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FB Posts on Sun-Mercury-Venus Transits, Political Developments, Jupiter Transit, Health Tips, Marria

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 1st Dec, 2018

Re-post from a group.

As Marriage remains a social institution, I am of the opinion that society, a person living-in, has higher say in person's marriage rather than the astrological guidance. I have been writing about it for last 3 years and trying my best to disconnect Astrology from institution of Marriage. I reiterate some of the main points with links to some of my articles here -

1. Ideally, marriage consultations and horoscope matching consultations should not be part of predictive astrology. Marriage remains a social institution and there can be a society & there are societies without marriage. So, astrological analysis cannot be a mandatory condition before getting married. This fact I have clearly stated in my consultation page - https://www.astrosaxena.com/consultation that if you are asking for these 2 consultations then you may be wasting your time and money as I will never speak what you desire to hear. No doubt that I lost my business but it is better than going against the things which I have realized myself.

2. If at all people feel that by matching horoscopes we can have a good married life then it is also not possible. I have given reasons here as to why two horoscopes will never match - https://www.astrosaxena.com/chartmatchand how astrology can help you in a very limited sphere in matters of relationship - https://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1. So, astrology can still help you in a limited way in "relationship" matters but not in marriage as an institution.

3. It is high time when astrologers must stop taking the decisions on behalf of girl or boy as to whom they should marry? It is their marriage, decision has to be their. I think an astrologer's job should be limited to the point that what are good and bad points of both charts in matters of relationship and then leave the decision on people involved. And if someone is taking responsibility of marriage decision then he should also be ready to take responsibility if marriage fails tomorrow.

4. Also, it is not intelligent to try to guess your prospective spouse nature from his/her chart. Same planetary placements can give totally different results for different individuals and none can be sure about the nature of person just by looking at their chart. Pisces sign represents Spirituality and it also represents someone who lives in a dream world and never comes to the terms with reality. Same Scorpio can be secretive and same Scorpio can be very transparent. So, we can never be sure about the real nature of a person through his/her chart.

5. My only advice here is not to look at chart of person and meet/date him/her for at least 1 year and then take your decision. And if someone is not willing to give 1 year before marriage then just imagine how much time they will give to you after marriage?

6. I know that what I am trying to tell people from last 3 years is totally unconventional, against the current of astrological practices for ages and some may even find it controversial too. But I am willing to stick with my point of views on this topic and willing to have any discussion at any forum. As society has changed in last 50 years, we need to change the approach towards relationship astrology. I am not saying that astrologers before me were wrong. Truth is momentary. They followed the truth of their moment where social setup of their times allowed astrology to help people in relationship matters but truth of my time doesn't show that astrological predictions helped people in anyway in marriage matters. Hence, the time to change approach.

I again say that overall, Astrology & Marriage as an institution has no relevance with each other. You can read my views on this topic here - http://astrosaxena.com/rammhttp://astrosaxena.com/irmhttp://astrosaxena.com/d9lifepathhttp://astrosaxena.com/chartmatchhttps://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1 and http://astrosaxena.com/2marriage.

Post open for comments and discussion once you go through these articles. 


Post on 4th Dec, 2018 

Some common but important points which I have come across during Health Consultations which I have provided so far and which can be useful for everyone -

1. As always, ascendant and ascendant lord is most important in chart as it represents the person himself. If ascendant lord is in weak dignity without any support from any other planet then it shows a weak immune system or weak foundation for health where person can have ill-health easily.

2. Then 6th house, planets there and condition of 6th house lord gives biggest indications related with health issues someone may face. Here, we need to remember the body parts every house represents and the kind of illness every planet can cause. Strength of 6th house lord again shows that person will have capacity to overcome from his ill-health.

3. Likewise, Ghatni Karaka (planet with 6th highest degree except Rahu and Ketu) becomes a huge indication about the health issues person can have. Like,if Mercury is GK then majority of illnesses can relate with skin, speech and nervous system etc and if Saturn is GK then majority of issues can be related with bones, teeth or chronic diseases etc. GK should also be considered in relationship analysis as its dasha can bring conflicts and litigation among partners.

4. Whenever Rahu, Ketu or Neptune gets involved with 6th house or 6th house lord, they can give rare/unusual diseases or diseases which are hard to diagnose correctly. Hence, it is always advised that person should take a 2nd opinion when such planetary placements are there.

