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FB Posts on Rahu-Moon, Rahu-Sun, Saturn in Purva Ashadha, Retrograde Planets, Exaltation/Debilitatio

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 19th Nov, 2018 

So again, little clarification on yesterday's live session on Rahu MD.

Rahu is considered as exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. Some authors have considered Rahu as exalted in Gemini and debilitated in Sagittarius. There is one more group which says that Rahu is exalted in Leo.

As I see, we need not to assign exaltation and debilitation to Rahu & Ketu. If we just remember that Rahu explodes things related to sign it is placed in and Ketu implodes things related to sign it is placed in then it is more than useful.

Now, why these exaltation and debilitation were given to nodes?

Taurus is sign of Wealth and Rahu in Taurus is going to explode the wealth, i.e. person can become very rich when Rahu is in Taurus. Now, as 99% population loves wealth, luxuries and lavish life, it is obvious that people will think that it is better to have Rahu in Taurus. "For their way of thinking", Rahu is exalted in Taurus.

Likewise, Scorpio is sign of instability and ups & downs. Rahu in Scorpio will explode instability and ups & downs in person's life. Again, most of us would love to have an stable life. None of us like instabilities. Hence, because of our fear of instabilities, Rahu in Scorpio became debilitated.

But if we see closely, Rahu is doing same thing in both signs. It is exploding the results. The difference in results is because of nature and things represented by signs, and not because of Rahu. Rahu is functioning as is in all signs.

Again, those people, who think that Rahu is exalted in Gemini, might be in love of travelling, collection of information or entrepreneurship. So, they thought that Rahu is best when it is in Gemini.

Likewise, the most creative people might have thought that Rahu is exalted in Leo as it enhances someone's creativity.

So, just keep it simple that Rahu or Ketu are neither exalted nor debilitated and not even in friendly or enemy signs. They are just exploding (Rahu) or imploding (Ketu) the results of the sign they are in.

The reason why I am stressing on this point is that once we get into exaltation/debilitation understanding of planets then automatically mind works in the arena of Good and Bad. We start thinking that Rahu in Scorpio is bad because they say it is debilitated but same Rahu in Scorpio can make a perfect mystic too. Hence, just understand that they are just exploding (Rahu) or imploding (Ketu) the results of the sign they are in.



Post on 22nd Nov - 

This one doesn't actually fall into deadly conjunction category as one of the planets involved is not malefic but this one can actually be termed as the most dangerous conjunction.

Rahu-Moon conjunction.

Moon represents Mind, Emotions and our sensitivity towards others. For me, Moon is always the most important planet as Moon represents Mind and all actions we take in life are 1st sanctioned by mind. Whatever mind says, we do that.

Rahu represents obsession, illusion and confusion.

So, when they both are conjunct it creates an obsessive mind and a highly emotional person. This is a situation where person is unable to balance out his emotions. They go into extremes. From this pole to that pole. Either they are too happy or they are too sad. If they are happy, they can give away anything to anyone in that happiness. If they are sad, they can go deep into depression. So, the biggest challenge or lesson with this conjunction is to keep the emotions in balance. Extremes are always dangerous. The middle path is always the right path.

Such Results can also be seen when Moon is in Rahu's nakshatras or Rahu is in Cancer.

Few other results which this conjunction can give are -

Something unusual in relationship with Mother. 
Person can have child through unusual ways like adoption, surrogacy etc.
Mind can be always under confusion or illusion. There is always a shadow functioning over mind and person is unable to think in right way. 
This conjunction can become really dangerous if Moon is getting further malefic impact through conjunction or aspect.

Again, the only thing which can help the person is Meditation. Person has to start meditation as early as possible in life. Only then he can hope to strike the balance in emotions and stabilize his mind.

This conjunction reminds me a story of Buddhism where Buddha used to stress at the need of following the middle path in life. In every matter of life, Buddha used to tell his disciples to avoid extremes and come at the middle path. One day a disciple said that you stress so much on middle path that it becomes the "extreme" of following middle path.

Buddha replied, I can allow only one extreme, i.e. extreme of middle path. 

So, if this conjunction is taking you towards extremes then make sure that extreme is of middle path or balanced emotions.



Post on 23rd Nov, 2018 

Violence can be of 2 types, i.e. either direct or indirect.

If I tell you that do such things for me otherwise I will kill you, then it is direct violence.

But if I tell you that do such things for me otherwise I will kill myself, then it is an indirect violence.

Same activity is happening but in 2nd case the culprit is taking away all the sympathies. He is still forcing other person to act as he wants but now he is getting sympathies of people because they can't see the indirect violence. This is done at psychological level and here the culprit starts looking like victim. This is a minute level of violence and needs a minute observation to catch it. All people who go on hunger strikes and fast unto death are also similar culprits. And always remember that a person, who has no value for his own life, can have no value for other's life too.

Indirect Violence is commonly used in toxic and abusive relationships and the culprit makes others feel that he is victim. If anyone is in such type of relation then get rid of such person ASAP. Beware of these people because as I said a person, who has no value for his own life, can have no value for other's life too.



