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FB Posts on Mars Transits and Guidance from Universe.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 6th Aug, 2019

So, Mars is all set for its next transit in the sign of Leo from 9th Aug, 2019 to 24th Sep, 2019. It is right time to get an idea about what results we can expect in our lives due to Mars transit and its various combination with other planets. So, let’s begin –

1. First of all, it is a welcome change and major relief for all of us as Mars is coming out of its debilitation sign and actually deepest debilitation at 27 degrees Cancer.

2. It is also big relief because Mars movement in Leo would relieve Cancer sign a little bit where 4 planets (Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars) are there for about a month now and 3 of them are in wrong dignity. Cancer sign and the house where Cancer falls in to your chart would feel much better after 18th Aug or so when Sun-Venus also move into Leo.

3. At the same time, it will accumulate energy in to Leo but this time Sun-Mars are in very strong dignity, so we can expect better results than these 4 planets in Cancer. So, 1st benefit is that Mars would be in a good dignity and with its friend Sun & neutral Venus.

4. From 27th Aug, Mercury will also join them and again 4 planets would be together but this time in Leo sign. So, the primary focus during this Mars in Leo transit will be the house where Leo falls in your chart. As Mars, Sun and Mercury are in good dignity in Leo, we will work hard towards the house where Leo falls and would gain benefit out of it.

5. At the same time, if Leo is falling in a relationship oriented house then it can lead to ego battles. It is because Sun-Mars both are fiery and Leo is also a fire sign. So, fire and heat of ego can bring lots of ego clashes in relation. Again, either you can keep your ego or your relationship. Choice is yours. Venus current transits from Cancer to Virgo also don’t help much in relationship matters.

6. So, this transit of Mars in Leo can be utilised better in real estate, career or business field but not in human relationship matters. As Sun-Mars together can create lots of aggression, the biggest challenge would be to redirect the aggressive energy in creative or productive activities.

7. If Leo is one of Dushthana houses or Mars is losing Digbala in 4th house, then person needs to be very careful against illness, conflicts, accidents and expenses.

8. Still Mars in good dignity can direct our actions in right direction and it can be much better time then last 45 days, at least in Ajeeva Karakas.

9. Now, this Mars transit is creating quite a few joint impacts with other planets for 45 days, besides the 3-4 planetary conjunction we talked above and these are –

a. Mars-Jupiter – Mars aspects Jupiter in Scorpio and provides some strength to Jupiter in vulnerable Scorpio. But this combination can easily lead to fundamentalist views and action. People can be aggressive in action about their beliefs. As Scorpio is sign of instability, this time can be spent in taking control of instabilities of our lives or world at large. Whichever house Scorpio falls in your chart can see lots of actions, aggression and energy. Likewise, Mars-Jupiter both will aspect Pisces sign. Mars with 8th aspect and Jupiter with 5th aspect. So, the house where Pisces falls in your chart can see lots of instability and need for awareness and education. This house will also see lots of actions, aggression and energy.

b. Mars–Ketu – Ketu will aspect Mars from Sagittarius. Mars-Ketu together always creates an explosive situation. So, whichever house Leo is falling in chart, we can see lots of explosive/unpredictable events in that house. There can be lots of uncertainties in that house. As Leo is sign of politics and rulers, there can be explosive situations in world politics or with rulers.

c. Mars-Saturn-Rahu - Mars-Saturn-Rahu will jointly aspect Aquarius sign. Mars-Saturn-Rahu together always bring lots of frustration and hard work. So, wherever Aquarius is falling in chart, that house can see lots of stress, frustration and we need to work really hard to gain anything from that house.

Finally as always, the end results would depend on chart + dasha + transit and overall analysis is necessary to make any potential prediction. Please don’t jump to any conclusion.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti


Post on 9th Aug, 2019 

Suppose someone is going for his job at 9 am daily and returning at 6 pm, spending quality time with his family and friends in evening, getting good salary & timely hikes, having good relation with his boss and colleagues, receiving R&R and promotions, then why the hell would he think about starting his own business?

It means if you are stressful in your job setup for any reason then it is the way Universe is trying to wake you up to make you realize the right path. This is the only way Universe has to make you aware, i.e. by giving you one or the other trouble or by creating blocks on your path.

I don't know why majority of people cannot see things like this? If you are not happy at some place or with someone that means your happiness lies somewhere else or with someone else.

Even in matters of relationships, if you are trying hard to make a relationship work with no improvement then it is Universal indication that either this person is not the right one for you or may be you are not under right time to be in relationship, hence you are not meeting right person as yet. Just divert your attention and energy at some other work of your life, for the time being.

As I see, Stress is the best indicator to know if you are on right path or not. If you are trying for something from a long time and this pursuance only gave you stress in whole time then it is clear that you are trying to walk a path which is not meant for you. You might not have realized your true path as yet but continuous stress should make you realize the wrong path at least.

Universe is trying to talk to us and guide us by giving us omens and indications, if we are just willing to listen and see to them.



Swami Premanand Bharti

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