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FB Posts on Venus-Saturn, Saturn-Sun, Rahu-Mars, Arranged/Love Marriage, Moon MD, Mars transit, Satu

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 

Post on 1st Nov, 2018

Venus-Saturn Conjunction.

In relationship matters, results will be almost the same as we discussed yesterday or as we always discuss with Saturn impacting any house or planet of relationship.

Although, Venus is one of friends with Saturn but nothing matters with Saturn. Neither friendship nor enmity. It is always the same. Teaching us lessons and giving us challenges. There will be a sense of frustration involved with Saturn in whichever area of life it is impacting. That's why, I feel Saturn is the most malefic planet as its nature remains as is in any house, in any sign or with any planet. Rahu can give wealth in Taurus but there also Saturn will make it tough to accumulate or hoard wealth. Saturn is exalted in Libra but these people face biggest challenges in relationship matters. So, Saturn is never easy.

Even with the non-living significances of planets and houses it is involved with, Saturn makes life tough. Like, in Saturn-Venus conjunction, it will make difficult for person to accumulate wealth. Person's wealth will grow gradually. Likewise in matters of creativity, it will make person work hard with perseverance before it can give any result in creative pursuits. Saturn in 5th house and 9th house can make person repeat some classes in his academic pursuits.

So, short analysis of Saturn-Venus conjunction is that it will create frustration in relationship and will make person work hard over long period for gaining in matters of wealth and creativity. Relationship can sustain only when both partners are ready to be realistic, matured and practical. Dream Romance won't work with Saturn.

Now, why Saturn is like this?

Take top 10 names of any field, i.e. Movies, Sports, Politics etc. You will find one thing common that all of them picked one job for life and continued to do it till they became perfect. They all followed Saturn's terms and conditions. So, Saturn actually wants you to become perfect. Saturn wants you to do something so repetitively that you become perfect or even legend in your field. I can see that Saturn impact on my career where daily I deal with similar requests of people and end up in repeating same astrological concepts to many people daily.

So, no matter how much we may hate Saturn, it is the one which can make us legend or perfect in our field. So, you may ask Saturn-Venus conjunction or any other conjunction with Saturn or any house/sign position of Saturn, interpretation will always be the same. It will give results or benefits only after delay, hard work and perseverance. Also, expect best results of Saturn from 30s. Before that toil hard.



Post on 3rd Nov, 2018

"I am reminded of a story where a Saint was climbing hills of Badrinath with all his stuff on his back. He saw a girl ahead of him carrying her brother on her back. When he came near to the little girl, he said - Ohh what a great burden you are carrying on your shoulder!!!!

Girl got angry and replied - Burden you are carrying. He is not burden, he is my brother.


Normally, we love to tell each other that I did this for you and I did that for him. Parents say to their child that how much sacrifices we have done for you but what we are getting in return and after few years child starts returning the compliment as to how much he is doing and he is not getting anything in return? Well, no one does anything for anyone.

You did it because there was love involved and basic act of doing brought you happiness. So you got your return of happiness at the same moment when you did an act. If you are asking something more then it is deal or bargain, it was never love.

We always do everything for our own happiness and the day that act stops giving us happiness, we stop doing that or we start complaining about it. From that day, it becomes a deal.

People say that parents do so much for their children selflessly. Well, they are doing it because they are their own children. If they were someone else's child then let's see who is interested in doing what? So, there is selfish interest involved. It doesn't mean that we should disrespect our parents or elders or dismiss their contribution in our lives. I am just on the point that all our acts are motivated due to some involvement of love or happiness for self.

Let's take my example, people compliment me that I always reply to all comments or messages and I share information so easily. There is rarely someone who went unreplied so far but it is because I like interacting with people and my exalted Jupiter in 9th house loves to share information with all. So, I am doing it for myself and my own happiness.

Introspect about it. There is always our own happiness involved behind all our acts.



Post on 3rd Nov, 2018 

So, this is going to be one of my post on social topic because I am posting about Marriage. As Marriage remains a social institution, we have to talk more about social scenario than Astrological Concepts.