Post on 24th Nov, 2018

So there was a request to write a post about retrograde planets and their effect. It is apt to write it now as we are closing down on the year of retrogrades and going through last retrograde of the year, i.e. Mercury Retrograde. At the same time, I hope all understand that I can't cover everything about retro planets in 1 post.

Retrograde means reverting back or moving backwards. So, when a planet starts moving backwards during transit then we call it retrograde transit of a planet. Sun-Moon never go retrograde, Rahu-Ketu are always retrograde. So, rest 5 planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn) go retro during transits for different duration and after different time intervals. In a way, no planet actually moves backwards but as these planets come closer to Earth while transiting and if we look at them from Earth then their speed of transit around Earth looks slower than Earth's rotation over its own axis. Hence, theory of relativity comes into picture and from Earth, it looks like planets are moving backwards.

Now, there are few ways to interpret a retro planet - 
1. 1st of all, as it is closer to Earth, its rays are reaching us with more effect. So, a retrograde transiting planet has more potential to give results it promises than a direct transiting planet. 
2. In birth chart too, if you have any retro planet then that planet can impact you more than any other planet. 
3. Also, it means that things related with planet which is retrograde will get intensified during that transit. It can get further intensified if the same planet is also retro in your birth chart or you are in dasha of that planet. 
4. Then retrograde is about reflecting back. So, we reflect back at things that planet is karaka of and also on things related to the houses it rules in your birth chart. Like, Saturn can make us reflect back on our duties and responsibilities, Jupiter can make us reflect back on our belief system, knowledge, education and teachers etc, Mercury can make us reflect on our communications, Mars can make us reflect on our actions and Venus can make us reflect on our relationship. 
5. Likewise, these planets will also make us reflect on things represented by the house they rule. 
6. Now, the most important thing is that when do we reflect back at certain things in life? It is when we commit some mistakes related with those things. So, retrograde planets transits make us reflect on some mistakes related with its things and we are supposed to learn lessons from those mistakes and not repeat the same mistakes in later life. But if someone is an immature person then he can repeat the same mistakes again and again in life. 
7. Last but not the least, the good/bad nature of the results? It depends on lots of things. For example, right now Mercury is retrograde. Mercury's position, dignity, conjunction, Houses it rules, Jaimini Karaka, aspects and dashas in birth chart lays down the foundation of results. Then see in which house and sign it is getting retrograde and what is its dignity in the sign where it is retrograde? 
8. Like, Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio right now. Hence, it is retrograde in its great enemy sign of Mars and if we go little deep then Mars is also transiting in its enemy sign Aquarius. Also, Mercury is combust in transit as it is too close to Sun. So, I don't think we can expect much of positive results during current Mercury retrograde transit, especially in matters of Jeeva Karaka, i.e. the living significances of Mercury and of the houses it rules in one's chart. 
9. At the same time, Mercury in Scorpio is with Jupiter and getting aspect of Rahu. So, this time can be excellent for intense research on any subject.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 26th Nov, 2018 

As discussed in last post on Rahu-Moon conjunction that it can lead person to extremes, it also includes positive extremes. Here, I have 2 examples where these people used this conjunction to achieve positive extremes.

1. Sachin Tendulkar - https://www.astrosaxena.com/stendulkar .

Rahu-Moon conjunct in 5th house/Sagittarius and they were within 10 degrees. 5th house is house of sports and creativity. It is also a house of education. Sagittarius is also sign of higher education. Normally, we consider education and teaching only up to the academic one. But being a mentor in any field and guiding others is also very much part of 5th house and Sagittarius. So, although Sachin didn't complete his academic education in time due to his extreme involvement in sports but he played the role of mentor and guide to many.

Then Rahu-Moon in 5th house of sports and creativity made his mind to achieve extremes of creativity in sports field. Karaka of Sports Mars was exalted which also played its part. Be it inventing new shots or bowling almost anything, Rahu-Moon conjunction gave him ability to be extremely creative in sports. Here, this conjunction of Rahu-Moon proved to be a great one.

2. Raj Kapoor - Likewise, Great Raj Kapoor ji had Rahu-Moon conjunction in 1st house/Cancer. It looks like he might have been a very emotional person. But I was always curious to know that what made him such a visionary in field of cinema. He was way ahead of his times. If we see his chart then we may not find anything special in 5th house (Sun in Scorpio), 12th house lord Mercury in 6th house or with Venus (Venus with Saturn). Then what made him such an extra-ordinary movie director of all times. If I read well then he was ready with concept of his 2-3 movies at his teenage and by the age of 21, he directed his 1st movie Aag in which he actually played himself.

So, we will miss the reason here if we ignore outer planets. Neptune represents Photography. Hence, it also represents Cinema/Movies. Neptune was with Rahu-Moon in 1st house/Cancer. Neptune was in Ashlesha with Rahu and only 5-6 degrees apart, which was also his ascendant nakshatra. This exploded his interest in Theater and Movies from early age. And by the time he entered in Mercury MD at the age of 15 which activated Ashlesha, Ascendant and Jyeshtha Nakshatra in 5th house, he started preparing for his extra-ordinary journey.

