Libra sign between Dec, 2012 to June, 2014 when they both were conjunct in transit in Libra. As Libra remains sign of relationship, it was seen as most difficult time for relationships.

e. This time, intensity can be less as Saturn-Rahu would only be aspecting Libra, not sitting there. but there is no denial of stress and frustration around Libra theme of Life.

f. As Libra is sign of human relations, business and interaction/dealing with masses etc, we can see stress and frustration around these things. Diplomacy and Peace Initiatives at global level may fail or would require more efforts to succeed. We would have to work hard with perseverance over these things.

g. These would be generic results of Saturn-Rahu impact on Libra.

h. But then Libra may fall in different houses for different people. So, from next week I will cover this impact of Saturn-Rahu on Libra of Ascendant-wise as per the house Libra sign is falling.

This introductory post will be helpful in understanding the results of Saturn-Rahu joint impact on Libra for every ascendant, hence I started with this introduction.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 26th Oct, 2019 

Another joint impact which we will go through after Jupiter is in Sagittarius is Jupiter at the axis of Ketu-Rau in Sagittarius sign. This is also going to be a long term association of these 3 planets, hence it is necessary to look at it too –

Jupiter will join Ketu in Sagittarius and will receive aspect of Rahu in Gemini from 5th Nov, 2019.

This joint impact will be there from Nov, 2019 to March, 2020 and then from July, 2020 to Sep, 2020. It means that it will be impacting us for about 8 months again, which is good enough time to bring any event.

We had a similar situation in 2016 when Rahu-Jupiter were together in Leo and Ketu was aspecting Jupiter from Aquarius. Quite recently too, we had Rahu-Jupiter joint impact between Sep, 2018 to March, 2019 when Rahu from Cancer was aspecting Jupiter in Scorpio.

If we go back in our memory then Rahu-Jupiter transit in Leo in 2016 gave rise to authoritarianism and authority figures in world politics or governments got a rise. If 2018-19, Jupiter was creating chaos in Scorpio and Rahu was further helping it through exploding the results.

So, we can say that Jupiter transit into Sagittarius - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jupsag1920 will create its results and Rahu-Ketu will add their flavour into the recipe.

So, as Sagittarius and Jupiter represent almost identical things like religions, philosophy, literature, higher education, knowledge sharing, guiding and counselling people, Jupiter’s transit into Sagittarius is going to increase and expand these results and we are going to become more and more aware and knowledge oriented during this transit. Rahu’s aspect on Jupiter will give further boost to this knowledge gaining pursuits and Ketu will add the flavour of occult, mysticism, spirituality, research & investigation in those pursuits. People could get highly involved in any research oriented knowledge.
Another result we will definitely see is of Guru Chandal Yoga (https://www.astrosaxena.com/juraco and https://www.astrosaxena.com/jukeco). People will raise doubts and questions about various religions, the concept of God, philosophies and theories. I love this approach of raising questions over anything as long as person is also interested in knowing the answers. If they are ready to sit, study, research and work hard to know the answers than it can be the best possible yoga. But if person just wants to ask questions to escape from the discussion or logic on the excuse that “I don’t have time to research and study about it” then it can be the worst yoga.

And as I see, this is the only difference between Guru Chandal Yoga of Jupiter-Rahu conjunction and Jupiter-Ketu conjunction. Normally, Guru Chandal Yoga is only considered for Jupiter-Rahu conjunction but I do consider it for Jupiter-Ketu conjunction too because basic result is same for both, i.e. questioning the religions, the concept of God, philosophies and theories. But the only difference is that Jupiter-Rahu conjunction makes person gravitate towards knowledge and find his answers whereas Jupiter-Ketu conjunction can separate person from any such activity and may give a tendency to escape after raising question.

Still, as Jupiter is in own sign, Jupiter keeps an upper hand over Ketu during this transit and can push people to research and investigation after raising doubts and questions.

So, the joint impact of Jupiter at the axis of Ketu-Rahu could make us knowledge oriented and knowledge will be related to the house where this impact is taking place in Sagittarius sign in a person’s chart. So, from next week, we will also keep an eye of this joint impact of Jupiter at the axis of Ketu-Rahu in Sagittarius ascendant wise.

With this, no further gyan. Have a happy, safe and prosperous Deepawali with your family and friends. Thanks for reading always.

Swami Premanand Bharti

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