Time and again I have posted on how Astrology has no connection with marriage and this link must be destroyed ASAP. You can read my views on this topic here - http://astrosaxena.com/rammhttp://astrosaxena.com/irmhttp://astrosaxena.com/d9lifepathhttp://astrosaxena.com/chartmatch, and http://astrosaxena.com/2marriage. In this article, I discussed about how much Astrology can help in relationship matters - https://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1.

Then I talked extensively on various social reasons why relationships are becoming more and more tough. You can read these posts here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/marriageissues , https://www.astrosaxena.com/divissues , https://www.astrosaxena.com/relations2 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbrelations.

I have realized that there is one more reason, besides all other reasons I already talked, why relationships are tough day-by-day? It is more applicable for societies like India where still 90% marriages are arranged.

So, how much time we take to fix an arranged marriage in most of the cases?

As far as I know, prospective Bride & Groom get 10-15 mins to talk with each other and even in that time, their parents may be busy in finalizing "The Deal". At max, they get half-an hour to "supposedly" know each other.

Well, then average is just perfect. You gave half-an hour to decide the marriage and that marriage is lasting for half-an year, right? After 6 months, either they are filing for divorce or they are just dragging each other for rest of life.

One can say that these days couples chat with each other before getting married to understand each other.

Well yes, but by that time engagement is already done, drums are already beaten up in friends & relatives. So, even if they don't find a connection with each other in their interaction before marriage then also it is like compulsory for them to get married to save their families' so-called image/reputation. Very rarely someone will have guts to break the engagement.

But the main point I am trying to stress here is that we need to get rid of this system of deciding the marriages. We have to accept that if foundation of marriage is in "A Deal" then it will last only till the deal is final and transaction is complete. If there is no love or emotions involved between the couple then there is very rare chance of sustaining the marriage, except through dragging it. And those emotions can be developed between 2 people only through regular interaction.

Also, it is foolish to check someone's chart to know the nature of person. None can tell it perfectly. Take my chart & try to tell my nature and you will find that in real life I can be a very different person, either for good or bad. You can only know a person through interacting with him/her over a long period of time. That's why I tell my clients/friends to meet/talk with the prospective spouse for at least one year then take the decision. And if someone is not willing to give one year before marriage then just imagine how he can give about 25 years after the marriage, for which you must be planning for your marriage?

Osho was known to criticize institution of marriage but he also said that if marriage institution can be saved, then it is through love marriage, not through arranged marriage. He said that marriage should be result of love but Indian Society is trying to do something opposite by creating love through marriage.

Even Astrologically, 5th house of Love comes 1st and then comes 7th house of Marriage. So, mutual Love or Emotions are foundation on which institution of marriage can sustain.

And for all those people who say that it is not the tradition and their arranged marriage had sustained, please go through the articles I gave in beginning. I covered the points on which we can see a clear change in Indian Social Setup and why rules of 20th Century cannot be applied in 21st Century in matters of marriage.

And if people are still fond of old times then they should remain in those old times only for all other reasons too. They should still go to their village Vaidya for treatment and not the multi-speciality hospitals. They should still listen to Radio & Transistors and get rid of Netflix.

For God sake, we have to change with the time and this is one change which is seriously needed in deciding the marriage matters.



Post on 5th Nov, 2018 

So again, as I like to clarify things talked during Live Sessions. So, this is what I was trying to tell during last session on Moon MD.

As I said, Moon is most important planet as it represents mind and as we take actions as per orders of our mind. Hence, it is very important to have good dignity of Moon. But in case, you have problematic position of Moon, then it doesn't mean that you are doomed for this life or you are bound to take wrong actions in this life. Here are two ways of keeping your mind stable regardless of Moon's position -

1. Meditation - It must be considered as a mandatory condition for whole humanity. I feel that if meditation is made compulsory for everyone then we will be living in a much better and more aware world.

2nd condition should not be taken as alternate to the 1st condition. It is in addition to the 1st condition.

2. Taking Actions as per Moon's position - As I said earlier, consider a house as a pot, sign & nakshatra as the soil and planet as the plant within it. The stronger the pot, better the soil, greater will be the growth of plant. Likewise, if we engage ourselves in actions related with house, sign and nakshatra in which Moon is placed, our mind can feel stable or balanced.