5. Likewise, try to avoid, as far as possible, to have any important diagnosis during eclipse season (i.e. 5 days before/after eclipse). Eclipses can also cause wrong diagnosis

6. At the same time, Rahu-Ketu represent alternate ways of medication. So, when they are involved with 6th house or 6th house lord, normal Allopathic Medication may not work for individual and he should try some alternate ways of medication like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Pranic Healing, Reiki or any other ancient form of medication.

7. Whenever Saturn is involved with any health issue, it can be a long term health issue and healing process may also take long term. It means that in such cases, you can't neglect and stop medication in mid-way if you feel little bit of relief.

8. If 8th house or Scorpio is becoming more prominent in chart due to presence of many planets specially the malefics, person needs to be careful against accidents or surgeries. Like,if 6th house has Scorpio sign with malefic planets in it then most probably the illnesses person may get is because of sudden events or accidents. Scorpio can also bring that secrecy factor in matter of correct diagnosis.

9. As always, event will be result of chart+dasha+transits. A planetary placement in chart itself is not guaranty of any event either good or bad, if that planet is not getting activated as per dasha and transits.

10. Last but as always most important, awareness is the key. If you are aware of your chart and of the fact that what planets, dasha and transits can cause you illness or accidents, then you can take preventive steps to mitigate the suffering to minimum. In last 3-4 years, I have successfully done so in my life. So, rather than freaking out at all these things, just be aware of these facts and use that awareness for your own well being.

Hope this helps. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy,



Post on 8th Dec, 2018 

It's been 2 months since Jupiter has turned into Scorpio and I have noticed following impacts on lives of the people I have interacted with -

1. Secrets and Mysteries of past are out in open in people's knowledge. Scorpio is sign of secrets and mysteries. Jupiter is knowledge. Hence, Jupiter in Scorpio has given us the knowledge of secrets kept from many years.

2. Another thing we can realize that there is a certain type of secrecy or suspense which is around where we are not sure about how events will turn up in next few months. Scorpio is secrecy or suspense and Jupiter is expanding it.

3. Jupiter is expansion and Scorpio is sign of chaotic events & major changes. So, Jupiter in Scorpio has expanded the chaos and instabilities in life.There can be total mess in which many people can be living their lives.

4. Occult related research and studies are on high for same reason that Scorpio is sign of occult and Jupiter is expanding its knowledge.

5. Jupiter is beliefs too and in political world, we can see that much chaos is created these days due to people becoming adamant to follow or apply their beliefs on others.

6. But at the same time, Jupiter remains the most benefic planet and it is in its friend's sign. So, we can say that going through this transformation, chaos and changes will be beneficial for all of us eventually and in long go. So, we are supposed to go through this chaos and confusion to gain benefits in future transits of Jupiter.

7. One thing which actually helped this secrecy or chaos or transformation is Rahu's aspect on Jupiter in Scorpio. As Rahu and Jupiter both are expansive, it exploded the traits of Scorpio beyond imagination. So, 1st relief we can expect with Rahu turning in Gemini in March, 2019.

8. After that, Jupiter will go retrograde and we will reflect back at all the chaos, changes and transformation we faced in this current time and then realization may struck that all that happened was for good.

Detailed articles on the current transit of Jupiter are here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jupscorp2018 , https://www.astrosaxena.com/raju201819https://www.astrosaxena.com/India2 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/ljijs .



Post on 10th Dec, 2018 

Important Prediction about India - https://www.astrosaxena.com/India2 . (Copy/Paste link in browser).

So, this is what I said about 6 months back that coming times can bring some chaotic events for India. Reasons are given in the article. And since then, we have seen some chaotic and unprecedented events where Govt tried to be authoritative over autonomous institutions.

It all started with press conference of SC Judges in the beginning of the year. Then Govt trying to take control of CBI in its mid-night move. Then rift between RBI and Govt in last few months. And its culmination today when RBI Governor resigned from his job.

I can be totally wrong here but as I came to know, this is only 2nd time when the head of a central bank of any country had resigned from his job. As previous governor Raghuram Rajan has said that all Indians should be concerned. He also said that a resignation from a government servant is a "note of protest".