I heard that he used to keep a diary with him in which he used to write important things of the day. In those days, he was preparing his team of actors, actresses, musicians etc who can give him services for a long time. He got most of the people as he wanted but something was missing. Then it so happened that Lata ji sang her 1st song for his movie Barsat. That day, Raj Kapoor wrote in his diary that now he has the team and he is ready to make some memorable movies. 

It also shows that if you have Rahu-Moon conjunction then it is better to have some passion in life and direct this energy of Rahu-Moon towards that passion creatively. It may make you obsessed towards such pursuit but it will be a positive obsession.


Post on 28th Nov, 2018 

Rahu-Sun Conjunction.

This can be another conjunction which can be troublesome depending on Sun's dignity.

As Rahu explodes the results of the planet it is sitting with, it explodes as per the dignity of the planet. It means if planet is well placed in good dignity like own sign, exalted sign or friendly sign then Rahu will explode the positive side of that planet and if planet is debilitated or in enemy sign then Rahu will explode negative side of that planet.

So, it is very important to have Sun in good dignity here, i.e. either exalted, friendly or own sign. Then Rahu explodes the positive results of Sun which means person not only gets into leadership positions but inspires others to become leaders. He becomes a true leader.

But if Sun is debilitated or in enemy sign then Rahu can explode negative traits of Sun which is about an unsecured leader or a person lacking self-confidence. This person can have serious issues with Father or other people in authority.

Anyways, Rahu-Sun conjunction can give ego clashes because this one and Ketu-Sun conjunction shows that person was born near to eclipse season. So, support from people in authority is eclipsed and it normally leads to ego clashes. Relationship with Father can be an unusual one.

Even if Sun is exalted then also Rahu can bring some of its natural malefic impact to person by giving high ego or proud feeling. So, this conjunction can bring high authority to person if Sun is in good dignity but person can have some ego issues. If Sun is debilitated or in enemy sign then person may not have any support from people in authority, an indication that he needs to become authority by himself.



Post on 30th Nov, 2018 

Saturn transit in Purva Ashadha for next 1 year.

So finally, Saturn has moved out of Moola Nakshatra this week and now it is in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra. I have come across lots of things that how Saturn will benefit us in Purva Ashadha just because its lord is Venus which is friend of Saturn.

Well, it is always better to be not living in any consolation or false hope when you are dealing with Saturn. Be realistic and you will be in better situation to deal and face Saturn. Saturn is just misery and challenge. As it is moving from 1 nakshatra to another, we can only say that it is shifting misery from 1 place to another. Now, misery is coming into Purva Ashadha.

Also, are we really out of Saturn in Moola impact? Moola is ruled by Ketu and from March, 2019 onward Ketu will be in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn. So, we will again deal with same energy exchange of Saturn-Ketu from March, 2019 till the end of the year. It is similar to energy of Saturn in Moola. Even now, Saturn and Ketu are although in different signs but they are within 20 degrees of each other. So effectively, they are like sitting within 1 sign or 1 house. So, 1st thing is that we should get rid of this thought that heavy energy of Saturn in Moola is no where. It is there but in other shape. As I said, Saturn is misery, so it can only change its forms/shapes and come to us in different ways but no point in wishfully thinking that just because Saturn is in friend's nakshatra, it is going to be a benefic time.

Now, as Saturn represents challenges, hard work and perseverance, we need to see where it will make us focus with these traits in Purva Ashadha - https://www.astrosaxena.com/panaksh .

1. Again, nakshatras come into series. In Moola, Saturn made us deal and focus on some deep rooted issues of our. We uprooted or let go of some things or people from our lives and made new beginnings in those areas of life. Now, as Purva Ashadha is about providing initial care, Saturn will make us focus on giving initial care on those things or people in life which are our new beginnings during Saturn in Moola. Like,if someone has enrolled for some new educational course in recent times or started a new relationship or business then it is time to focus on these things so that these things or people can give him results when Saturn reaches Uttara Ashadha, the nakshatra of final victory.

2. As it is Venus ruled nakshatra, Saturn is going to teach us to be matured or practical in relationship and in matters of wealth. People with immature relationship and immature wealth management skills will still suffer in this transit.

3. It is important not to forget the sign when we deal with Nakshatra. Saturn is still in Sagittarius and it will still make us focus on higher education. It will still create situation of religious fundamentalism and rigidness over beliefs, especially when Ketu joins Saturn after March.

4. Person can have very limited results of the living representation of the house where Sagittarius falls in your chart once Saturn-Ketu come together.

5. Purva Ashadha also represents our ability to segregate things or people in our life between useful and useless. So, Saturn will make us focus on people or things in our lives and make a segregating decision based on reason and logic as to which thing or who we should keep in our life and who we should let go?

6. The better we utilize Saturn in Purva Ashadha, easier it would be to deal Saturn in Uttara Ashadha.

7. Last but not the least, as Saturn is in Jupiter's sign and Venus' nakshatra, their transits will play an important role here. As Jupiter is going through friendly but chaotic sign of Scorpio, we still need to face some chaotic/transformative times as Saturn is in Purva Ashadha. Likewise, challenges of this Saturn transit will be more visible whenever Venus is in enemy or debilitation sign during transit.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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