Like, even if Moon is in 8th house/Scorpio, where it is in marana karaka position, debilitated at 3 degree in Vishakha Nakshatra, if person engages himself in activities related with 8th house (serving other people), Scorpio (research, occult, mysticism) and Vishakha (counselling/teaching), then he can still find some stability or peace of mind.

One of my client's daughter has Moon in 4th house/Pisces and she feels the happiest when she is at home, with her mother or reading some books related with spirituality or religion.

I have Moon in 7th house/Taurus/Rohini, my mind got its peace when I started business and engaged myself in creative pursuits.

Also, I gave an example of Mark David Chapman chart (https://www.astrosaxena.com/chapman) during the session. He had Moon in Sagittarius, a sign of religion or religious texts, and in an interview after assassination of John Lennon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUMJdkL0EnM&t=409s), he happened to say that one of the reasons behind him committing such an act was that he stopped reading Bible during that time. So, reading Bible was giving stability to his mind as Moon was in Sagittarius.

Likewise, if you get involved in actions related to house/sign/nakshatra position of Moon, you can stabilize the mind.



Post on 8th Nov, 2018 

So after spending 6 months in Capricorn and completing the conjunction with Ketu there, Mars is in Aquarius now. Following things become important for next 45 days or so.

1. Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius create a Paap Kartari Yoga for Capricorn in between. As Capricorn is sign of Govt and Authority, this may not be a good phase for people in Govt or in authoritative position. Especially now, when Sun (Govt and Authority) is also debilitated/weakest in Libra. Recent US mid-term pole and Democrats regaining the lost ground can be linked with this development in Sky. As India is heading towards assembly elections in 4-5 states later in month, the same story of losing power and authority by those who are in power can be repeated in India.

2. At personal level, the house, where Capricorn falls in your chart, can see a situation where things are completely stuck and no progress in next 45 days. It is more relevant for Jeeva Karakas of that house rather than Ajeeva Karakas.

3. Mars in Aquarius is also getting aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn-Mars together creates stress and environment where we have to work extra hard to get things moving. So, whichever house Aquarius is falling in your chart, you can see some extra stress and need to work hard in things related with that house.

4. Likewise, Ketu from Capricorn and Mars from Aquarius are aspecting Taurus sign. It again creates stress and environment where we have to work really hard and we can expect some transformative events in that house related things. So, whichever house Taurus is falling in your chart, you can see some changes and hard work in things related with that house.

5. Another thing that is happening now is Saturn-Ketu-Mars all are aspecting Virgo. As all these are malefic planets, again we can see some stress and need to work hard related to the things of the house where Virgo is falling.

6. So, there will be stress or frustration around houses where Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius are falling in your chart. Most of the stress will be related with living significance of these houses.

Avoid situations of getting into arguments, fights and conflicts with people related with these houses. Obvious care need to be taken to avoid accidents or injuries as all 3 are super-malefics. Again, Meditation and Awareness is the only remedy.



Post on 12th Nov, 2018 

Back to our posts of Deadly Conjunctions. Today is Saturn-Mars.

Common themes which will always be associated with any 2 or more malefic planet conjunctions are stress and frustration, especially in early life. Also, the living significance of house where these planets sit can only be achieved after lots of compromises and understanding from people involved.

So, Mars wants to achieve everything fast. It is always active and moving towards the goal.

But Saturn is all about delays. It puts obstacles on the way and makes the person to work really hard to achieve things.

So, when these two planets are coming together it shows that Mars is all set to run towards its target but Saturn has either put lots of obstacles on the way or delayed the timing of running. We all have seen Hurdle Race. I think there is no other better example to explain Rahu-Saturn and Mars-Saturn conjunction. Rahu or Mars wants to achieve everything without wastage of any time but Saturn is there to make them put more time. And again, Saturn will obviously win the tussle. It will have the higher say. So, in the end Mars would have to bow-down to Saturn and learn the art of patience.