In the article, I didn't hesitate from saying that we could see an "emergency-like" situation and we are seeing it right now, only thing is that it is not declared one.

With results of 5 state assembly elections coming tomorrow and with exit polls not looking much in favor of Govt, we can see more chaotic circumstances in coming months if Govt feels like losing its authoritative grip over institutions, states or power overall.



Post on 11th Dec, 2015

So, some current affairs today  .

First of all India's Chart - https://www.astrosaxena.com/India2

Then India's current dashas - Moon-Jupiter

Then current annual transits


So, as I said in my article about India that things were not looking too great for Govt. Then since the time Saturn is in Sagittarius and Ketu is in Capricorn, I was repetitively saying that Govt should let go of its arrogance else they are here for a rough time here and it resulted today.

BJP lost all 5 state assembly elections and 3 of those are its strongholds. Now, the astrological reasons -

1. Dasha - India is under Moon-Jupiter dasha. Even without going into much details we can see that Jupiter rules 8th house/Sagittarius of major changes and Moon rules & sits in 3rd house which is 8th from 8th house. So, it is apparently on the face that this time can bring some major changes for India.

2. Transits - Then in annual transits -

Saturn - 10th house lord Saturn is transiting through 8th house/Sagittarius till Jan, 2020. This indicates time of major changes for Govt or people in authority.

Jupiter - 8th house lord Jupiter is transiting through Scorpio, a sign of major changes. So, Jupiter's transit is also indicative of changes.

Rahu - Rahu from 3rd house/Cancer aspects and gets aspect from Jupiter in 7th house/Scorpio. As they both represent expansion, these major changes will be further expanded. This joint impact will be till March, 2019.

Ketu - Ketu is in 9th house/Capricorn, a sign of Govt and Authority. 9th house is 12th from 10th house which means loss of authority or Govt. Ketu itself represents isolation and separation. Hence, it is time when people can feel separated from present day Govt. This will also remain till March, 2019.

Mars - Mars in 10th house/Aquarius creates a Paap Kartari Yoga for Capricorn as Saturn is in 8th house/Sagittarius and adds to the troubles of Govt.

Saturn-Mars-Ketu all 3 malefic planets aspecting 5th house/Virgo of India's chart. 5th house is 8th from 10th house, hence it indicates major changes for Govt and people in authority. This joint impact will remain till Feb, 2019.

Then from March, 2019, Saturn-Ketu will join together in 8th house/Sagittarius to add further troubles for Govt. During same time, Rahu-Saturn will jointly aspect 10th house/Aquarius. As all the planets involved are malefic planets and house involved is 8th house, it shows some tough times for Govt or people in authority.

Again, as 8th house and Scorpio are involved, mystery will surround as to what will happen in May, 2019 but one thing we can see that way forward is tough for present day Govt. They can start recovery work by letting go of their arrogance of power,



Post on 11th Dec, 2018 

Also, I was just curious to know that why it is very difficult to accept that someone can be non-partisan?

Like when I posted article related to prediction of India, many people thought that I am Congress supporter because they thought that article is not supporting BJP. But as I see, article was just against Govt or people in authority. It is just BJP's misfortune that they are in Govt right now.  . If Congress or any other party had been in power then that article applies on them also.

Even yesterday when I posted about troubles Govt may face astrologically in coming times then also people felt that I am giving my political views. Well, if I want to make a political post, I can easily do it under Beyond Astrology section of site where I write about social issues. I don't need support or veil of Astrology for doing that.

Actually, I remember that once someone commented to write on Narendra Modi's chart and I refused by saying that I have serious disagreements with him and I may not be able to give an honest opinion on his chart. So, I know my limitations very well and I will never use my little astrological knowledge just to satisfy my ego.

Today again, when I made some posts on my Facebook profile regarding BJP defeat then people were ready to jump on to conclusion that I am Congress supporter. 

This makes me wonder that why it is difficult to believe that someone can be just neutral? Why someone cannot support anyone for his good actions like I supported Modi Govt on Swachh Bharat and why same person cannot criticize same person for his wrong actions like I criticized Modi Govt many a times since Demonetization. I mean why I need to align myself with Congress to criticize BJP? I can do it as is also, right?