It ends in 2 results -

Frustration - Because the person is unable to achieve what he wants to achieve right now through Mars.

Hard Working & Patient - But in the end, it makes a person very patient and hard working. Because no result comes in one go, person has to put repetitive efforts to achieve any result. So, he learns the art of patience and hard work.

Then again, the relationships of the house where this conjunction falls in chart can be very challenging in early life but as person learns patience and flexibility with maturity of age and mind, he may be able to deal with those relations in a better way. As always, to make any relationship work, both sides need to be matured and flexible. In career matters, normally this conjunction makes person go into field of technology. Law, Army and Govt are few another fields. Due to Saturn's involvement, best results can only be seen after mid-30s


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer.

P.S. - For all the new people joining the page and asking me about their marriage or looks/wealth of their spouse related questions, please read my views on Astrology & Marriage. Overall, Astrology & Marriage has no relevance with each other. You can read my views on this topic here - http://astrosaxena.com/rammhttp://astrosaxena.com/irmhttp://astrosaxena.com/d9lifepathhttp://astrosaxena.com/chartmatchhttps://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1 and http://astrosaxena.com/2marriage.

Actually, I am not the right person to ask about marriage related questions if you just want to hear your desires. So, don't waste your time and money in getting marriage or horoscope matching consultations or even asking questions about things like marriage and spouse. You will never get a favorable reply. Thank you.


Post on 13th Nov, 2018. 

Saturn-Sun Conjunction.

This can be considered as one of the most troublesome conjunction because not only they both are malefic but they are also the greatest of enemies. They don't like to see each other's face. And if they are sitting together, aspecting each other or in exchange of signs then it is like a war going on between these 2 arch-enemies.

It is still better to have their conjunction rather than mutual aspect because in case of mutual aspect, they can ruin things related with 2 houses but in conjunction, only one house will get max impact.

Now, as Sun represents Father, Authority Figures, people in Govt and it is with arch-enemy Saturn then person can have troubles with authority figures like Bosses etc. They can land into troubles with Govt. Parent-Child ego clash is almost a certain result. In many a case, person stays away from Father too, for various reasons. Saturn represents Step-Relations too. So, in this case either person can have a step-father or his father gives him step treatment. Letting go of ego becomes a life lesson for person.

Growth in Career and Recognition can be delayed due to Saturn's impact. Also, as relationship with Father can be stressful, person doesn't find any guide or father figure in early life which results in lack of confidence. They can have fear of stage too. This fear will fade away with age and from their 30s, they can be in better position to manage things in life, career, authority and creativity. Till then, growth can be absolutely stunted.

Whichever house this conjunction is falling in, person will find trouble in connecting with people related with that house like with partner in 7th house and children in 5th house.

As I always say that interpreting Saturn is the easiest job because it will always remain as is. So, when Saturn is in conjunction with any planet, the same thing applies. Saturn will impact the other planet. Other planet won't be able to impact Saturn. Hence, Saturn will bring its traits of delay, frustration, hard work,fear, stress and perseverance on to the planets it is conjunct with.

Again, the benefits of this conjunction, if any, will be realized after mid-30s. Till then, it can be all about hard work.



Post on 15th Nov, 2018

Rahu-Mars Conjunction. Another of tough conjunction to have in chart.

This is popularly known as Angarak Yoga or we can translate it as Fiery Yoga. Reasons are as follows -

Mars represents our actions, aggression, anger and dominating nature.

Rahu doesn't have its own traits except representing illusion, confusion and obsession etc. Otherwise it just takes the traits of other planet it is conjunct with and explodes those results as we had seen that Rahu with Saturn means more delays and frustrations.

Likewise, Rahu with Mars would mean more actions, aggression, anger and dominating nature. These people can be highly aggressive or dominating by nature especially in life before 30. As Mars matures at 31, we can expect some improvement in person's behavior. But before that person can be highly aggressive or dominating etc. At times, it can take traits of violent person too.

Here, most important thing is the dignity of Mars because Rahu is going to explode Mars only, whether dignified or not. So, if Mars is exalted or in friendly or own sign then person can still direct Mars aggression and Rahu's explosion in positive actions. He can still know when to show anger and when not to do so.