Till date, I never voted for any party. NOTA is my favorite option in Ballot. I don't consider myself belonging to even any country, religion or caste then why I need to belong to any political party?

Can anyone make me understand why it is so difficult to believe that someone can be totally neutral? Why I need to align myself with one or the other ideology?



Post on 14th Dec, 2018 

So, we are heading towards another difficult transit and this time it is of Sun.

1. Sun is right now in Scorpio at 28 degrees which is Gandanta Point. Anyways, no planet is ever stable in Scorpio and we have too much of energy in Scorpio right now with Sun-Mercury-Jupiter transiting there and Rahu aspecting Scorpio from Cancer.

2. Now on 16th Dec, Sun will move in Sagittarius and 1st of all will be in Moola Nakshatra ruled by Ketu which is again a tough nakshatra to deal with.

3. Then Sun will be close to Saturn, its biggest enemy, causing combustion. It will lead to stress, frustration and ego battles. It will also limit or restrict results of Sun in your chart.

4. Then Sun will be between Saturn-Ketu which creates a Paap Kartari Yoga for Sun.

5. Then on 6th Jan 2019, we will have a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipse Season may be 1 month long. During this time, Sun will also be conjunct Ketu in Capricorn which is also its enemy sign.

6. Then Sun will be in Aquarius which will again create a Paap Kartari Yoga for Sun. It will also get aspect of Saturn.

7. Finally, Sun will be out of this difficult transit when it enters Pisces in mid-March, 2019.

Effects -

1. Ego Clashes and Ego Hurt can be a common theme for next 3 months. People need to be in position of handling their ego in better way and not to project on others.

2. Govts can be having a rough time. Relations with Father, Bosses and people in authority can suffer.

3. People should take care of Health as Sun represents overall health. It is more applicable for people who have Sun as 6th house lord (Pisces ascendant) and Ghatani Karaka. Sun normally represents health issues of Brain and Heart.

4. Likewise,whichever house Sun rules in your chart and whichever Jaimini Karaka it is in your chart, those things/people can go through a rough time in next 3 months. Like for me, it is 10th house lord and Atma Karaka. So, if I had been in job setup career, this transit of Sun might have been very tough for me.

5. Also,wherever Sun sits in your chart, that house related things/people can also see a rough time.

6. As it is Ketu side of Solar Eclipse, people may have to let go of certain things represented by Sun in general and by the house/karaka as per their chart. Like again, if I had been in job setup career, this eclipse might have brought circumstances where I had to resign from job.

Letting Go of Ego and the things Sun represents in your chart, is the key to deal with this transit. Health matters need to be taken care of.



Post on 15th Dec, 2018 

Just in addition to last transit post on Sun, few more important transits are about to happen in one week's time.

1. Mars will be in Pisces from Dec, 23 to Feb 6th. As Ketu is staying back in Capricorn during this time, this again creates a Paap Kartari Yoga for Aquarius. With Saturn aspect on Aquarius from Sagittarius, it shows that wherever Aquarius falls in chart, that house can give you very limited or reduced results. Obvious results of stress and frustration which are attached with malefic planets can be felt through the house where Aquarius is falling in chart.

2. As Sun-Mercury-Venus travels almost along with each other, the transits we discussed yesterday for Sun would also apply as is for Mercury-Venus with Saturn in Sagittarius and Ketu in Capricorn.

3. With Venus, important transits begin as soon as it hits Vishakha Nakshatra in Libra at 20 degrees in a week's time from now. As Vishakha is represented by forked branches, it also represents splits and break-ups. So again, we will have some difficult times in relationship.

4. It will be followed by Venus in Scorpio then Venus in Sagittarius with Saturn and then Venus in Capricorn with Ketu. This will take us till March, 22nd 2019.

5. Likewise, Mercury is now in troublesome and unstable Scorpio. Then it will join Saturn in Sagittarius and then Ketu in Capricorn.

6. As always, the results of karaka and houses these planets rule in a chart will be impacted. As Saturn represents limitation and Ketu represents isolation, we should expect minimum results from these planets during this time, especially in jeeva karakas or living significations.

As always, the effective way of dealing with any difficult transit is to go inwards with things related to that planet and not to project on others.

FB Live tomorrow at 11 am on steps i follow to find out right career path for someone.



Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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