But the biggest trouble can come if Mars is debilitated. Now, Rahu is going to explode those debilitated results. This is where aggressive or dominating nature can turn into violent nature. This is where person needs to be aware of his planetary position and needs to be very careful about his behavior. Again, the only thing which can help the person is meditation and awareness as it would help him in keeping a balanced, stable and peaceful mind. So, if anyone has Rahu-Mars combination with Mars in debilitation or enemy sign, it doesn't mean that he is doomed. Awareness and Meditation can help you reduce the negative impact of this or any other troublesome conjunction which we are talking these days.

Good thing about this conjunction is that they can be super-active people. It may be tough to see them sitting idle. They need to be engaged in one or the other work throughout the day. So, only important task here is to give the right direction to those actions and efforts. If that is done then same conjunction can make someone achieve great goals in life.

Relationship matters can be impacted negatively if person is unable to give right direction to his aggression.



Post on 17th Nov, 2018 

We can term 2018 as the year of retrogrades. All 5 planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) which could be retrograde during transits went retrograde. Yesterday we finished Venus retrograde and today we entered into the last retrograde of the year, i.e. Mercury retrograde.

Retrograde means planet is closer to Earth and its rays are reaching us more intensely. So, we can look back at 2018 as one of the most intense year as all 5 planets went retrograde.

Retrograde is also about reflecting back at events of life and we reflect back at something only when we fail at it. So, all these retrograde planets may have made us reflect back on mistakes of past. One good thing attached with retrograde is that as we realize mistakes of past, we become more aware and don't repeat the same mistakes again in live. So, retrograde planets are helpful in making your future better through the lessons of past.

Here, a generic article on Mercury retrograde. I consider Mercury retrograde as the most irritating time ever. In 90% of cases, it doesn't cause any serious trouble and the events happening in this time can look petty like missing keys, losing mobile phone, miscommunication or misunderstanding in communications, change of travel plans, losing your data in computer, slow or no internet etc. Although, these events look petty but they are enough to spoil your day. Hence, I see it as irritating time then anything else.

By the way, I was supposed to travel today to my home town but had to change the plans.

Happy Final Retrograde of 2018.



Post on 17th Nov, 2018 

During annual transits right now,

Saturn is in Sagittarius. 
Ketu is in Capricorn. 
Mars is in Aquarius.

Now, as Moon transits through month,

It will be 1st debilitated when it enters Scorpio. 
Then it will be with Saturn in Sagittarius. 
Then it will be in between Saturn and Ketu, i.e. in Paap Kartari Yoga. 
Then it will be with Ketu in Capricorn. 
Then it will be in between Ketu and Mars, i.e. in another Paap Kartari Yoga.
Then it will be with Mars in Aquarius.

Dignity-wise too, Moon will be in weak dignity in 3 out of 4 signs.

This situation will remain till December-end as Mars stays in Aquarius till then. But even after that Mars will be in Pisces which means that Moon will be in another Paap Kartari Yoga between Ketu and Mars as it transits Aquarius. Mars will be in Pisces till 5th Feb, 2019.

Now, Moon takes 2 days 6 hours to transit through one sign. Transit of 4 signs (from Scorpio to Aquarius) means 10 days.

It means that from now to 5th Feb, 2019, we will have Moon under malefic impact or in PKY for at least 10 out of 27 days of its full zodiac transit.

It means that we will have at least 10 days of stress, depression and anger within 27 days of Moon's circle in 12 signs. Here, we are not even including aspects of malefic planets or other enemy signs of Moon or Gandanta Points etc.

So overall, we can get into much stressful situations in next 3 months. Again, it is time to be aware of these transits and take actions in awareness. Like, whenever I feel stress or anxiety in my life, the only thing I do is to check Moon's transit of the day and I come to know the reason behind stress and anxiety. So, being aware of situation always helps you reduce the impact of situation over you. Then you can relax a bit as you accept that there are higher forces at work and you actually can't do anything. So, just relax your ego for a while.

Meditation again remains the key to keep mind stabilized, balanced and peaceful.



Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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